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In recent years, SEM has started to be perceived as a practice that could drive footfalls and fulfill desirable sales. However, running a successful PPC campaign is no piece of cake. It involves a lot of tasks- from designing a compelling ad copy to selecting the right audience that you want to display your ads to.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 8 best SEM tools. Check them out to make an informed choice.

1) Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. If you own a website, you should most definitely be using Google Analytics, the most popular and most widely used digital analytics software. The best part? It’s free! It offers many features, but the most popular ones being-

  • Analytics Intelligence
  • Reporting
  • Data Analysis and Visualisation
  • Data Collection and Management

2) Google Ads Editor


Google Ads Editor is a free ad creation and editing tool that allows you to work on different ad campaigns across several accounts in Google AdWords. It works both online and offline. Using this tool, you can manage ad campaigns as well as make bulk changes to keyword bids. Managing campaigns just got more comfortable with the help of Google Ads Editor.


  • Work on your accounts offline
  • Leverage bulk editing tools
  • Review changes before you post
  • View performance statistics

The best part? You can make changes to all your accounts from a single dashboard that, too, all at once. Moreover, you can search and replace text, move items, and undo or redo changes across multiple campaigns.

3) Google Search Console + Bing Webmaster Tools

Get constant website analysis, alerts, and error reports with Google Search Console + Bing Webmaster Tools.

These webmaster tools allow you to see what the two top search engines think of your website. Bugs, alerts, and indexing issues can be looked into with the help of this tool. Both the tools and reports help you measure your site’s Search traffic and performance, fix problems, and make your website stand out in search results.


  • Optimize your content with Search Analytics
  • Get your content on Google.
  • Get alerted on issues and fix your site.
  • Understand how Google Search sees your pages

4) SEMRush


SEMrush is a SaaS company offering solutions for SEO, PPC, Content, Social media, and competitive research. It is one of the most trusted tools used by marketers all around the world. SEMRush allows you to conduct extensive keyword research, keyword rank tracking, site audits, traffic analysis, and more. It is an excellent tool for finding opportunities to rank for long-tail keywords organically, but you can use the tool for various SEM efforts. SEMrush allows you to identify the latest trends in your niche, perform on-page SEO audits as well as optimize your page for better lead generation.


  • Keyword Magic Tool
  • SERP Feature Filter
  • Keyword Gap Tool
  • CPC Map Tool

5) Google Trends

Google Trends, one of the most popular tools trusted by marketers, is an online search tool that enables you to see how often a specific keyword has been searched for over a particular period across a particular region, language, or time frame. The results are visible in a search index volume graph, which shows you the relative level of interest in a particular keyword. It also allows you to compare the interest level among different keywords. It doesn’t make sense to spend money behind a keyword that’s decreasing in popularity. This is where google trends become a useful tool for your SEM efforts.


  • Identify the latest trends.
  • Monitor marketing performance
  • Choose the best performing keywords.
  • Competitor Check


The highlight of Keywordtool.Io is that you can get hundreds of keyword ideas based on a single keyword.

Once you enter a keyword, the Keyword Tool will provide you with a couple of long-tail keyword opportunities, and common questions asked.

Keyword Tool can also help you discover many new long-tail keywords related to any topic by automatically generating Google’s search suggestions.

Keywordtool.Io is a helpful tool as it allows you to segment your keyword research through various channels and better target your efforts. The free version of the tool lets you generate up to 750 long-tail keywords and keyword suggestions for every search term. Moreover, you can use the tool to analyze search trends on Google to ensure your desired keywords are increasing in popularity.


  • Find Keywords
  • Analyze Competitor
  • Check Search Volume

7) Google Ads Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner helps you target the right customers with the right keywords. It assists you in building campaigns by providing you with multiple keyword ideas.

It makes sense to use Google Ads Keyword Planner to research relevant keywords for your business and keep track of how searches for specific keywords change over time. The tool will help you narrow down a list of possible keywords to ensure you’re choosing the most effective ones for your business.


  • Discover new keywords
  • Research keywords
  • Get bid estimates
  • Make your advertising plan.

8) SpyFu

SpyFu is an SEM tool that offers a whole suite of PPC tools to boost your paid campaigns. It provides keyword suggestions as well as the ability to spy on your competitors’ ad activity. Moreover, you can monitor your own paid and SEO rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

SpyFu provides AdWords templates that you can import to your AdWords account and start using. By grouping all relevant keywords for each ad group, it makes your job easier. All you need to do is add your brand or product keywords, and you’re good to go.


  • Spy on competitors’ ad spends and paid keywords history.
  • Identifies others bidding on your keywords
  • Gives intelligent bidding advice
  • Automatically organizes keywords into ad groups.

In Conclusion

While the SEM mentioned above tools make our work easier, managing so many tools can prove to be overwhelming, time-consuming, and expensive. For the same reason, the business chooses to partner with an SEM agency that can help them meet their paid search goals without any headaches. While there are many advantages of hiring an SEM agency, hiring one, which is Premier Google Partners, is a cherry on the top as a team of Google and Bing supports the agency certified experts!

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Useful Tools for Search Engine Marketing

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