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YouTube’s Influencer Marketing Phenomenon

If you’re not familiar with a YouTube micro influencer and how they unbox all sorts of consumer goods online for millions of users then you are truly missing out!

Welcome to YouTube influencer marketing in America in 2018 where kids and adults are making serious cash recording themselves as they play with all sorts of consumer goods like toys, clothing, beauty products, and new phones.

In 2018 alone, the number of YouTube channels earning over six figures per year on YouTube grew by more than 40% year over year.

To try and learn more about the growing trend of YouTube influencer marketing, Shorr Packaging conducted an analysis in October of 2018 of more than 1,500 YouTube user channels to learn about the growing impact of YouTube influencer marketing.

The study focused on the two most popular types of influencer marketing videos on YouTube, “Unboxing Videos” and “Haul Videos” and analyzed the following trends:

  • Top Haul Categories
  • Top Unboxing Categories
  • Top Brand Mentions for both Haul and Unboxing Videos
  • Global trends for 2019
  • Estimated annual earnings for the average user
  • A look at the top 40 influencers making more than $500,000 yearly

More than a thousand of these videos are produced each week and the top influencers in both Haul and Unboxing videos have total views of their videos in the billions.  Let’s take a deeper look into what exactly Shorr Packaging found out about YouTube’s influencer marketing trends for 2019 and beyond.

Haul Videos

First, let’s define exactly what a haul video consists of. A haul video is a video in which a person discusses a number of products that they’ve purchased, usually in a bulk shopping spree that is more commonly known as a haul.

The top haul video categories include clothing (59%), general discount items (11%), beauty and makeup (9%), home décor (6%), groceries (5%) and toys (3%).

The study also examined the top brand mentions that were mentioned post in these YouTube haul videos.  Dollar Tree was the brand that was mentioned the most with just over 26% of all brand mentions on haul videos.  Who would figure there’s such demand to see what others are buying from the dollar tree?

The typical haul video influencer is as follows:

  • Has been uploading videos on YouTube for 2+ years
  • Has 2 million total views on their YouTube channel
  • Has roughly 21,000 subscribers to their YouTube channel
  • Has uploaded over 300 haul videos
  • Earns less than $6,000 per year

There is, however, a stark contrast in earnings for the top 3% of HAULers.  The top 3% earn over $100,000 uploading haul videos yearly.  61% of people earn between $1,000 and $50,000 dollars.  There are even 18 influencers who are currently earning over $500,000 annually with the top user earning nearly $8 million dollars per year.  Now let’s take a look at the people who upload unboxing videos and see how they differ.

Unboxing Videos

Similar to a haul video, an unboxing video is a video in which a person opens a package with a product in it, then reviews it and users the product in the video.  You’ve probably seen an unboxing video if you’ve ever looked for videos of a new phone release.

The top unboxing categories consist of toys (29%), phones and accessories (16%), computers, tablets and accessories (10%), gaming consoles and accessories (7%), cameras and accessories (5%) and men’s watches (4%).  As you can see the list is largely dominated by technology and children’s toys.

When it comes to the top brand mentions for unboxing videos, Ali Express is the big winner (21%) followed not far behind by Samsung (9%), Apple (8%), Google (7%) and Amazon (6%).  As you can see this is once again largely dominated by technology companies.

The typical unboxing influencer:

  • Has been uploading for less than a year
  • Has only 1,500 total views on their YouTube channel (far less than the average haul video influencer)
  • Has roughly 40 subscribers
  • Has uploaded 125+ YouTube Videos
  • Has no yearly earnings!

As you can see unboxing influencers have far less of a following than haul video influencers and tend to earn much less. The full report from Shorr Packaging can be seen here.

YouTube’s Influencer Marketing Phenomenon

YouTube’s Influencer Marketing Phenomenon

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