What Is E-A-T & How Can You Improve It For Google?

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Google uses three factors to determine how much trust it should have in a brand or a website. Those three factors are E-A-T that stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust! Google tends to provide its customers with the best experience possible. Hence, it promotes those websites only that show complete trust to Google.

However, Google promoted domains and businesses should not see themselves as Google promoted domains only, but they should also correlate in purchases by their target audience. Although, websites can improve their EAT display on various other websites such as Google My Business, Trust Pilot, and Feefo.

Additionally, improved E-A-T gives impetus to brand recognition and sentiment. It further leads to increased revenue and sales as well. Best SEO Company in India can help you have a better understanding of E-A-T for your business.

What does the E-A-T acronym stand for?

  • Google created E-A-T, and it stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust.
  • Each word in the acronym represents a particular measurement. Together E-A-T gives the right to every business to consider themselves a leader in their field, despite their niche or industry.
  • Google uses each of the three metrics to measure a website, its content, and the content creators.


If you have deep knowledge about your service or product, you will be categorized as an expert in your field and, specifically, when your knowledge makes you stand out from your competition.

For instance, if you have to stand in your competitor’s parade line and then be asked to demonstrate your product or services individually to customers, your deep knowledge and insights about the product will make you stand out from that parade line. Whatever be the product, if you demonstrate a higher level of expertise than your competitors, you will eventually stand out. Likewise, your website goes under the same scrutiny.

Under the metric, Google examines your website and its pages keenly to check whether your content is showing a higher level of expertise or not.


The way “expertise” shows the knowledge and the skill level of a particular website, authority likewise reflects how well your brand, your brand’s website, and the content it has, are going to stand apart from various other options.

For example, when we get stuck in a maths problem, we approach our genius friend to get rid of it. Similarly, when people search over the internet, they look for an authoritative body or a website to have the trusted answers.

The authoritative aspect gives the freedom to choose the best people. Thus, Google thoroughly scrutinizes your website, content, and your brand to determine whether it is the leading content or not.


It shows the credibility of your brand, website, and the content it has. There is a lot of content present over the internet, but the important part is how trustworthy your content is.

For instance, whenever we come across a too good deal to be true, we suddenly find a catch and start to lose our trust in that particular deal or in a person that is offering! And once the trust is lost, it isn’t easy to regain it. So even if your brand is an expert in their field but is not trustworthy, no one would approach them.

Hence, Google measures trust in a website. It detects backlinks from other domains to trust a website. The higher the trust found linked from the domain, the more the trust Google will put in that domain.

Where Does E-A-T come from?

Google publishes guidelines for the educational benefits of its quality assurance team or searches quality raters team publically. The E-A-T acronym comes from those guidelines only.

The role of search quality raters is to analyze the quality of the search results following the changes the algorithm engineering team makes.

How to improve E-A-T for SEO?

To know Google search quality guidelines and the working of algorithms are complex subjects, and you literally will need an engineering degree to understand them. However, optimizing the website for E-A-T does not have to be complicated. Optimizing your website is crucial for low E-A-T.

Audit Your Brand

  • Start with auditing your brand by asking your existing customer base. Send them a survey having questions related to their experience with your product and services.
  • Keep on checking your website to see if you are clear, honest, and transparent with your customer the way you are with your internal people.
  • Start with your homepage and start scrutinizing how you possess yourself on the website. Does your website look trustworthy? What factors do you reflect on your website that makes you an expert in your field? It is always advisable to put anything on your website that certifies you are the best at your work.
  • You must check what people and websites are talking about your website. There is an old saying that one unhappy customer will tell you about your services and products to at least his nine friends, and thus, you will be losing the business of ten people. While on the other hand, one happy customer says about you to at least one person, even that will potentially double your sales.

Audit The Existing Content! 

  • Your website content should reflect your business. But, more or less, it is about satisfying a person’s need through the content instead of checking upon it. Hence, it is advisable to keep going through your website to audit your content as a customer and decide, would the content significantly meet my needs?
  • If it doesn’t, revise the content to match the searcher’s intent with the required expertise and authority level.
  • However, if you feel the content is below par, remove that content instantly. Also, check your content next time so that it could reach Google readers well.

Start Framework for Content Creation

  • It is crucial to building a framework for future content creation projects. Even if you are creating content by yourself or you have hired an expert team, following a particular framework has more chances to future-proof the work for EAT.
  • The purpose of a framework for content creation is to maintain high-quality content on your website that is specific to your customers, not just for ranking purposes. Try to match your content with your sales funnel.

Make Your Content Easy to Access and Digest

  • Since we live in a smartphone age, more than 50% of online traffic is coming from smartphones. And after analyzing the trend, Google has switched to a mobile-first index. That means your website will get rankings based on how responsive your website is on smartphones.
  • Make your website faster, easier, and quicker. That helps in more engagement of people, and also people get their answers faster.
  • Keep your main menu easy to understand for people. It helps them to jump on to other important pages quickly.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you have understood the significance of E-A-T, it’s time to take care of all the points mentioned above and check them for the same for your business website. Best SEO Company in India can help you review your website for E-A-T and ensure everything is well. If there is a need for any change, they will suggest the same. Only an experienced SEO team in India can help you with this.

What Is E-A-T & How Can You Improve It For Google?

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