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Why Customers are Leaving Without Buying: eCommerce Guide

When your customers visit your eCommerce store, browse a number of products and do not make a purchase decision – it can be a major loss as you are losing your valuable sales.

eCommerce store’s checkout steps are the most important because the final purchase is depended on them, yet these are the steps where most customers deny completing the final purchase. No matter how famous store you have most customers will leave your website if they are not satisfied with your UX.

To make sure that your customers don’t abandon their shopping midway, it is essential you can give them a positive shopping experience.

As per the studies, up to 60% of people avoid online purchases because they are afraid that their private information might be stolen.

As an eCommerce store owner, you have to set a particular trust between the store and customers that they can trust your services and find their shopping less risky.

Why Customers are Leaving Without Buying: eCommerce Guide

Let’s take a deep dive into learning & maximizing your sales :

    1) Migrate to Https:

    As you know this the most common yet so much important step you must follow. Installing SSL certificate into your website especially on eCommerce stores will give you long-term results as well as significant increase in sales. According to the latest update, Google Chrome will start giving “NOT SECURE” warning to HTTP domains from October 2017. Therefore make sure to migrate to “HTTPS”.

    2) Use trust badges:

    Why not flaunt it when you already have them? Trust badges such as McAfee Secure can grant your eCommerce store a great trust in front of customers as they will get to know that they are giving their information to the enterprise who cares much about user’s security.

    Note that you must use badges which are universally famous and being used by the wide range of other store owners.

    3) Slow Down the Sign In process:  

    During the checkout process, the most common question is “Are you a returning customer? Or Are you new to this website?

    Almost everytime when user get asked such questions they might have to remember the credentials of their account or they have to pass through the signup process. And this can be a big interrupted task between their purpose of purchasing the products.

    But you have to be smart, take a help of your eCommerce developers and try to figure out some new programming tricks for that. I.e you can make the checkout process faster with their registered email so that they do not have to log in while purchasing the products.

    You can also offer faster “2 step sign ups”, “Sign up in just 30 seconds” taglines which can also increase your conversion rates by 30% according to the studies.

    4) Showcase your Identity on “About us”:

    Now, Everybody loves quality, right? When your store is experiencing good conversions and you have a growing base of customers accounts on your store, you should put your real picture and some words from your side to your customers. Make one separate page or a section with your picture.

    This can be a powerful trust bridge between you and your customers.

    I bet this will improve your visitors and conversions for sure!

    5) Post Pictures from Warehouse:

    I know some of you will say now this is TMI!

    This youtuber MIMIIKONN is a great personality and awesome entrepreneur. She has her own eCommerce store for hair extensions. You can refer to her page: https://www.luxyhair.com/pages/factory where she beautifully showed to the world that what is exactly happening in the making process of those hair extensions!

    This increased huge amount of conversion on her stores. See this is the formula. If customers will see more quality of product why they would not buy it?

    6) Put Shipping information in Prior:

    All the customers care about the shipping information. It is noted that many store owners put billing information first, But if you think from customer’s point of view they have much attention to the shipping information as they have to enter the address accurately as when and where they will be receiving their product and want to know those details before providing payment details.

    7) Last but not least: A testimonial to your success till today

    You have to showcase what you have earned already! Wiki job realized this and they put their testimonials on their website and experienced 34% of conversion increments. But make sure you do not put wrong and written reviews because to be honest everybody can recognize it.

    Bonus Tip!

    Today as you know mobile updates are ruling the web. Make user’s experience better designed for mobile as well. Today customers shop from the mobile sites more. Hence make check out process simple yet interactive for users so that they don’t leave your store without buying.

    If your actions are fast and in the right direction, I am sure you will get your best ROI!

    Author Bio:

    The author is Chandni Desai a freelance content writer and a digital marketing executive. She loves to write about different types of articles which drives great information to her audience.

    Why Customers are Leaving Without Buying: eCommerce Guide

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