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What Is Shoppable Content? Does it Improves eCommerce Sales?

In this advanced technology world, content marketing is all about using shoppable content. Content marketing is increasingly gaining importance and has become a primary factor behind the purchasing decisions of customers especially in the eCommerce sector. The visual commerce used by marketers for compelling with actionable purchase points or some product recommendations that streamlines the path of conversion beginning from browsing till the purchase.

The usage of shoppable content is increasing due to the sales growth experienced by the eCommerce store owners. Shoppable content has changed the way of people’s shopping dramatically. As the new technology keeps on emerging, updates in content marketing keep on arriving in the eCommerce field. The main aim of using shoppable content is to create satisfaction amongst the customers by fulfilling immediate purchasing desires.

What Is Shoppable Content? Does it Improves eCommerce Sales?

When talking about whether this shoppable content improves the eCommerce sales or not, we can say it actually enhances the sales growth of an eCommerce store. Not only wholesale eCommerce store owners, but retailers also started experiencing a great sales growth through these shoppable content.

According to some research done by BigCommerce, it has been found that almost 93% of the Americans have done shopping in the last year. And 80% of them do it monthly, which is enough to explain the growth of digital shopping amongst the citizens across the globe.

It is rightly said the future of commerce is all about context.

Content marketing is chosen by the brands mostly at the time when they want to experience sales entirely higher than the others. Nowadays, almost every eCommerce brand has its’ own content platform. Content marketing has become an important factor for the eCommerce store owners.


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Traditional and shoppable content are different in their own ways. Similarly, has their own benefits to the Magento development store.

  • Traditional content can and shoppable content both deliver a state of value through content.
  • Both, traditional as well as shoppable content generate traffic in some ways to the brand’s website.
  • Traditional and shoppable both the content works for promoting the product.
  • Shoppable content does not create an interruption in the content consumption experience of the customers.
  • Shoppable content creates a path for emotional shopping amongst your customers.
  • Traditional as well as shoppable content are helpful when it comes to cross-sells of the products in your multiple platforms.
  • Shoppable content offers the facility to initiate an instant purchase.
  • Shoppable content reduces the customer flow in your eCommerce store.
  • Shoppable content lets the marketers measure the conversion through content.
  • Traditional and shoppable content improves the relationship between brands and customers to make it easier for the marketers to enhance the sales growth of the store.

There are various types of shoppable content which makes the customers visit your store again.

Shoppable Video

You might have heard that the video will take on the market for around 69% across all consumer internet traffic. Shoppable video is supposed to become a highly powerful tool which online marketers can use to gain highest possible sales growth. As videos are gaining higher attention, it lets the brands take advantage of the situation by creating effective and interactive videos. These kinds of videos allow the customers to buy the product simply by clicking on it and finding more details about the product.

The videos have the ability to shorten a journey from inspiration to purchase and makes it easier for the customers to explore and buy more products from the video.

Shoppable Photography

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Even though videos have gained a great popularity, shoppable images are still an important content asset. There are a variety of marketers who still prefer images over videos. The image is like the middle child of the internet marketing field. In spite of being old, it still remains in the preference of the customers as well as marketers. Making shoppable images is basically an obvious way to go for advanced sales growth of the eCommerce store.

The photography is a very simple way to be dependent on the visual power of content. There is also an optimum use of words in a shoppable image. This image must directly lead the user to the product page of the eCommerce store.

Shoppable Articles

When talking about the article, it is the most traditional form of content marketing and is a great way to build a bridge between the eCommerce store and a content platform on which the articles can be published. For an instance, online blog or digital magazine by integrating the existing products into the shopping articles.

In an article, every product image should be assigned a “Buy It Now” option which can allow the user to add the product to cart directly without any kind of interruption in the reading experience.

This makes both the processes parallel, i.e. Shopping and engaging with the content to buy the product. The most important thing about the shoppable article is it provides an instant gratification to the customers who simply like the product of the article within the image. Those crazy lovers who love the product and looking to buy it on the spot can be helped easily with this kind of articles.

Author Bio: The author is Harshal Shah, CEO, and founder of Elsner Technologies, a Professional Magento Development Company & global IT consulting firm. He is a tech evangelist with a reputation to provide optimum solutions for business automation and solving real-life problems with the power of IT.

What Is Shoppable Content? Does it Improves eCommerce Sales?

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