Why It is the Best Time to Prioritize Your SEO?

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The power of SEO to generate sales and leads is not a new-found secret. Everyone knows about it but are all deriving the best results out of it? For some sites, SEO is doing wonders while some are finding it a waste of time. No doubt SEO is a complex and time taking mechanism, wherein many factors come into play to make it successful, but everything starts only when you rightly prioritize your SEO.

SEO Doesn’t Come at The End

For a business, a website is of paramount importance, so owners take extra care about how it will look (design), what it will communicate (content) and what experience (UX) it will deliver. Once everything falls in the right place and professionals feel confident that the website is up & ready, then at the end, they think of starting the SEO. Whereas SEO should be started alongside the UX, design, and content creation because a good SEO strategy is not just about finding a bunch of golden keywords and get ranked on them.

Rankings may be an important consideration but not the only metric to focus on as these practices are worthless if they are not generating leads and more specifically helping in sales.

The right kind of SEO for your website will take into consideration a lot more aspects such as:

  • Content in the homepage and subsequent pages
  • Placement of the content in the homepage and other pages
  • Keyword insertion focusing natural language searches, etc.

In short, there are many parts of the website that need to be optimized to do SEO effectively. UX, web design, content, and SEO are inextricably intertwined. Thus, rather than getting the SEO consultancy on finishing the website development, it should continue throughout the UX/web design/build process. Moreover, fixing the loopholes found during the SEO audit of a finished website is more expensive in terms of both money and time.

So, if you are planning to develop a website for your business, then from the very beginning prioritize your SEO to make it search engine friendly. But what if your website has been already developed? Don’t get into despair, rather start the SEO now. SEO is like trees- if you had planted them 10 years back then it would have been the best but the next best time is NOW.

SEO Prioritization for Redesigned Websites

Launching a new version of an already existing website is a common trend these days. With the launch of better UX platforms to give aesthetic orientation to websites, a new version of websites is launched from time-to-time.

Here, ignoring certain SEO aspects can cause major hamper even to a very well-performing site. For instance, if the URLs of the pages that are showing up prominently in Google are changed without redirecting traffic from the old URLs to the new ones, then all the traffic will show 404 error and sales will collapse as well. This SEO-critical concern during the redesigning of a website can be fixed with a 301 redirect plan.

In Conclusion

SEO is never a finite process, it is an ongoing process that should start from the beginning of website development, must continue all through till the website goes live as SEO algorithms keep on changing and special SEO critical care should be taken at the time of website redesigning to avoid collapsing of already optimized traffic.

About Author: Being the Business Head of FieldCircle – a leading field service management software company, Bhupendra Choudhary is highly experienced in managing sales challenges by facilitating field sales software solutions to the clients. His excellence in offering field service scheduling software solutions has helped prominently in providing operational success to a number of companies in varied domains.

Why It is the Best Time to Prioritize Your SEO?

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