Why Online Business Need to Consider Conversational Commerce
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Why Online Business Need to Consider Conversational Commerce

Consumers are now finding, buying, and chasing products that have changed. What was once a lot of online research through searches and comparisons is now a simple voice request or message through an onsite chatbox.

The power of conversation is the driving force behind these new methods, as voice search and chatbots have now caught up to and become a key part of eCommerce operations. As a result, these both have become known under a new term – conversational commerce

Voice Assistants, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Apple’s Siri, are the most commonly used pieces of new technology driving this trend. This is because they’re so popular; it’s estimated that 27% of the global population uses them, with Millennials being the largest user demographic. Therefore, it’s vital for eCommerce stores and businesses to capitalize on voice search by optimizing their website and content. A good starting point is to look at long-tail keywords and SERP FAQs around related topics – this’ll give an insight into how people are speaking and requesting information about them.

The other side of conversational commerce is customer service channels such as Chatbots and Live Chat. Both of these platforms have provided a direct line for a customer to speak to a business on various issues, from following up on orders to placing a complaint. But they work both ways – aside from being a great way to grow brand trust, businesses can use the conversations to gather data on customer satisfaction. Customer issues can be analyzed, and the operational areas can be changed or updated accordingly. Ecommerce store owners can learn a great deal from these insights!

For more information on Conversational Commerce technology and how to use it effectively, Website Builder Expert has created a new infographic with stats, trends, and advice about it. See it below:

Why Online Business Need to Consider Conversational Commerce

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