Why Magento is the Most Ideal eCommerce Platform

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E-commerce has become a necessity for all business enterprises to survive in a highly-competitive market. Every business enterprise looks for a reliable E-commerce solution that provides a scalable and flexible solution. Are you looking for an E-commerce store having all the innovative features and a mobile responsive theme that engages customers? If yes, then you have a countless number of open source platforms, and making a selection about the best framework is a hard nut to crack. You don’t have to worry at all, though. There’s a platform having all the features under one roof and is the most popular E-commerce platform – that is Magento.

What is Magento?

Magento CMS is a software application that helps developers to build an E-commerce website to run an online business. Magento is an open-source platform that is used by store merchants to sell products online. This platform helps the developers to customize existing E-commerce stores to enhance their functionality, engagement, and utility. Magento E-commerce software provides multiple solutions such as search engine optimization, inventory management, and is flexible to work with small or big enterprises. It is based on PHP and MySQL, as well as compatible with Linux, needing no investment in licenses.

Why Magento is the Best E-commerce Platform?

  1. Open-Source

One of the major reasons for Magento’s success is its open-source nature. Without paying a single penny anyone having knowledge of Magento website development can use it. The Magento Community Edition is available free of cost. You can easily install or use community edition and to boost the performance of your online store, extensions can be integrated easily. You can easily get a huge collection of extensions at the Magento Marketplace. These extensions will help you in building innovative web applications while engaging potential customers.

  1. Magento Community

Another strong reason for selecting Magento for E-commerce is due to the selfless contribution of the Magento Community. This community includes dedicated developers, bloggers, testers, project managers, and research analysts around the world. They help and work with each other to make important contributions. The Magento Community always ensures that everyone gets proper support. If you are experiencing any issue with your E-commerce store, you can simply share with the community to get proper guidelines for that issue. It is a secure, as well as fast platform, thanks to the timely updates.

  1. High-Performance

Whether it is the page load time, query processing or any other operations, Magento CMS is a clear winner. It guarantees the optimum performance of the online store while using the least server resources. According to the reports, a web page taking a few hundred milliseconds extra to get open can completely kill the chances of any possible sales. Magento, having modern technology like Varnish, Memcached, FPC, Redis, and optimized database options, can increase the page load speed ensuring no possible buyers leave the store.

  1. Multitasking

Magento is a great platform that supports multitasking. The important thing regarding this CMS is that it allows you to do numerous tasks at the same time, which gives you space to work on other important tasks at the same time while monitoring the website’s performance. The key point to understand here is that Magento saves you valuable time. Merchants and developers can manage multiple items, billings, customer details with a single and user-friendly admin panel offered by the CMS.

  1. Flexibility

We all love the flexibility and with Magento CMS, developers get the same flexibility for E-commerce websites. You, as a developer can enjoy full access to all the functions for your E-commerce website. With access to multiple devices, Magento developers can build a unique and stunning user experience. Magento offers functionality to customize the back-end of the E-commerce store to meet the desired requirements. With Magento, a developer can take control of the interfaces and processing capabilities of the E-commerce website.

  1. Mobile Experience

E-commerce store that is mobile responsive is the only dominant one. In order to offer something unique, you must concentrate on engaging your mobile buyers. The Magento CMS supports HTML5 to accelerate the shopping experience on mobile. In addition, it has the features to manage the image size and supports video for every mobile platform. With Magento, a developer can customize according to their requirements. With a drag and drop functionality, the amazing mobile shopping experience is offered to the buyers.

  1. Smooth Integration

Magento allows developers and store owners to integrate quickly with a large number of third-party services comprising payment gateways, transportation, database applications, shipping, and order tracking. In addition, the Magento platform provides built-in Google tools like Google Analytics,  Checkout, and Google Base to monitor the website’s performance while keeping an eye on the latest Magento trends.

  1. SEO Friendly

Magento is an SEO-friendly platform. It has built-in features comprising, SEO friendly URL, sitemaps, URL rewrites, positioning layer, tags, and descriptions, that help the E-commerce website to rank higher in the search engines. This is a great way to get recognized by the buyers. If these features are implemented they provide a huge advantage.

Wrapping Up:

This brings the end to the blog, hope these features are sufficient to justify the reason that Magento is the best platform for E-commerce website development. It gets a lot of appreciation from developers and merchants when it comes to developing high-quality E-commerce stores. Developers love its flexibility, as they can build any functionality according to the client’s requirements. Merchants admire it because of the huge number of features, it provides out of the box.


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Why Magento is the Most Ideal eCommerce Platform

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