Unlock the Potential of Inclusivity with Our Premier Web Accessibility Services
Unlock the Potential of Inclusivity with Our Premier Web Accessibility Services

Digital Inclusivity: Your Path to Web Accessibility

Our Web Accessibility Solutions revolutionize the way businesses approach digital inclusivity. We guarantee that integrating our comprehensive tools and services will transform your website into a universally accessible platform, ensuring compliance with global accessibility standards.

Our track record speaks volumes. We’ve successfully partnered with over 500 companies across various industries, enhancing their website’s accessibility and navigating them through ADA and WCAG compliance complexities. Client testimonials highlight significant improvements in meeting legal requirements and enhancing user experience for people with disabilities. Our advanced technology has been rigorously tested and refined, offering real-time adjustments and optimizations that address various accessibility issues.

By choosing our Web Accessibility Solutions, you unlock many benefits for your business and audience. You’ll expand your market reach by making your digital content accessible to a wider audience, including the over one billion individuals worldwide with disabilities. Improved accessibility enhances the overall user experience, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, by ensuring compliance with international accessibility standards, you protect your business from legal risks and enhance your brand reputation as an inclusive and socially responsible entity.

Our Web Accessibility Solutions provide the tools and expertise you need to meet compliance standards and open up a world of opportunities to connect with a broader audience, demonstrating your commitment to inclusivity and equality in the digital space. Let’s make the web accessible to everyone together.

Unlock the Potential of Inclusivity with Our Premier Web Accessibility Services

In the spirit of creating unparalleled value and understanding customer needs, we are thrilled to introduce our comprehensive Web Accessibility Services. Our service is not just an offering; it’s a commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and excellence in the digital space.

Our Core Offer: Comprehensive Web Accessibility Solutions

  1. Expert Assessment and Customization: We begin with a thorough evaluation of your website to identify accessibility barriers. Our team then tailors solutions specifically designed to address these issues, ensuring your website is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.
  2. Advanced Technology Integration: We use state-of-the-art technology to embed powerful tools and features into your website. These enhancements include screen reader compatibility, keyboard navigation, and adjustable text sizes, all seamlessly integrated to ensure an optimal user experience for everyone.
  3. Continuous Compliance Monitoring: The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and so are accessibility standards. We provide ongoing monitoring and updates to ensure your website complies with the latest ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standards.
  4. Training and Support: Empowerment is key. We offer comprehensive training for your team, ensuring they understand the importance of web accessibility and how to maintain it. Our support team can always assist with any queries or further customization needs.

The Value We Bring to Your Business

  • Increased Audience Reach: By making your website accessible, you open your business to a wider audience, including the millions of disabled users. This expansion boosts your potential customer base and demonstrates your commitment to inclusivity.
  • Enhanced Brand Reputation: Embracing web accessibility reflects positively on your brand, showcasing your business as socially responsible and customer-centric – a hallmark of Hormozi’s philosophy.
  • Risk Mitigation: With our services, you reduce the risk of legal complications related to non-compliance with web accessibility laws, safeguarding your business from potential lawsuits and fines.
  • Innovation and Leadership: By prioritizing web accessibility, you position your business as a leader in innovation and social responsibility, setting a standard in your industry.

Special Introductory Offer

To demonstrate our commitment to providing exceptional value, we are offering a special introductory package:

  • Free Initial Consultation: A no-obligation session to discuss your website’s accessibility needs and how we can help.
  • Customized Accessibility Report: A detailed report outlining the improvements made, with insights into user engagement post-implementation.

Basic Package

    • Price Range: $500 – $1,000.
    • Ideal For: Small businesses or those new to web accessibility.
    • Page Maximum: Up to 20 pages.
    • This includes an initial audit, basic compliance implementation, and a follow-up report.

Professional Package

    • Price Range: $2,500 – $5,000.
    • Ideal For: Medium to large businesses requiring more comprehensive solutions.
    • Page Maximum: Up to 100 pages.
    • Includes: In-depth audit, comprehensive implementation, ongoing monitoring, and staff training.

Additional Considerations

    • Extra Pages: For websites that exceed these page limits, consider charging an additional fee per extra page. This fee should be communicated in your pricing structure.
    • Flexible Solutions: For exceptionally large or complex websites, offer custom solutions. This could involve a separate pricing discussion after a preliminary site evaluation.

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FAQs for Web Accessibility Services

  1. What is Web Accessibility? Web accessibility means ensuring that websites and online tools are designed and developed so all people, including those with disabilities, can use them effectively. It involves following specific guidelines to make digital content accessible to a wide range of users, including those who use assistive technologies.
  1. Why is Web Accessibility Important? Web accessibility is important because it ensures equal access to information and functionalities on the web, which is a fundamental right. It benefits individuals with disabilities, improves the overall user experience, and can also have positive legal and financial impacts on businesses.
  1. What are the WCAG Guidelines? The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are recommendations for making web content accessible to people with disabilities. They cover many recommendations for making web content more accessible to people with disabilities, including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, language, learning, and neurological disabilities.
  1. How Does Your Accessibility Audit Work? Our accessibility audit involves a thorough review of your website against the WCAG guidelines. We use a combination of automated tools and manual evaluation to identify areas where your site may not be compliant and provide detailed reports with actionable recommendations for improvement.
  1. What Does Your Service Package Include? We offer different service packages depending on your needs. Our Basic Package includes an initial audit, compliance implementation, and a follow-up report. At the same time, our Professional Package offers a more comprehensive solution with in-depth audit, implementation, ongoing monitoring, and staff training.
  1. How Do You Determine Pricing for Your Services? Our pricing is based on the complexity and size of your website and the level of service required. We offer tiered pricing to accommodate different needs and budgets, with custom solutions for more complex requirements. What
  2. does the Accessibility Implementation Take? The timeline for accessibility implementation varies depending on your website’s size and the extent of the required changes. We strive to complete the process as efficiently as possible while ensuring thoroughness and quality.
  1. Is Web Accessibility C and One-Time Requirement? Web accessibility is an ongoing process, not a one-time requirement. Websites are dynamic and often updated, so continuous monitoring and updates are necessary to maintain accessibility standards.
  1. Can You Help with Accessibility Compliance Across Different Countries? Yes, we can help you understand and meet the web accessibility standards required in different countries, as they vary.
  1. What Happens If I Don’t Make My Website Accessible?Answer: Failing to make your website accessible can result in user experience for many people, and it may also lead to legal consequences, as web accessibility is required under various laws in many countries.

Our Promise to You

Inspired by a vision of creating immense value and understanding customers’ deep needs, we promise to deliver a service that meets and exceeds your expectations. Our Web Accessibility Services are more than just a product; they are a pathway to a more inclusive, innovative, and socially responsible digital presence.

Take the First Step Towards Inclusive Digital Excellence

Embrace the power of accessibility and open your website to the world. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and discover how our Web Accessibility Services can transform your digital presence. Together, let’s create a web that’s accessible to all.

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According to ADA Title III, every business website must be accessible to people with disabilities or risk being sued and facing unnecessary legal expenses.

Industries Most Impacted by Web Accessibility Lawsuits

We recommend using our AI and machine learning web accessibility solution to solve this problem. Our research shows this is the most affordable and simple solution today.

Our Web Accessibility Solutions provide:

  • ADA, WCAG 2.1 Level AA& Section 508 compliance.

  • An accessibility statement and certification of performance.

  • Ongoing maintenance involving rescanning your website every 24 hours

Web Accessibility Solutions
Web Accessibility Solutions


We have partnered with accessiBe, the leading AI-powered web accessibility solution that makes websites accessible to people with disabilities compliant with the WCAG, ADA, and other accessibility legislation. Using AI and automation, accessiBe significantly reduces costs and time, making web accessibility achievable for all businesses.

A Game-Changer in Web Accessibility Compliance

Effortless implementation and remediation

accessiBe involves a 5-minute installation of a JS code that scans, analyzes, and fixes accessibility compliance gaps in up to 48 hours. Upon implementation, accessiBe’s interface allows people with disabilities to adjust your website according to their needs without interfering with a website’s codebase, loading times, UI, or design.

Ongoing compliance

After the initial remediation, accessiBe will rescan and re-analyze a website every 24 hours to maintain ADA and WCAG compliance with any new content or added pages.

Automation allows accessiBe to signiAccessiBecut the costs of becoming compliant, ultimately making web accessibility accessible.

How Does the Technology Work?

AccessiBe – accessiBe utilizes two applications that achieve compliance together. First, the accessibility interface is responsible for all the UI and design-related adjustments. At the same time, the AI-powered background process handles the more complex requirements – optimization for screen readers and keyboard navigation.

The accessibility interface covers about 30% of the requirements and includes adjustments for readable fonts, sizing, spacing, color contrasts, cursors, emphases, and more. In addition, users choose between accessibility profiles, standalone adjustments, or both. The profiles bundle together common accessibility combinations that address a specific disability, such as visual impairments, epilepsy, or ADHD.

AI-powered Processes

accessiBe uses contextual understanding, OCR, and image recognition AI technologies to address the complex requirements for screen readers and keyboard navigation adjustments. Before accessiBe, these could only be achieved manually, with long, difficult, and costly projects.

The AI automatically rescans a website every 24 hours after the initial remediation to ensure that all content updates and adjustments made to a website are accessible and compliant.

ADA Web Accessibility Compliant
ADA Web Accessibility Compliant

accessiBe will not change a thing for the majority of users.

It will only be activated when turned on via the interface (or a Screen-reader if the user is blind) as an overlay to your website and only to its specific session.

Therefore, accessiBe won’t affect your design, UI, or performance.

The entire process is automated, from remediation to becoming compliant. We don’t collect user data, so we don’t affect your GDPR compliance.

Contact us today for a free assessment of your website’s accessibility compliance.

Is your online store accessible to all?

In today’s diverse and digitally driven world, web accessibility is no longer an option – it’s a necessity. At Understanding eCommerce, we ensure that your site is fully accessible, adheres to the latest guidelines, and caters to all potential customers. Don’t miss out on valuable traffic and increased revenue; let us make your eCommerce platform a place where everyone can easily shop.

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