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Being present in social networks is essential to exist in the mind of the consumer. Because these have been a revolution in relating, they represent an excellent communication channel that allows you to bring your brand closer to the consumer.

Each social network has different characteristics that will make it more suitable to achieve according to what objectives. In addition to varying depending on the type of shared content, the profile of the audience is completely different. With a strategic network presence, you will have control over your speech and who you address.

Here we help you define your goals, telling you about the most popular demographics and benefits.

Social video is one of the forms of communication that generates more interactions when promoting a business. According to data from the company itself, this social network has more than 2 billion unique users per month who consume one billion hours of playback per day. In addition, a study published in 2019 showed that YouTube has a 78% greater reach than television in audiences between 18 and 34.

This social network is perfect for companies that need to explain their product, such as technology companies and those whose commercial offer has a learning curve. The experiential videos will also be interesting since the platform allows the 360 format and virtual reality. This is very useful for real estate and travel companies since it teaches the product directly.

The main function of this social network is microblogging. It allows users to instantly share content accompanied by texts of up to 280 characters. It has 339 million active users per month, of which 7.6 million are Spanish. It is characterized by being the social network with the most adult audience. More than half of the users are over 25 years old.

Immediacy is its main advantage. It allows you to know the content updates as they occur. It is the ideal platform to start conversations with your audience, interact with them, or lead your brand’s speech in any situation. For this reason, any business will benefit from having an account on this channel, either as customer service or to tell about brand news.

The social network that allows you to share images and create inspiration boards has more than 200 million active users. Their demographics are particular, focusing on women aged 25-34 (30%) followed closely by 35-44 (15%).

It will be perfect for your business if your product is aimed at women, decoration, events, architecture, or interior design. You can create different boards to explain your sources of inspiration, the creation process, the results, or catalogs. This is especially beneficial for fashion brands, craft, and processed food companies such as patisseries and bakeries, as they allow a visual story to be told.

This platform has more than one billion monthly users globally, with ages between 18 and 44 years. Allows you to share images and videos in a permanent or temporary format.

If your business benefits from visual content, such as fashion, art, or sports, you should bet on it. You will also be very successful if your business is related to gastronomy or travel. That is, your presence on this network is mandatory if your economic activity is related to your lifestyle. If you want to grow your lifestyle and social accounts, you can do it by sociallygo.net. Instagram is the only place where you can grow fastly and quickly.

It is one of the newer social networks and with a younger audience. It has more than 389 million monthly users, among which the adolescent population and young adults stand out. More than half of the users are under 25 years of age.

You can participate in this platform by generating content and videos to share them instantly with your audience. You will benefit if your business is a restaurant, cafeteria, or entertainment venue since you will be able to share information about the environment in real-time.

Tik Tok
It is the newest and fastest-growing social network among younger users. It has more than 800 million users per month, and its demographic is mainly adolescent, although, in recent times, this age range is changing. It is used to share videos of concise duration, and its content is usually light-hearted.

You should be if your target consumer is Gen Z, whether you sell a lifestyle or consumer products. Although corporate accounts have a difficult profile development, you can use them as an advertising medium through collaborations with influencers or paid advertisements.

As you can see, there is a suitable social network for each strategy. By choosing them correctly, you will achieve each objective you pursue in your marketing campaigns. You have to assess their strengths and weaknesses and bet on what best suits your needs.

What type of business best fits in each social network

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