Why Add Animated Stickers to your Marketing Campaign
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Why Add Animated Stickers to your Marketing Campaign

Due to the advent of digital technology, the days we spent our childhood collecting sticker books and trading them with friends are mostly gone.

But now that you think about it anything’s success is due to digital marketing efforts through virtual stickers that revive classic memories in a tech-savvy, captivating style that lights you up.

Sticker marketing is becoming a significant component of how businesses interact digitally with their target audiences. Stickers enhance the aesthetics, readability, and interactivity of information, adding value.

Because Facebook is presently the most powerful social network in the world and Stickers are so popular with companies and users, it is crucial to give mobile messaging applications with these capabilities top priority. Furthermore, an increasing number of individuals are using these social media platforms, and it is abundantly evident that WhatsApp Anime Stickers are a crucial part of how we interact. So, keeping this in mind, STIKIPIX has come up with the industry-leading customized WhatsApp stickers for your business.

What are Animated stickers?

Small, adorable images that resemble stickers are frequently given away for free. However, some may be offered for sale. The idea of “stickers” originated in Asia, and it gained popularity in 2011 thanks to a Korean-developed mobile messaging program called Line. It is now present in famous applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other similar ones. You have undoubtedly seen a sticker recently when conversing with a buddy on WhatsApp, such as a zombie or a multicolored sticker. Motion Stickers for WhatsApp may be a funnier and more accurate method to communicate yourself than just using words.

Graphics Interchange Format, or GIFs, are a collection of still pictures or moving video snippets that play continuously. Because of how their message is presented, they have a peculiar sense of individuality.

Because of its tiny file size, it is very easy to distribute and beneficial for facilitating downloading and making it simpler to pass along or post to websites, blogs, and other online communities.

10 Advantages of WhatsApp Sticker Marketing

    1. To express a feeling.

Text messages can occasionally be so monotonous to read that they do not always accurately express how you are feeling at the moment and make it difficult to make your point. However, as soon as a sticker is inserted, the discussion between you and the receiver on WhatsApp is immediately elevated.

For instance, if you want to let a buddy know that you are excited about something, you may give them a sticker that perfectly captures your feelings.

    1. Simpler to comprehend

Statistics show that the human brain analyses image 60,000 times more quickly than text and that 90% of information delivered to the brain is in the form of images. Images help people think more quickly than words do. It can be simpler to send a picture, sticker, or anything else rather than typing anything when we are on the road or otherwise occupied and need something more immediate than a long letter.

If they are pressing you for a response, sending them a sticker indicating your busyness may be wise. It is not rude to keep someone waiting, but not responding to them is not a good thing either. Just chuck a

    1. Self-expression

3D Stickers for WhatsApp are a great way to communicate your feelings or develop your communication style. Including self-expression in your everyday communications is beneficial to give them a more natural and personable appearance.

Adidas passionately like utilizing stickers to convey its personality and inventiveness as a brand and takes sticker marketing to another level by personalizing stickers. Consider Adidas’s Sticker.

Given that it is a highly potent stamp, anybody can use it and customize their messages.

    1. An excellent marketing choice

WhatsApp and other social messaging services are crucial to how we interact with our friends and family. Stickers may be a helpful icebreaker in difficult situations or to avoid further misunderstandings. It conveys the message and establishes the tone.

Stickers are ideal for businesses looking to promote their goods subtly, and there is a possibility that they may go viral.

There is no restriction on how many times you can use a sticker pack after downloading it, and stickers from friends are more valuable than those from unknown contacts. Marketers use this since it is not a hard sell like other pop-up advertising, plus it came from a buddy, making it seem more valuable in the consumer’s eyes.

Depending on your goal, you may send stickers using WhatsApp or Instagram. Instagram is better for a public audience you want to engage with through questions, polls, etc., whereas WhatsApp is more for intimate communications. Here, the sky is the limit.

    1. Get Outcomes

Animated stickers are excellent for raising your brand’s online visibility and emphasizing your product’s key features and advantages, which will draw in more customers. Good for advertising your goods or raising awareness of an upcoming event via Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

HubSpot estimates that 70% of companies spend money on content marketing, mostly graphic marketing techniques.

It has also been demonstrated that well-known brands like Twitter, Amazon, Dell, and others have had significant success with email marketing campaigns that use stickers.

Another efficient method is integrating good stickers for WhatsApp into chats and messaging applications by using GIFs on all these channels. All major companies have invested in sticker marketing to develop and sustain a dynamic brand experience for consumers that will increase consumer loyalty and brand recall.

    1. A more affordable

Although fantastic, video animation may be quite expensive. Stickers are an excellent countermeasure since they are quick and simple to produce, helping you stay under budget. Additionally, it is commonly utilized on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and more.

It may be utilized to raise awareness without having to take the chance of endangering your marketing budget. This is done by allowing GIFs in group conversations and other WhatsApp groups, such as those for friends, family, and co-workers.

    1. Cross-platform use

Stickers have a vital purpose beyond just entertainment. Because of its shareable nature, you may share it on various social media platforms, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, blogs, websites, email newsletters, and more. The potential for disseminating it across all platforms will benefit your marketing.

It also has the intriguing feature of allowing you to turn stickers into GIFs to increase brand recognition.

    1. Interactive & Simple to Recall

There is no better method for companies to become more relatable than using funny and memorable stickers. These stickers may help you connect with your audience, and even though this connection is only emotional, it still has power.

According to statistics, individuals remember 80% of what they see visually and 20% of what they read. So in the modern day, what you see is what counts.

    1. Possibility of becoming viral

These sticker usages are likely to become popular and go viral, with millions of downloads or uses. However, these compressed GIFs’ main concept is what truly makes a difference.

Stickers have made it possible for marketers to speak to their customers directly and without running out of words.

Stickers are the ideal medium for converting words into fully realized personalities and conveying a positive feeling. People adore this because it allows them to express who they are through sharing GIFs from TV series they enjoy, inspirational phrases, and other elements of popular culture that affect their everyday life.

    1. Builds community

When a business succeeds in creating a community of devoted fans, they turn these people into a colonial army of brand ambassadors who voluntarily spread the word. These folks will naturally want to share your material with their friends on their social networks and have similar interests if they enjoy it.

Because it comes from a familiar source with shared interests, sharing your brand’s sticker with your target audience is perfect for marketing since, if they like it, they will tell their friends to do the same for you.


In conclusion, animated stickers play a significant role in our everyday activities and how we interact with people on messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and more.

It occasionally deepens our friendship when we can motivate our pals with welcome stickers for WhatsApp to improve their day. This is true for our consumers as well, and it enables you to deliver excellent services and create connections with them to keep them happy and engaged—in the hopes that they would repay the favor by promoting your business.

STIKIPIX has broken down how sticker marketing lets your company exhibit its originality and authenticity, which appeals to your clients and makes your brand stand out from the competition – which may be difficult. It is also seen as a budget-friendly solution.

Why Add Animated Stickers to your Marketing Campaign

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