What is Invisible reCAPTCHA for WordPress?
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What is Invisible reCAPTCHA for WordPress?

Invisible ReCaptcha is a plugin that you can use to integrate your WordPress website with Google’s invisible ReCaptcha. As a WordPress website administrator, your website is vulnerable to fake automatic registrations, spam comments, bogus login, and registration attempts. In such situations, Captcha serves as a useful tool in protecting websites against such threats. It does this through security questions, which only a human can answer. Although, it can be annoying to solve a captcha each time to gain access to the website. Invisible ReCaptcha solves this annoyance. It activates only on those situations when Google suspects if the user is a bot or human. The installation of this plugin is easy and eliminates the need to hire WordPress developers to install the plugin.

The invisible ReCaptcha by Google is an excellent choice for the protection of your WordPress website. In this blog, we will discuss the following points,

  • Characteristics of invisible ReCaptcha by Google
  • Installation of invisible ReCaptcha by Google
  • Authentication
  • Settings of Google ReCaptcha
  • ReCaptcha in operation

Aspects of invisible ReCaptcha by Google

The plugin is perfect for all types of WordPress sites, WordPress multisite or community, WooCommerce stores, etc. It includes the following protection.

  • Registration page protection
  • Forgot Password page protection
  • Reset Password page protection
  • Gravity forms support
  • BuddyPress invisible reCaptcha
  • Login form protection
  • Comments form protection
  • Product Review form protection

Installation of Google ReCaptcha

Installation of Google ReCaptcha

Login into the Admin Dashboard of your WordPress website, go to the Plugins section, click on Add New, seek the invisible reCaptcha for WordPress, and then install the plugin. After its installation and activation, there will be a new name, invisible reCaptcha in the settings section. You can further configure various settings of the plugin.

Google ReCaptcha



Being a Google product, you need to connect the Invisible ReCaptcha to your Google account. To do that, login into your account and register your website by clicking on this link. Fill all the necessary fields. Once the registration process is complete, you will receive the Secret and Site keys, which you can copy and paste in the plugin’s settings tab.


Settings of Google ReCaptcha

You can add the ReCaptcha to any area of your website. Go to the left section of the plugin and tick the fields as per your needs. I recommend that you tick on all of them because of these areas being prone to attacks and abuse. The settings option also allows you to change the position of the ReCaptcha badge.

ReCaptcha in operation

Once you configure your settings accurately, the ReCaptcha is going to be available on the pages that you have selected. It is an indication that the pages are now secure under the Google Invisible ReCaptcha.

ReCaptcha in operation


After reading the entire blog, you should now be able to install Google Invisible ReCaptcha on your website without any issues. You can also get the invisible reCaptcha for WordPress, which is similar to Google’s invisible ReCaptcha. It is free, and you can download it from WordPress.org. You can find the complete instructions on the website if you wish to use it to protect any custom form or plugin. I hope you found this blog informative regarding Google’s invisible ReCaptcha.

Author Bio:

Prinsa Prajapati is a Digital marketer, a full-time author, and an accomplished technology blogger at Silicon IT Hub. Her areas of expertise include digital and content marketing. She loves to explore and write on different topics related to technologies in the IT industry and sharing the latest advancements in the world of web design with other WordPress development company. She loves travel trips and reading masterpieces of literature when she doesn’t work.

What is Invisible reCAPTCHA for WordPress?

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