Ways to Use Greeting Cards to Build Customer Loyalty

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When customers receive business thank you cards, cards for special occasions or holiday greetings, they are more likely to open this mail and hold onto visually appealing messages. Here are five ways that sending greeting cards throughout the year contributes towards building customer loyalty.

  1. Greeting Cards Show Extra Consideration

Many customers are accustomed to receiving marketing emails and social media messages from businesses they support. Greeting cards have a personal touch that is only possible through a printed, physical mode of communication.

Even though it is not difficult to design custom greeting cards by choosing a cover and the interior contents such as a message, logo, and one or more signatures, customers can appreciate that a business took the time and spent the money to send out cards. Recipients are more likely to open and read physical mail addressed to them from familiar senders.

  1. Custom Cards Can Contain Special Offers

One of the best ways to increase open rates and show appreciation for repeat or long-term customers is to send out cards with special offers. Receiving a discount code or notification of a special offer that is only accessible to a limited amount of customers can drive up sales.

A business owner or marketing professional may want to include discount information as part of the message in a card. Other options might include inserting coupons or other special offers into the card. Save on bulk cards by selecting a design suitable for every recipient on your mailing list. You can then find ways to extend offers to segments of the customer base.

  1. Business Thank You Cards Build Relationships

A business can send thank you cards to customers at any point during the year. It may be possible to add a personal touch to these cards by making designs for customers who reach set total purchase amounts within a specified quarterly, semiannual or annual timespan.

Donating 20% of the cost of a card order to charity and adding a charity line to cards is another way to strengthen relationships. In addition to supporting organizations or causes stakeholders care about, giving back builds customer perceptions of business ethos that can forge genuine loyalty bonds.

  1. Customers Tend To Remember Receiving Cards

While emails, posts, and messages sent on social media platforms or via text tend to run together, greeting cards are more likely to stand out. To make a lasting impression, look for card designs or themes relevant to your business, such as humorous occupational greeting cards.

Regardless of the cover design, message, and sender information in the cards a business sends or the occasions that an enterprise decides to commemorate, these physical articles are more likely to be opened, read, and retained for longer than other modes communication with customers.

  1. Customers May Look Forward To Special Cards

Businesses that make a habit of sending out holiday or special occasion cards may find that customers start to await this form of communication. This may particularly be the case if you choose to include special offers in cards to encourage recipients to open, keep and use these cards to get great deals on goods and services.

Whether a small business owner or marketing professional wants to go the extra mile to build relationships with customers that lead to brand loyalty or is seeking to drive up sales by sending limited offers, it is important not to overlook the potential of sending business thank you cards. Communicating offline in a physical format is a good way to connect with customers across demographics and lay the foundation for enduring professional relationships.

Ways to Use Greeting Cards to Build Customer Loyalty

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