What is Compliance Call Recording and are Your Recordings Compliant?
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What is Compliance Call Recording and are Your Recordings Compliant?

With the rise of VoIP technology, call recording got a new role in business. However, while call recording improves our data and analytics and helps you protect your business, it comes with a flaw.

It would be more proper to call it a technical glitch. But, first, you have to ensure compliance with your call recording. 

What is Compliance Call Recording 

Luckily, you can use various solutions to make your call recording compliant. For example, you can even ensure the compliance call recording with integrations for Windows Teams. 

To understand that call recording compliance is a law and legislation issue. Unfortunately, you don’t have much expertise if you are operating a business. 

However, you don’t have to know much about legislation and law. SaaS and other online services help you ensure your call recordings are compliant. 

Call Recording in Online Business 

Instead of considering call recording compliance as a legislation issue, try considering it as a part of your business.  

Quality Assurance

The one thing you need for your business success is quality assurance. You must ensure that your business delivers the same service to all customers. With call recording and compliance laws, you know that your employees have to follow procedures without fail. 

Data Retention

After all, having a chance to document and archive everything would be improper to miss the opportunity to capture data. Call recording compliance implores you to hold data and present in matters of disputes and other court proceedings. 


Finally, you can track and measure everything with the data you hold. Then, if you have a lot of complaints, you can listen to recordings and figure out what works. Then, you can start the process again and improve your business. 

However, now that you know what call recording compliance is, it is time to learn how to make your call recording compliant. 

Is Your Call recording Compliant? 

Call recording compliance isn’t a universal standard. Instead, different industries and countries have specific laws and legislations regarding call recording compliance. 

However, even if there isn’t a universal standard, you must follow things.  

Following Laws and Regulations 

The first thing you want to do is to get in touch with your local lawyers and lawmakers. Then, check out how your business and industry work, what you need to operate legally, and acquire permits. 

Make sure that you are working legally before anything else. 

Working With Sensitive Data 

Working With Sensitive Data 

Data laws are the next big thing. With GDPR and other similar laws, you have to adapt. What you want to avoid is compromising your client’s data. Under no conditions should you allow their data to leak. 

Call recording software includes pre-installed protocols and security solutions to protect that. 

Implementing Safe Practices 

Next up is the human factor. Regardless of your software, your employees are the greatest harm to your security. You have to create specific contracts, train them, and know that they face legal charges for any harmful data practices. 

Always get your employees on the same page as you, and make them follow your security protocols. 

How To Improve Call Recording Compliance 

So far, you know what call recording compliance is and how to check if your call recording is compliant. Now, it is time to see how you can improve your call recording compliance and business.  

Implement Software Solutions 

In the digital age, automatization is the key to success. Today, there is a whole niche of software solutions for call recording. They offer integrations, features, and other options to help you record calls. 

You can solve some software problems, but even the best software can’t fix the human factor. 

Train Employees 

Training employees is mandatory to achieve call recording compliance. Think of it like this: You have expensive software and employees who don’t know how to talk to customers. 

The software can help you better record, retain, and analyze that data. However, if you have specific protocols to follow when a caller gives you his credit card number, the software can’t help you. 

You must prepare your employees to follow protocols and stay up to date with best practices. 

Follow New Laws and Regulations

Then, there is an update you have to follow, as well. Then, there are updates you have to follow. Laws and regulations change rarely, but they do change. GDPR seems like any other thing you have to follow. But, once they presented this new law, people lost their minds. 

Of course, you have to follow laws and regulations. Following the new law is another pivot you have to perform if you have a business. 

So, get a good lawyer and follow regulations closely. Then, if that is too much of a hassle, purchase a full-service solution. 

Use Apps and SaaS Services 

Use Apps and SaaS Services 

The difference between software and SaaS services is that software serves to solve a specific problem. The SaaS services, however, offer a total solution for a set of issues. So, you can purchase a whole pack and protect your business.  

Even if you pursue this route, train employees, and stay compliant with the law, that is the only way to keep your business afloat. 

Protect Your Business 

There you had a full glimpse into call recording compliance. And, as you can see, staying compliant is not too hard. 

Make that decision. Protect your customers because that’s the best way to protect your business.

What is Compliance Call Recording, and are Your Recordings Compliant?

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