What are the 5 Stereotypes about Instagram Marketing?

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As social media marketing becomes more and more popular, stereotypes about famous platforms have also emerged out of nowhere. Sad to say, a bundle of people has strongly believed these myths, affecting their marketing performance.

With that being said, I might do a little bit of research and help you out which things about Instagram you should believe and which ones you should cross out from the list. Here are the five stereotypes about Instagram that aren’t always true:

#1: Professionally Taken Photos are a Must

I’ve encountered a number of people telling me that professionally taken photos are the key to a successful online campaign. This is partly true, but only because professionally handled photos are usually high-quality, and that is precisely the point of this section. It is not and will never be about being a professional photographer, and it is about high-quality and relevant photos. So, what if you aren’t a professional. Who cares if those expensive HD lenses do not take your photos? If you’ve got the skill to capture a meaningful, relatable, and high-quality photo, then you are on the right track.

Again, being professional has nothing to do with it. I think it is high time to separate high-quality photos from professionalism because, whether you agree or not, not all professional photographers are successful in Instagram marketing.

High-quality photos? Yes! Professionally taken? Not really.

#2: Instagram Are for the Photo Obsessed

If you do a little bit of research, which I suggest you do, you’ll find out that Instagram is one of most business owners’ go-to social media marketing platforms. So, no, photo obsessed people are not the platform’s only users; Instagram is also the hub for many businesses, brands, sports enthusiasts, and more.

Most often than not, people who aren’t on the platform think that it is merely a place for photo-obsessed individuals. Those who believe such ridiculous assumptions have never really mingled and are thoroughly acquainted with the platform. Instagram is one of the leading online marketing platforms.

#3: Instagram is only Good for Image-Based Marketing

This is by far one of the worst stereotypes I’ve heard, although Instagram was first launched as a photo-sharing platform. However, the platform’s creator has also leveled up their inventions and made interesting videos as the major vehicle for their marketing campaign.

Furthermore, Instagram has also released their version of “stories,” so brands can now market their products and services on a whole new level. The assumption that Instagram is for merely image-based marketing is a sad stereotype that victimizes many people.

#4: Links Are No Use

Do links work on Instagram? Yes, absolutely. Generally speaking, links aren’t allowed in your posts; hence, making some marketers pull out their marketing campaign. However, you can use the links in your profile bio (sadly, that’s it for now)

Strategically, insert the most important content you want your followers to see. Once they click on this link, they then will be automatically directed to your page that will be readily accessible without

As a marketer, it is your responsibility to make your bio content. If you think they are not leading to the page you’ve wanted, then change it. Moreover, make sure that other related contents are visible on your page. This will help people search for additional content that they might want to read.

#5: More Photos Means More Followers

No. no. No. This isn’t the case at all. So, what if you’ve got tons of photos posted? If people don’t like them, it’ll be just another photo that people skip through as they browse your page. The key to getting more followers is quite a process. You need a carefully picked approach, efficient methods, and the correct elements (e.g., image, caption, tags) for your Instagram marketing to work.

Marketers have a different approach to boosting their followers on Instagram, but believing these stereotypes will not do your marketing any good. If you want to succeed, you need to know many things. Knowledge is power, after all.

Scott Duncan is a passionate content writer who aims to help businesses and marketers boost their online market presence. He can help you as an online entrepreneur with astonishing ideas and topics and, of course, with the help of BuyRealMarketing.

What are the 5 Stereotypes about Instagram Marketing?

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