UX Design as Weighed and Explained By User Experience Design Experts

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You may ask several people to explain UX design to you but each time you will find that people come up with different types of explanation. This points out to one specific thing and that is there is probably no commonly accepted definition for user experience design.

Even if you ask a couple of renowned user experience design experts, you will not find a common answer to your question. This is because of the user experience design is a complex concept that:

  • Has different dimensions
  • Includes a lot of different disciplines
  • Varies in interaction design
  • Differ in information architecture
  • Follows multiple visual design concepts
  • Changes in usability aspects and
  • Involves a human-computer interaction.

That means you will need to weigh everything together and come up with one definite and explicit definition of UX design, which by it is a difficult job.

A study report

Starting with the study report of the Oxford Journal Interacting with Computers, you may get a clearer picture of what UX design really means. They say that the goal of UX design particularly in business is to enhance:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Loyalty and
  • User efficacy.

This they say can be achieved through different ways such as:

  • The ease of use
  • Ease in navigation
  • High utility and
  • More the pleasure provided while interacting with a product.

In other words, UX design is the process in which all digital or physical products are made useful and delightful to interact with. It involves the enhancement of user experience and at the same time to ensure that the users find enough value in what they are being provided by the business.

UX Design as Weighed and Explained By User Experience Design Experts

Explanations of different experts

Unfortunately, this cannot be termed as a comprehensive explanation of UX design in anyways. There are experts who explain it in different other ways though none contradict with the basic fact of UX design which is providing the users with the optimally best experience during the interaction. It encompasses what the final experience will be like when any user interacts with the product.

Laura Klein, Principal at Users Know and author of UX for Lean Startups and Build Better Products states that:

  • If UX is related to the experience aspect of the users only while interacting with a product, then UX Design can be defined as the process through which the kind of experienced gathered is determined.
  • She also says UX design happens always intentionally or unintentionally with a particular person making the decision on how the person and the product will interact.
  • She further added that a good UX Design facilitates such decisions and related the need of the users and the business in the most comprehensive way to fulfill their needs.

John Amir-Abbassi, User Experience Researcher at Facebook puts UX design in a different way saying that:

It is an approach that considers the users while designing the product. However, he warns that the definition may look apparently simple but the answer and the process can be a bit complicated and sometimes can be a lot more controversial.

He further adds that:

  • User Experience Design takes into account all the aspects that include the function and beauty referring to the accessibility and usability respectively of the product and service along with the flow.
  • It also takes into consideration things like customer delight, emotion and the behavioral aspect of the users and other things that are much harder to engineer and accomplish.

He says that while designers can create a flow, a toggle, or interaction is important to make sure that it is unique, beautiful, and functional in a flow. UX designers according to him are combinations of:

  • Part interaction designers
  • Part content strategists
  • Part information architects
  • Part user researchers
  • Part engineers
  • Part marketers and
  • Part product managers.

They share a responsibility to create the best user experience that is easy to navigate and use and will provide the users with maximum pleasure and satisfaction with an added value to the product.

Jason Ogle, Founder, and host of the User Defenders podcast shares his view about UX design as follows:

  • UX design is all about solving human and business problems through an empathically driven practice.
  • This eliminates the friction and obstacles from the design that facilitates reaching the desired goals of the users with the intent to deliver delight to the users in the process.

Justin Mifsud, Founder of Usability Geek, however, kept the definition and meaning of UX design as simple as it could be stating that:

User Experience Design is a process to provide a great experience to the users and its sole objective is to create a great system. However, he adds that UXD should embrace theories of a variety of disciplines such as:

Steve Krug, Usability Consultant, Author of Don’t Make Me Think and Rocket Surgery Made Easy, however, focus more on the UX design elements that need to be:

  • Useful
  • Pleasant
  • Easy
  • Marketable and
  • Addictive

He is of the view that UX must be more user-centered as it has descended from Ergonomics. That means from its more decent heritage of advocacy for the users to improve their experience it has now displayed an increased tendency for inclining towards the advocacy for the producer as well.

As for the other experts:

  • MartynReding, Head of Digital Experience at Virgin Atlantic says that UX design is all about the fulfillment of the promise made by a brand with the culmination of content, design, research, and strategy. All of these have a significant effect on delivery.
  • Tomer Sharon, Managing Director, Head of User Research and Metrics at Goldman Sachs, Author of Validating Product Ideas through Lean User Research compare UX design to the art and science of producing positive emotions in the users.
  • Marieke McCloskey, UX Researcher, Product Strategist, and speaker refers to as a commitment on the part of the designers to build products keeping the customers in mind, who they are and what they need to improve their quality of life.

Therefore, as you can see with multiple interpretations of UX design it is really all about the users who should be at the center of your creation.

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UX Design as Weighed and Explained By User Experience Design Experts

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