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Yo!Kart V10 - An eCommerce Solution for Next Generation

The much anticipated Yo!Kart update is finally here! Version 10, or V10, is the latest release that pushes the bar higher for multi-vendor marketplace software. A comprehensively re-imagined UI, focus on boosting performance further, extending the list of integrations, and multiple result-driven features underline the software’s evolution to make it ideal for modern eCommerce businesses of varying scopes and sizes.  

Yo!Kart V10 – An eCommerce Solution for Next Generation

A fresh modern UI – starting a new chapter…

The first thing that will be visible is the refreshed modern UI/UX. All visual elements blend, even more, creating a pleasing user experience. In addition, marketplace owners and sellers can now experience greater brand presence by leveraging the modern appeal of the software.

Remodeled workflows – propelling higher efficiencies 

The latest update has comprehensively adopted an empathy-driven approach to remodeling workflows within the software. In addition, the team has worked to address a key pain point in eCommerce management – operational efficiencies. 

Workflows within Admin, seller, and other dashboards adopt a seamless single-page approach with multiple visual elements to guide the Admin in seamlessly updating or managing the marketplace. Likewise, sellers can manage their shops more intuitively and faster. 

Multiple dedicated bars and help panels offer ease of understanding the wide range of functionalities within the software. 

Hosting great buying experiences – A Yo!Kart legacy bolstered further

Customers’ buying experience has always been the core of the software. The new update brings features and changes to the software that betters what was already good. 

Some new features introduced are as follows: 

Badges can be displayed on products or in shops. In addition, the sellers can use customizable image-based stickers to display information such as genuine products, verified, certified,d, and others. 

Another feature, Ribbons, is text-based information that can be displayed on products and shops. 

Similarly, the team has made subtle yet significant changes following a nuanced approach. For example, easier SignUp, OTP-based login aids customers to get started quickly. Additional information is listed products, and the checkout will facilitate better buyer experiences. 

Furthermore, they now get a map view of shops and can exclusively add shipping service reviews. Moreover, reviews can now have distinct parameters relevant to the product category. 

Pre-integrated APIs – even more in number than before

The Yo!Kart software has always provided a segment-leading list of pre-integrating, giving the marketplace owners more value, faster go-to-market time,s and the requisite tools to win in eCommerce. This update extends the list further with more payment gateways and pre-integrated shipping APIs.  

Mollie, PayFast, Yoco, and QNB are the payment gateways added 

While Ship Rocket, Easy Post, and ShipEngine are shipping API integrations within the system. 

More pre-integrations will help the marketplace owner scale their business without needing customizations. 

Performance boost – the eCommerce success mantra 

Significant work has been done to make the software perform even faster. For example, the code has been made compact, the cache mechanism has been updated, and other changes like better cookie management have been made to make the system perform well. 

Dedicated, exclusive dashboards for the Admin, sellers, buyers, advertisers, and affiliates also make the system faster for all stakeholders. 

A better ecosystem for digital products 

Yo!Kart V10 adds multiple features to make it a better platform for selling digital products. For example, some features include JW player integration for previews, functionality to offer updates to existing customers, or adding complementary products in a digital order for cross-selling. 

A comprehensive update such as V10 has been possible with the sustained efforts by the team to provide more value by way of its products to its clients. As a result, what comes across as a unified product, has taken hours of development from an Agile team working on fine-tuning the nuances to provide a seamless and empathy-driven platform for modern eCommerce marketplace businesses. 

About Yo!Kart 

It was launched in 2015, Yo!Kart has powered more than 5000 multi-vendor marketplaces* around the globe. The ever-evolving solution has been consistently updated with a modern set of features and segment-leading pre-integrations 

Yo!Kart is a versatile software based on the flexible LAMP stack. It can be extensively customized and offers tested scalability. An in-house development team further bolsters the underlying value of the solution for end-to-end customization services and reliable after-sales support.

Yo!Kart has been reliably used to purpose-built power marketplaces for enterprises, niche businesses, startups, solopreneurs, and more. *A multi-vendor marketplace is an eCommerce website with multiple vendors selling to their customers on a platform managed by an Admin. Amazon, Alibaba, and Etsy are some examples of multi-vendor marketplaces.  

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