You Need These 5 Striking Mascara Boxes for Brand Recognition

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To enhance your brand demand in this competitive industry, you need to have an exciting packaging solution. Customers prefer buying makeup products that come in stunning and safe packaging. For the most creative packaging, choose experts. When you consult experts, you can have a mascara box that won’t just appear striking, but also serve the purpose of brand recognition. Such experts have a better understanding of the various tastes of customers. They keep up with the latest modern trends in the market so they can help you with the latest packaging ideas for mascara boxes.

You Need These 5 Striking Mascara Boxes for Brand Recognition

Custom mascara boxes, your product sales will rise. Here are examples of five striking boxes you should use for brand recognition.

1.    Cardboard Mascara Box

It’s a common trend to see most makeup companies prefer cardboard packaging for their brand products. This is because their products move faster because of the huge demand by women of all ages. For this reason, brands use cardboard materials for mascara packaging boxes to satisfy the demand of customers. These boxes are affordable, and easy to cut in various shapes, sizes, and designs. You can ask experts, like The Legacy Printing to add windows to the boxes. You can also opt for pillow style, pyramid, sleeve packaging boxes, and more. Such options in suitable shapes will allow your mascara products to gain attention.

Printing your logo on the mascara boxes will make your packing even more captivating. Logo printing on the box will give a better “branded” touch to the product and give a brand identity. These mascara boxes are great because they will display the name of your brand. If you are new in the business, get custom logo mascara boxes because these are the best option to boost your sales.

3.    Sleeve Mascara Boxes

If you wish to present mascara products in a unique manner, use sleeve style mascara boxes. Ask experts to print them on all sides with bold and catchy colors. This will accentuate your product once it’ll be placed on the retail shelf. Get them manufactured in various shapes, designs, styles, and sizes today.

4.    Gift Mascara Boxes

You can choose custom gift mascara boxes. These serve the purpose of sending them out as gifts to women who love makeup products. You can get these gift packaging boxes in different styles, adorned with ornaments, or ribbons. The boxes are special because of their astonishing color schemes, which can be relevant to a particular event theme. You can also get custom mascara boxes printed with special messages and greetings. Among all other gifts, gift mascara boxes will definitely stand out and highlight your brand.

5.    Custom Printed Mascara Box

A great feature about custom boxes for mascaras is the stunning and beautiful printing solutions you get for them. Amazing printing solutions will make your brand appear unique since it will have custom colors, and graphics on them. As a brand, you can have these in customized options as per the demand of your customers. In addition, they are more informative, because they will feature important details on it. For the custom printed mascara box, you should ask the packaging company to guide you on the coatings and add-ons. Popular options include gloss, spot UV, and matte.  You may have your company logo embossed on the boxes, your brand name printed, and product details highlighted.

These are examples of just a few custom mascara boxes. For more examples, visit a nearby packaging company in your area. The options are often unlimited in terms of customization, so choose the best ones based on your budget!

You Need These 5 Striking Mascara Boxes for Brand Recognition