Why Upselling is Important in eCommerce

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Why Upselling is Important in eCommerce

Tips to Make Upselling Effective & Profitable for Your eCommerce Business

Walk into any coffee shop and hear, “Would you want to try a new variety of doughnuts, or do you want a sandwich to go with it?”

How often have they tried to lure you with another product to go with what you have? In the eCommerce language, that is called upselling. In other words, they try to sell you something else with what you plan to buy.

Go to Amazon, and add a particular product to the cart, and you will receive the message “people also bought,” along with some items that go with your product.

The primary purpose of this technique is to increase sales and make the entire purchase more profitable for the brand.

Now, let us dive deeper into upselling and how it can help your business.

Upselling & Its Impact On The Businesses

As discussed above, upselling is about persuading your customers to purchase more items than they originally intended, thus encouraging sales and profits. The idea is to sell something more expensive or premium to the customer.

Why is upselling important to the eCommerce domain?

When you are an eCommerce store, you must engage and build relationships with your customers. With upselling, you are directing your customers towards products that may complete their needs and focusing on their happiness in general.

They say that retaining existing customers is much easier than acquiring new ones. For one, the acquisition cost is higher. Secondly, you will see that acquiring requires a lot of your effort. Upselling can help you retain your customers while selling them more products. You also get more profits from selling two different products to the same person, with negligible investment.

The customer lifetime value measures how profitable the customer is to the organization. If you get a higher CLV from a particular customer, it simply means they benefit your organization. With upselling, you can get a better CLV from the same customer, as they intend to spend more than you would get from a newly acquired customer.

When you upsell, there is more engagement and loyalty increases. In addition, you will see more of your customer at your store with good upselling practices.

Upselling Tips for eCommerce Stores

  • When you upsell, you must choose the right type of upselling that works for your users. For instance, if you offer a particular product, then a version upgrade is an upselling you can provide to the users. Instead of choosing a burger, the user can choose a happy meal. In addition, product protection, service guarantee, etc., are some kinds of upselling you can try for your brand.
  • You must show the upsell as many times as possible whenever the customer is on your page. This way, you will be able to convert better. Show them once a particular product is added to the cart. Then, you can show them on the product pages. Here, you will need to tell them the type of products that can be bought and the one they are planning.
  • Please don’t push the upsell; the customer gets annoyed and decides not to purchase the product they once considered. Your main aim is to ensure that the customer sees the upsell. If your upsell is in the form of a popup that appears as soon as the user enters your website, the chances are that they would decide to move out even before they get an opportunity to engage with your website. Therefore, you must understand some display rules before placing your upsell on the website.
  • Upsell should always be personalized to meet the user’s requirements. If they are irrelevant to the user, you might lose your only chance at converting them. So instead, browse their order history, check what they have been considering all this while, and upsell by sending them a mail using their first name.
  • When you send them an email or a message to convert, you need to use reliable and powerful words with the will to convert. The idea is to make them believe that your upsell is truly beneficial to them and they will be in a win-win situation if they buy the product. When you send a note to them, make sure there is a certain urgency in your tone that attracts them to the upsell
  • When you are upselling, ensure the product’s price is not more than 40% of the product the user was planning to buy. This way, the upsell would work. If the upsell price is higher than that, you may not be able to will the conversion.

Upsell Best Practices

  • Excellent customer service is vital for a good upsell. It is only when your customer service recognizes the customer’s needs and answers all their questions correctly that you manage to complete the upsell
  • To complete a successful upsell, you must have a credible range of products. Always choose products that have been rated well on your website. That way, you have a higher chance of completing the sale.
  • Too much upselling is not good for your brand. Always make sure you sell limited products at restricted pricing when you decide to upsell
  • If you are upselling a particular product, let the customer know what they are purchasing. Include all the details in the upsell for better results. Once the customer knows what they will buy or how the product will be useful, they will likely complete the purchase.
  • It would be best to simplify the upsell by making it easy for the users to navigate between the cart and the upsell products you defined for the customer.

Please offer good discounts that make them want to complete the purchase.

Summing up

Upselling is a great idea to engage the customer and make them profitable for your website. However, when done incorrectly, upselling can become a liability for your eCommerce store. Always ensure you have strategized a simple upsell for your customers personalized to their needs. You will maximize your conversions only when you have something enticing to offer that the users cannot resist.

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