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In today’s world, having an online presence, you can reach more consumers than any other way. Having an online presence through a website has become necessary for survival in this changing market. This is why there is an increase in web developers’ requirements in the IT industry.

However, web development today is not just about creating a functional website. We have come far from where we started. Today, a developer who offers a website that is smooth functioning, attractive, and follows the latest industry standards and trends wins the race. Many new revolutionary developments are made in the web development process for both the front end and backend. A professional web developer is expected to utilize these new technologies such as react-native for front-end UI development, Best Django web development for background functionality, etc. Apart from this, developers and CTO must also be familiar with the latest industry trends and even predict upcoming trends. And so here are the best web development Trends Every CTO should expect in 2020.

Modular Design and Low Development Cost 

As technology is growing, the web development task has become more and more peculiar. The new version of the web development framework and model provides a smooth development process and allows developers to reuse the prewritten code from components, templates, etc. This is what modular design is, creating something new by using the prewritten ingredients.

However, building a modular design is like solving pieces of the puzzle. If you even miss out on a single part of the problem, then the whole buildup crash, meaning that if you want to utilize the modular design effectively, you need to be familiar with the basics of web development HTML, CSS, JS. You cannot understand what is happening if your basics are not clear. Also, being entirely dependent on the prewritten pieces of code may cause compatibility issues in the system.

But the positive side is that when the developer connects these pieces of code, they end up with a fantastic looking and functional website. This also makes the development process faster and cheaper, as developers do not need to spend a lot of time creating a website from scratch. As this web development process is so efficient and effective, it is bound to be in trend in 2020.

Responsive Design and Mobile Devices 

Nobody can deny that smart mobile devices have taken over the world as the primary medium of connecting to the online world in a clean swipe. Almost everyone today prefers to use their mobile phone to connect to the internet and surf the internet and thousands of websites. This has opened an entirely new market for website development. Today, every business prefers developers that provide responsive website development, i.e., a website that can access multiple devices like PC, Laptops, Mobile devices, tabs, etc., running on different OS such as Windows, Linux, iOS, etc.

Responsive design has become a must-have feature, with more than 59 percent of the online website traffic being directed to mobile devices. In other words, mobile devices have become the most used electronic device for accessing websites. The sheer number is enough to impact any business ranking positively or negatively, depending on their website. Well, the number of mobile devices keeps on increasing over the year, and so responsive web design and mobile devices are not going anywhere soon.


You might have already come across a website with implemented artificial intelligence-based chatbots, interacting with the users and predicting almost every user’s behavior pattern. According to tech geeks, these AI-based chatbots and other tech are the web development industry’s future.

AI is not anymore a mythical hype as it has already found its way in the tech support industry with these AI website chatbots.

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Web Development Trends Every CTO Should Know

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