Which Social Media Marketing Concept Engages Visitors?

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Brands should treat social media engagement like a dinner party where you gracefully welcome people and strike a conversation with them to build strong relationships. In the modern world, if brands have a solid social media presence and a high engagement rate, they positively impact the market.

Social media engagement is defined by measuring likes, comments, and shares of the users on marketing posts of the brands. To increase followers on social media, businesses must engage their target audience with engaging content. Apart from focusing on the quantity, brands should also pay heed to the quality they are giving to their online customers through posts. 

A range of metrics helps measure social media engagement, including likes, shares or re-tweets, click-throughs, branded hashtags, tagged or untagged mentions, followers and audience growth, and comments. Let us check which social media marketing concepts score the highest on the engagement metrics mentioned above and why.       

Marketing Concepts That Engages Visitors The Most

A successful social media marketing advertisement comprises three main techniques: consumers’ online brand-related activities (COBRA), social networks, and electronic word of mouth (eWOM). Businesses must meet the above three techniques as it provides them with a “target audience.”

Examples of COBRA are activities, like uploading a picture of your “new sports jersey to Facebook. Through social networks, businesses get a hold of likes and dislike about their customers and then advertise their campaigns accordingly. And eWOMs are consumer-to-consumer interactions, such as pasting an online restaurant review.

All the top social media channels, viz Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and others, have influenced word-of-mouth marketing rumors. However, with the rise in smartphones and social media, marketers have noticed that many small groups considerably influence buyers’ behavior. Moreover, these small groups are spread all over social media networking sites that influential people lead. So let us learn more about the marketing concepts that engage people the most.

  • Influencer Marketing: 

Influencers are people on social media referred to as opinion-formers or opinion leaders who send messages to their target audiences and multiply the impact of their message, which influences their followers. A post on social media by such influencers generates a much more significant post by forwarding it or liking it than a regular social media post. 

Marketers have now clearly understood that consumers tend to believe the opinions generated by other individuals, especially those in power or famous. So besides paid collaboration with businesses, influencers can also send personal messages about the products and services they have used personally and recommend to their followers. 

The solid and large follower base of such influencers is that their opinions are genuine and unbiased (whether positive or negative), which users trust and value. Moreover, influencers have powerful social status owing to their personality, excellent communication and convincing skills, values, beliefs, and more. 

By working with social media influencers, business marketers get support for their brand’s products/services through a video campaign, a written recommendation, or a photo post using its products/services. Then, seeing their influencers’ promotional posts, the followers tend to buy that brand’s products or start following them personally. It’s the eWOM technique of online marketing.

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  • Organic Social Media: 

Brands’ owned social media channels are an essential additional part of brands and businesses around the globe. They must build a strong brand image on each social media platform and address the consumer demographic they receive on each platform. 

Social media allows users to give their valuable feedback instantly to any post of the brand they follow by commenting on their online advertisements. Marketers must post the same content across each social media platform to maintain uniformity. They must strike a balance in their frequency of posting to save themselves from under posting or over posting about their brand. 

Your marketing campaigns on any social media platform must be regular enough to create brand recognition in the users’ minds. There are two ways of posting content on social media, viz planned content and unplanned content. 

Planned content is when a company’s creative or marketing team initiates by giving ideas and working towards its making. Such content often gets noticed by virtual customers but lacks excitement. However, they are also safe from needless criticism of the public. 

On the contrary, unplanned content is a spontaneous, tactical reaction to a situation or an in the moment idea, which business thinks would benefit them. For example, posting content relevant to an ongoing crisis where your brand is supporting or exposing the truth behind the cause of the alarming situation is unplanned content. Since the situation arose suddenly, the content could be trending because of posting and reposting by several internet users. 

Unplanned contents are sporadically posted on social media platforms without any scheduled date and time. For instance, if a brand has negatively hinted about its competing brand in its latest post, the competing brand can humorously post content as a befitting reply to the original post to enhance their followers’ trust in their brand. As a result, unplanned content also receives a high amount of likes, comments, and shares from the brands’ followers.

  • GIFs: 

GIFs are considered a vital global language of the internet. When you click on any social media sites’ Giphy option, you have to type in a keyword in the search bar about what you’re thinking/feeling, say ‘happiness,’ and you would get access to a huge library of animations that would make your users’ engagement somewhat playful.

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  • Video Editing: 

Social Media visitors engage in video content to a great extent. As suggested in research, videos generate 1,200% more shares compared to text or images.

To Wind Up

Seeing billions of people visiting social media sites daily, it is essential to understand your target audiences’ likes and dislikes. According to that information, you can create a marketing concept that will advertise what you want to promote in a way that users love to see and share. If you want to improve your brand’s engagement rate on social media channels, you must understand and follow the social media marketing trends to their ends.

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Which Social Media Marketing Concept Engages Visitors?

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