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Why Are Delivery Drones Taking Off? (Infographic)

This infographic guide explores whether delivery drones are the future of eCommerce…

Drones have come a long way in the past decade, and many industry experts are now excitedly exploring the potential applications of this technology within the eCommerce and logistics sectors. Advocates of drone technology argue that drones represent the future of deliveries, providing a more cost-effective and speedier alternative to traditional road haulage.


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Are Delivery Drones the Future?

In fact, McKinsey project that in the future up to 80% of all items will be delivered by autonomous vehicles and drones.  What’s more, NASA estimates that there will be approximately 2.6 million commercial drones in our skies.

An Example of Delivery Drones in Use

The largest e-tailer in the world, Amazon, began trying out delivery drones in 2015 with the launch of Amazon Prime Air. This service aims to get products to customers within 30 minutes and is currently being tested in a few select locations around the world. Not only does Amazon expect to increase distribution efficiency with drones, but it is believed that delivery automation could also result in an estimated 80% cost savings for last-mile shipping alone.

Why Aren’t Delivery Drones Mainstream Yet?

Before cargo drones go mainstream, there are still a few important issues that will need to be tackled. First and foremost, there is the legal issue around restricted air space. Current legislation in many countries means that many areas are off-limits to drones. What’s more, current battery life limitations mean that drones currently can only travel for small distances with very small loads. Unlike delivery trucks which can carry hundreds of packages at a time, cargo drones typically have a very limited capacity of only 5kg.

Check out the infographic from our friends at 2Flow to learn more about how eCommerce businesses stand to benefit from delivery drone technology.

Why Are Delivery Drones Taking Off?

Why Are Delivery Drones Taking Off?

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