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PDF vouchers are used by many websites these days, and therefore PDF voucher WooCommerce Plugin is used by many companies. Due to these plugins, it becomes easy for the site to provide vouchers to the customer, and the vendor can also quickly generate the coupons.

But which plugin to buy? Which plugin should you use for your store to provide vouchers? Let’s see two of the best WooCommerce PDF Voucher plugins and discuss a bit of them so that you can decide on which to buy for your site.

Overview: WooCommerce PDF Vouchers & PDF Product Voucher

Before we go all in and start to compare these two plugins with each other, let’s go and have a brief introduction about both of these plugins so you all can understand them in better ways without any problems.

Overview: WooCommerce PDF Vouchers

WooCommerce PDF Vouchers is one of the best plugins developed by WPWeb. This plugin allows you to sell the voucher codes that you can redeem online and at an offline store. So when you want to sell online tickets, discount codes, and class admission tickets, this plugin is used and is ideally suited for the task.

This plugin gives the customer power to change the recipient name they can mail or message and purchase this voucher either for themselves or as a gift for others. Moreover, you can create an unlimited voucher with the help of this plugin, for local or online stores, without any problem.

Overview: PDF product Voucher

PDF Product Voucher by SkyVerge makes it easy for your online store to connect to an on-ground business, exchange gifts, and more. This plugin is used for tickets to online event gifts for in-store purchases and can also provide redemption for a gift when you visit a retail store.

You can also gift these vouchers to your friends or family with a personalized recipient name.

Requirement: WooCommerce PDF Vouchers & PDF Product Voucher

Let’s see what the requirements are to install and run these plugins.

Requirement: WooCommerce PDF Vouchers

  • WooCommerce version: WooCommerce versions 2.6 is supported by this plugin
  • PHP version 5.3 or greater (they suggest 5.6)
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater (they suggest 5,3 or greater)
  • WordPress 4.4 or greater

Requirement: PDF Product Voucher

  • WooCommerce version: 2.6.14+ and to redeem vouchers online, you need WooCommerce version 3.2+
  • PHP version 5.3. It does not support PHP version 5.8 yet
  • The mbstring PHP extension
  • SSL certificate is required to support barcode scanning

Feature: WooCommerce PDF Vouchers & PDF Product Voucher

Now let’s dive deep into the features they both offer and see which plugin we should use when we need a PDF voucher plugin.

Feature: WooCommerce PDF Vouchers

  • Create unlimited unique vouchers: If you want to create 100+ vouchers to sell and don’t have the list of codes, you don’t need to worry about it; the plugin will generate the codes for you. You have to enter one code within the “Voucher Codes” and select the unlimited option, and it will auto-generate for you after that.
  • Create unlimited voucher template: With the help of the Drag and Drop interface, it is easy to make the voucher the way you want and can create an unlimited variety of vouchers with this. Also, there are some pre-made voucher templates available, for example.
  • QR code and Barcode for vouchers: They have provided four easy shortcut methods for you to make QR codes and Barcode. You can create a single QR code and Barcode or multiple voucher codes as per your need; you can create them and choose different colors and sizes for them.
  • Dashboard Widget: If you want an update on which voucher codes are used, unused, or is purchased, the WooCommerce PDF voucher status widget will give you an overview.
  • Voucher preview on the product page: Before buying the voucher, you can preview it on the page and see how it will look after you buy it.
  • Quick scan codes: They have added support for QRcode and Barcode, so you can easily redeem them whenever you want with ease.
  • Product variation: The voucher will be adapted for any no. of products.
  • Custom Gift voucher: You can easily add the recipient’s name and fully personalize the voucher if you want to gift it to someone. Also, before purchasing the voucher, you can double-check the details you have added, so if there’s any mistake, you can rectify it.
  • Add Vendor redeem instruction: the vendor can write down all the instructions on how, when, and where to redeem the vouchers.
  • Partial redemption: you can partially redeem the voucher or keep it for later use where you want to redeem it fully; the choice is yours, partially redeeming choice is available.
  • Voucher management: With the help of the WooCommerce order page, you can easily get details of every order and manage your vouchers.
  • Reports: The admin and the vendor have detailed reports of all the purchased, redeemed, and expired voucher codes. They can all keep a check on the unused voucher codes. You can also export these reports as PDF or CSV, including all the customer’s details.
  • Notifications: The vendor will automatically receive the notification after the voucher is sold out. The customer’s chosen recipient will automatically receive an email for gift vouchers. And after the voucher is redeemed, the customer, vendor, and admin three will receive an email.
  • Plugin compatibility: It’s compatible with too many plugins for eg
    • WooCommerce Currency Switcher
    • WooCommerce Booking
    • YITH WooCommerce Booking
    • WC vendors
    • Pay Your Price
    • Name Your Price
    • WC Marketplace
    • WP User Frontend Plugin
    • WooCommerce Pre-order
  • Single product & multiple product tax
  • With the help of WPML, we can translate it to any language

Feature: PDF Product Voucher

  • Understanding voucher type & tax: A single-purpose voucher is used for a particular product, and a multipurpose voucher is used for multiple products. At the same time, PDF product vouchers will suggest how to tax a voucher based on its type.
  • Purchasing voucher: The feature will vary based on setting up the voucher template.
    • Which voucher field requires the input of a customer.
    • If the data you are entering is compulsory or optional.
    • Is there any alternative image available or not.
  • Manually adding voucher: You can do it if you want to add a voucher manually. That manually added voucher will appear in the My Account -> voucher area for the customer.
  • Editing voucher: You can customize most of the voucher details through the “Edit voucher” page. And further, if you want to make any changes to the voucher, make sure you regenerate the voucher PDF.
  • Product detail: you can product detail such as SKU by that you can customize your voucher.
  • Manually redeeming voucher: You can redeem the voucher either fully or partially. It depends on you. The admin and the vendor have access by default to manually redeem vouchers.
  • Scanning QR code and Barcode: You can scan your code for a single-purpose voucher were redeeming the voucher is based on quantity. If more than one quantity is available, you can redeem it for the desired time. And for a multipurpose voucher, you need to enter the amount to redeem.
  • Voiding Voucher: if you return the order form where the voucher was purchased, the voucher won’t automatically change its update. So, a void will nullify the amount and turn the status from “Active” to “Voided.”
  • Name Your Price: With Name Your Price’s help, you can create printable gift certificates with different amounts for each certificate.
  • Also, you can create unlimited vouchers with this plugin.


After looking at the requirements and everything, I will say that the WooCommerce PDF vouchers are slightly better than the PDF product voucher. Because to redeem the voucher, you don’t need version 3.2 of WooCommerce it is okay if your WooCommerce version is 2.6. Also, they haven’t said with which plugins this plugin is compatible. Whereas, WooCommerce made it easier for us to understand its plugin compatibility. Also, the PDF Product Voucher doesn’t come with a Drag and Drop builder; you can customize WooCommerce PDF Voucher the way you want to. Moreover, features in WooCommerce are more than PDF Product vouchers.

WooCommerce PDF Voucher by WPWeb vs. PDF Product Voucher by Skyverge

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