Why Business Are Moving Towards Eco-Friendly Boxes

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Production of products increases the importance of packaging. Moreover, the most important factor on which the whole packaging depends on is the packaging material. The selection of packaging material should be made thoroughly by keeping economic and environmental factors into account. Eco-friendly packaging is the top selection of people today. It has multiple reasons. The most important one is its recyclable properties. Global warming issues are rising. Furthermore, then packaging material is something we interact with daily due to several activities. Using a packaging material that can reduce the adverse effects of packaging on the environment is the need of the hour. Wholesale eco-friendly packaging is sustainable and has an eco-friendly manufacturing and disposal method.

This packaging also reduces carbon footprints. It is the number of harmful gases in the environment as a result of human activities. The manufacturing process of eco-friendly boxes is different from other packaging materials; thus, reducing carbon emissions, people are much concerned about adopting a healthy lifestyle. That is why to prefer the packaging that affects them positively. Eco-friendly packaging is made of allergy-free material that leads people to a healthy lifestyle, unlike traditional packaging materials that use synthetic and chemical-laden materials.  Kraft packaging material is due to its recyclable qualities today.

Why kraft boxes?

Custom eco-friendly packaging not only benefits the surroundings but is good for you as well. Due to the environment’s disastrous situation, people try to pick the product that has recyclable packaging. So using eco-friendly boxes will let people consider your concern and responsibility towards the betterment of surroundings. It will help is gaining customer’s trust and loyalty as well.

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Furthermore, if you are looking for durable yet cheap boxes, kraft is a sustainable packaging material, which is the best option for you. Its recyclable quality lowers its cost by 40%. Besides, kraft boxes perform a dual purpose. It not only protects the product but the environment you live in as well. When it comes to thickness, Kraft comes with thickness ranges from 14pt-22pt. You can increase it even more with pasting.

Use the latest printing techniques for brand promotion:

The material needs to be printing friendly because the packaging is incomplete without printing. Custom printed eco-friendly boxes is essential to create a difference from other brands and to promote your product. Packaging made of kraft allows printing of brand name or logo, product description, and other product-related information. In this way, customers can get all the necessary information about them during purchase. You can mention flavors or which boxes are for what skin type. It will ease customers in decision making. There are many printing techniques, but the two most common are as follows:

Offset printing is highly in use by packaging companies due to its flawless results. Moreover, this printing technique works with printing plates, thus require heavy machinery to work. For this reason, it is recommended for printing boxes in bulk. Also, it takes some time for printing.

Contrary to it, digital printing does not require a huge setup. It uses inkjet printers or high volume laser for printing. You can print unlimited boxes in less time as compared to offset. It is affordable as well as it uses toner instead of ink.

Colors are important when it comes to printing. To select a food contrast is necessary to have a positive effect. Darker colors like black or muted tones are best for printing in kraft paper. Moreover, packaging companies mostly follow two color models. CMYK and PMS. CMYK is less expensive and preferable to companies. However, it offers a limited range of colors. Contrary to it, PMS is expensive but offers a wider range of colors.

Several add-ons to give a beautiful and elegant appearance:

Giving a beautiful display to boxes is essential to catch the attention of the maximum audience. For this reason, packaging companies offer various add-ons that all together give a charming and worthy look to the boxes. Additionally, getting a product with a beautiful box helps them in carrying it confidently with them. Apart from that, if you want to gift someone with something special, get custom eco-friendly packaging designed in such a way that gives a lavish and luxurious look to them. Here are some add-ons that can help in giving a perfect and amazing display to the box. 

Foiling provides a fancy look to the box that is perfect for gifts and keeping it with you. You can foil the complete box or a certain part of it to make it more highlighted. Similarly, you can print the brand name with foiling to give it a more visible and prominent look. Foil stamping does eye-catching magic to the boxes. 

Embossing and debossing highlight the printing and design on the box even more. Embossing raises the text, whereas debossing press it inwards.

Window cuts give a beautiful display. It allows customers to see the product inside the packaging. Adding windows on kits gives it a pleasing and beautiful view that catches customer’s eyes at first glance. Moreover, you can get windows in any shape and size like an oval. Square, heart anything you desire. Furthermore, there are two types of window cuts. Die-cut window allows touching the product as well during seeing. On the other hand, the PVC window only allows us to see it.

Give a flawless finish with coatings:

Packaging should be designed so that it remains fresh and flawless even after the continuous handling of customers. To maintain the charm of the box, different coatings can be you.

Matte coating gives a dense and flat look to the box. It is fingerprint resistant and displays printing more prominently.

Contrary to it, the gloss coating provides a glossy and shimmer look. It attracts people from afar and makes colors appear vibrantly.

Get eco-friendly boxes for making people trust your brand more than the others and win the competition by spending a minimum amount on the packaging.

Why Business Are Moving Towards Eco-Friendly Boxes

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