What Data Visualization Tools Can Do for B2B e-commerce

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What Data Visualization Tools Can Do for B2B e-commerce

Since the beginning of modernization, data is playing a vital role across all sectors. You cannot name one business or academic institution that cannot function without data.

However, how you present the data matters when it comes to business, if you run a company with a B2B website, you must be thoughtful about how you give it to your customers.

According to an MIT survey, 90% of any information you process in your brain is visual. Therefore, you will be more attracted to a B2B website that displays visual data as a customer.

This blog will help you understand more about data visualization tools for B2B e-commerce.

First, let us explore the definitions of data visualization and B2B e-commerce.

What is Data Visualization?

In a nutshell, data visualization is changing complex data into a visual form. This can be in the form of graphs, charts, and maps.

What is B2B e-commerce?

B2B e-commerce stands for business-to-business electronic commerce. It is the online sale of products and services among businesses.

You can use B2B e-commerce to improve your marketing efforts as a business person. This is possible with the use of data visualization tools.

Let us now look at some benefits of using data visualization tools for B2B e-commerce.

What is the Importance of Data Visualization Tools for B2B e-commerce?

B2B e-commerce currently deals with numerous data loads. Data visualization can help you as a businessperson in simplifying your data.

Many business persons consider data visualization for their B2B e-commerce a complex task. However, they do not realize what data visualization does for B2B.

What are some of these benefits? Let us take a look at a few.

  •     It relieves you from data overload.

If you run a B2B e-commerce business, you will experience data loads from online marketing. However, when you present such data to your prospects, it becomes difficult for them to understand.

According to Digital Commerce 360, 90% of your online buyers can drift to competing businesses if you cannot keep up with their needs.

To be safe, you need to present your data the right way. All the crucial points in your data are what your prospects desire.

A suitable data visualization strategy can help you market your products and services correctly. As a result, your customers can comprehend what you are selling.

  •     It helps you appropriately present your data.

A marketing department in your organization will make the best efforts to market its products digitally. However, they must use the right visualization tools to present their services.

It is crucial to note you can have the correct data but present it the wrong way. Not everyone is good at choosing the proper visualization.

Your business can have a competitive advantage if it can visualize its data correctly. So choose one of the excellent data visualization tools for B2B e-commerce. It can save your only business significantly.

  •     It can help you accomplish your business goals. One of the proper data visualization tools for B2B e-commerce businesses can help you achieve your objectives.

You can analyze and visualize your data to identify your audience preferences. Your goals are paramount in the decisions you make for your business.

One of your goals in business is customer satisfaction. Data visualization can help you answer questions on customer satisfaction. For example, it can help you know if your online customers are pleased with your products and services.

You can now understand what data visualization does for B2B from the benefits we have discussed. We do not believe in the theory that data visualization tools for B2B e-commerce are not beneficial.

What are some useful data visualization tools for B2B e-commerce?

Let us move to the next section.

Data Visualization tools for B2B e-commerce

The tools we will explain briefly have one objective: to change your complex data into simple graphs and charts.

Data visualization tools for B2B e-commerce mean efficient client collaboration and a better workflow.

Some of the data visualizations that can help you include:

  •     Google Charts
  •     Data Wrapper
  •     Microsoft Power BI
  •     Qlik Sense
  •     Tableau

Google Charts

This tool comprises one of the user-friendly data visualization tools for B2B e-commerce. This is because it is adaptable and flexible in its operation.

You have a wide range of visualization charts when you use Google chart tools. If your objective is to have your online customers access vital information, Google Charts is a suitable tool.

As a user, you can easily create Google charts which you can share with other businesses. In addition, a personal user or an organization can utilize this tool to visualize their complex data.

Data Wrapper

Your online business can significantly benefit from using this tool. It has an exemplary user interface requiring coding and professional organizational skills.

You can directly create graphs and charts for free when you access its browser. Though it may not have all the charts you desire, you have the privilege of making simple graphs your online prospects can value.

Microsoft Power BI

This is a suitable tool for running a B2B e-commerce organization. This is because it can report and analyze your business data.

 Since the tool is user-friendly, you can create and share data insights with other employees. In addition, other business users outside your organization can access your insights because the tool offers data security.

Qlik Sense

This data visualization tool has numerous features which can help you customize your data. An advantage of this tool is that you can merge data sources to appear as a report.

With this tool, you can create various colored charts and graphs for your online customers. The tool has no coding features, which makes it easy to use.


This tool is right for you when your business has large data sets. You can create interactive graphs and charts which your customers can easily understand.

If you are running an online corporate environment, this tool can help you as a user access different sources to present simplified data.

Wrap Up

In our final thoughts, we can conclude that data visualization is vital to your B2B operations.

You are on the path to online business success by constructing good visuals. Data visualization’s numerous benefits provide what data visualization does for B2B.

Everything we have covered in this blog is proof of what data visualization tools can do for B2B e-commerce.

As a business person, your employees must know such benefits that can be valuable to your B2B e-commerce strategy.

For the benefit of your online marketing success, do not be left out in using one of the data visualization tools. Instead, use one of the tools today and experience a good trajectory in your online sales.

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What Data Visualization Tools Can Do for B2B e-commerce