What to Put in Your Digital Signage: A Practical Guide to Engaging Content
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What to Put in Your Digital Signage: A Practical Guide to Engaging Content

Is your digital signage content engaging enough?

These days, what your customers see and hear affects their entire experience with your company. Fortunately, signages have evolved so much from the classic hand-painted words and logos of the past to today’s high-tech, interactive LED displays.

Now, you can easily provide in-depth insight into your offerings and customize everything you showcase through digital signages in Dubai according to your branding and marketing strategy. Even wayfinding displays and interactive maps can help make the entire customer experience much more engaging and memorable.

To make sure you do it right, this article will guide you through creating engaging content for your digital displays and offer some ideas on what types of content will work best for your business or industry.

How to Engage Customers With Digital Signage 

Before you think about the things you want to showcase in your LED displays, you must first know the best practices in engaging customers using this type of medium.

Below are two things that could help you do just that, according to digital signage experts in Dubai:

Invest in a story.

Many big brands have at least one long-term campaign in play to keep client interest piqued.

From tech brands like Google and Spotify to family-focused companies like Huggies and Whirlpool, great stories that unfold periodically will catch people’s attention and keep them focused on the brand longer.

As they await the next installment, customers may even start talking about these stories and compare impressions and theories, thereby fueling the buzz over your brand.

Even short messages unified into a story by a common set of design elements (e.g., fonts, background, and colors) could work to your advantage. An excellent example is updates and messages related to sustainability efforts with green as the common motif.

The bottom line is to be consistent and create a logical connection between messages to help the audience identify what your content is all about.

  • Make it interactive.

Communication is supposed to be interactive, so all channels where your messages are displayed should be engaging.

Create content for your digital display that will encourage people to participate in a dialogue. If even static digital designs can do that, imagine how much greater an impact interactive ones can give you.

With the help of touchscreen displays, you can also allow your audience to progress deeper into the layers of information you offer. This will enable them to choose their path, making it a personalized experience.

As a bonus, interactive displays will also let you include calls-to-action through forms and buttons to get instant client feedback.

Top 3 Examples of Engaging Content for Digital Signage

You can incorporate hundreds of content pieces into your digital signage, but that doesn’t mean you can randomly pick one and move on.

To make sure customer engagement stays high, consider the following three best examples:


According to studies, people’s engagement is higher with videos than images and text blocks. Research also shows that customers are ten times more inclined to pay attention to dynamic signages than static messages.

Make sure your videos are screen-ready in a 16:9 format. Then, please choose the right clip to feature, be it a brand showreel, a demo, or customers talking about how great your brand or company is.

  • Testimonials: This is one of the most effective ways to build trust and provide proof of the efficacy of your product or service. It can also strengthen brand recognition, credibility, and business presence. To make your testimonial videos more effective, try to add photos of the people behind those reviews to show that the quotes are verified and sincere.
  • Demos and how-tos: Besides testimonials, people also love a good demonstration or how-to video that showcases what they can expect from your company or product. Restaurants can feature how their specialty recipes are prepared to whet people’s appetites. Fitness studios can include short workout clips to inspire viewers to try their equipment and services to achieve their fitness goals.

News and current events

People want to stay updated on current events and news from worldwide. This is exactly why apps featuring some of the most famous news sites exist.

Consider including a daily headline recap in your playlist if you’re using digital signages anyway. This will make guests loiter in the reception hall, and café customers sip their coffee longer.

Of course, you can also incorporate the latest company news, especially for displays in the office lobby and other common areas where employees converge.

Industry-specific news can also be displayed via RSS feeds linking your blog post and authority websites in the industry for niche stores.


Like videos, images catch people’s attention better than blocks of text. Plus, it’s one of the most flexible forms of content you can use for digital displays.

You can showcase exciting developments, events, properties, and even pictures with quotes to inspire people. Just remember to keep them updated and find new ways to pique interest.

Though it could work for all kinds of company niches, this is most effective for industries like real estate, retail, beauty and wellness, and food services.

Here are some examples of how to best use images in your digital display content:

  • Before and after pictures: You can emphasize the efficacy of your products or services with before-and-after photographs of successes you’ve had with previous clients. This engages your customers and inspires viewers to sign up for your services or commit to working with you (instead of just getting a one-time service).

This type of content works perfectly for businesses engaging in services such as:

  • Hairstyling
  • Personal training
  • Makeup 
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Dental services
  • Employee updates: Customers want to know who they’re working with and who handles their requests. Plus, highlighting great talent paints your company in a better light, not to mention it inspires employees to do their best at work. 

Of course, let’s not forget how effective digital signages are in advertising job openings to reach more candidates in your market.

Some of the employee updates you can include in your digital displays are:

  • Job openings
  • New hires
  • Employee anniversaries
  • Performance recognition

Content Is King

The adage “content is king” applies to search engine optimization and the use of digital signages. 

After all, well-thought-out digital signage content could be what you need to gain customer loyalty and boost brand awareness.

What to Put in Your Digital Signage: A Practical Guide to Engaging Content

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