Will AI Replace Content Freelancers?
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Will AI Replace Content Freelancers?

You have all heard the alarming cries, “Robots are coming for our jobs!” Should you be worried? The answer is yes, and no. Or – well, it depends…

With Open AI releasing its avant-garde pre-trained language model — GPT-3 has suddenly become an obsession for the machine learning community, where it can not only generate codes but also human-like stories. Along with its wide range of utilities, it has also surprised the developers and programmers with its generalised intelligence, which is relatively more advanced than the previous pre-trained language models.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) can analyze large amounts of data (Big Data) and recognize patterns in that data. These patterns offer insights to the data – thus converting raw data into usable information. And while I am not a data scientist and this may be a massive simplification of the machine learning process, I think it represents the general concept. These insights can be used to predict the future (predictive analytics). In eCommerce,  we use predictive analytics to make upsell suggestions, “People who bought that also added this to their shopping cart.” Predictive analytics offers more significant insights into consumer behavior, and as marketers, we use this information when trying to sell you more stuff.

As AI continues to advance, one area that is emerging is the ability for computers to learn how to write. Using machine learning, programs can “look” at copious amounts of code to determine what works and to replicate the content creation process. When I write, I use tools to help me be a better writer. For instance, I use Grammarly to check grammar and to offer suggestions to improve my writing style. This combination of human and machine typically produces a better outcome.

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But the real question is, do you really need me or any other content writer? Yes and no. This weekend, I decided to give Artice Forge a spin. Their promotional material describes the tool this way – “An artificial intelligence-powered content writer that automatically generates complete high-quality, unique, SEO-friendly articles in less than 60 seconds.”  OMG, my prayers have been answered… Well, yes and no.

I created a few articles using the tool. Some were ok, and admittedly, even better than some of the guest posts we receive. Some of our guest posts are clearly submitted by writers where English is not their native tongue or have been spun so many times, that any semblance of coherency has long left the building with Elvis. (I promise you AI would probably never have written that last sentence, or maybe it did, hmmm?) And like most guest posts, the AI content is generic but not specific.

The more I played with Artice Forge, the better the output became as I learned how it worked, or I better defined the target. My goal in life would be to have AI to produce a white paper. I don’t think it could at this stage. But if you want to generate content quickly for specific keywords to churn content on your site, it can do that.

Will it replace freelancers? Yes, some. If you write generic fill content, that could be replaced by an AI tool. If you write researched content where you have to draw conclusions and link concepts and themes, your job is safe, for now.

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What has been your experience with AI tools? Are they up for the job? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below. Article Forge offers a free 5-day test drive if you want to take it for a spin.

Will AI Replace Content Freelancers?

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