Why Customer Experience Is the Ultimate Marketing Tool

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Businesses that prioritize customer experience are performing better financially than those who don’t focus on improving customer experience. In the highly competitive eCommerce industry, exceptional customer experience can make your business stand out and create brand loyalty. 

And since retaining existing customers is more cost-effective than acquiring new ones, it provides eCommerce retailers with even more benefits. So, integrating customer experience strategies into your marketing plan is vital. 

Let’s explore six ways to delight your customers and keep them coming back for more!

Prioritize user-centered design to drive more sales

In the eCommerce industry, ensuring your website and service are tailored to your customers’ needs is more important than ever before. It would be best if you found a way to differentiate from the competition and create experiences for your customers that show that you deeply understand them.

A user-centered design makes it easier for visitors to navigate your online store, find the items they are looking for, and checkout. Make buying from your shop as easy as possible and plainly explain to your visitors what they need to learn.

Diving deep into understanding how your consumers make purchasing decisions and optimizing the shopping journey is the way to build successful flow for your online store. 

Doing it better than other brands gives you a competitive edge. 

And if you observe your funnels and find where the most drop off happens, you can resolve any problems your customers are facing while interacting with the website. 

Provide personalized customer experience by investing in the right CRM software

When operating in the hyper-competitive market, you need to go that extra mile to grab customer’s attention. Customer data can help you personalize their experience, and this kind of interaction fosters affinity and loyalty to your brand.

According to one study, almost 90 percent of customers had more positive feelings about a brand that provided them with a more personalized experience.

Insight into customer’s lifestyle, problems, needs, and habits helps you provide a rich customer experience. The right CRM software allows you to collect and store customer data from multiple sources.

Use the information you have about your customers to guide them towards products relevant to their interests.

If a customer of yours frequently purchases jewelry, reach out to them with recommendations for new products they might like. 

Upgrade your communication technology to improve your conversions

Opting for better phone technology like VoIP ensures timely, efficient, and professional communication with all your customers. This is one of the best ways to develop long-term relationships with your clients, build trust, and boost your conversion rates.

This cloud-based phone system comes with plenty of features that can enhance your service and communication with consumers. 

Nextiva, an award-winning VoIP provider, offers powerful CRM features that will help you take your business to the next level and achieve higher customer satisfaction. 

For instance, the software can record customer communications and keep track of critical customer-related details and send the data to your CRM. This way, you’ll have detailed customer profiles and all the information you need to make the sales cycle better in one place.

There are other call analytics features like sentiment analysis that scan communication so it can assess whether the customer experience was a positive or negative one. 

Ultimately, all of this data will help you adapt and improve your content and service to better resonate with your audience. 

Build compelling product pages

Besides making your products easy to find, you need one more thing to achieve a great user experience. You have to find the perfect balance between providing the information customers need about the product and overwhelming them with data.

The best product pages provide great pictures and a thorough description of the product that contains relevant information like size, color, and material. This is the place to emphasize the benefits of using a particular product and why it’s worth purchasing. 

Getting it right with the product descriptions will increase your sales, so don’t settle with just “excellent product quality.” 

That’s what consumers see all the time, so it has become less persuasive. A tip: sensory words are powerful as they make descriptions more vivid, so make sure to include adjectives like velvety, smooth, and tingling. 

Timely and effective customer support makes all the difference.

In today’s fast-paced world, customers expect quick answers to their inquiries. According to a HubSpot Research Survey, 72 percent of consumers expect a response from customer support within 30 minutes.

This includes your social media pages, email, on-site chat, and other touchpoints with your audience. 

Unsatisfied customers can leave you a terrible review or turn into fans, depending on how you handle them. So, providing prompt and effective customer service is one of the best ways to delight your customers. 

Also, integrating a chatbot that will address customer issues in real-time 24/7 is another way to offer stellar customer support.

Optimize your eCommerce website for mobile devices

With more than half of all online shopping coming from mobile devices, positive user experience on smartphones and tablets is necessary. Catering to mobile users has to be an essential part of your marketing strategy; otherwise, you’d ignore a majority of potential customers.

While optimizing your eCommerce site for mobile, make sure the loading speed is blazing-fast, and the store is easy to navigate. Consumers are becoming increasingly impatient, mostly those browsing via their phones. 

Bear in mind that statistics show that 40 percent of internet users switch to the competitor after one terrible mobile experience. 

By creating mobile-responsive and user-friendly websites, you get the opportunity to grow your audience and capitalize on consumer conversion. 

Why Customer Experience Is the Ultimate Marketing Tool

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