Use Questions to Engage Your Social Media Fans

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Use Questions to Engage Your Social Media Fans

7 Actionable Tips to Use Questions to Engage Your Social Media Fans

One certainty in life is everyone has an opinion. The best way to get a person’s opinion is by asking! So, ask questions and use that to engage your fans on social media.

Ideally, you want questions that are simple to answer. Don’t make customers have to work to give feedback. But, on the other hand, don’t make the questions too hard and avoid the possibility of the “wrong” answer. Again, the idea is to engage, not to gain long-winded answers.

Specific questions get more responses.

Be specific and ask if they like one option or the other or which product they prefer from a short list. Being precise and allowing the answers to be short gets you more comments.

One example would be asking restaurant fans what their favorite dish was and promoting a special offer. Alternatively, ask what was missing from the menu, then think about offering the most requested word. It will generate a lot of discussions and make customers feel they are involved. 

It’s ok to ask for help.

Featuring products and services, price points, and other questions about your service or product will help you engage your fans, delivering a better experience to your customers. Ask your returning and potential customers if they want more information on an aspect of the business. Ask existing customers to describe their experiences with your brand, give advice, and share tips on getting the most out of your products and services.

Ask fans specific questions by giving them a list of options you keep control of but involve them. People are happy to share their opinions. Ask for tips and advice. 

Yes, or No

Sometimes overlooked, a simple yes or no question can generate huge levels of engagement. It’s also the easiest way to get people engaged. This question differs from a more open-ended question and needs minimal effort and time for people to respond.

Often individuals have an opinion but don’t want to spend the time telling everyone, a yes or no answer question can alter this feeling. You can form a range of yes/no questions by asking about the preferred product, color, location, or any other preference that applies.
Using polls

Use social media functions to your advantage. For example, you can create a poll using the Facebook Question feature on your page.

First, it is very easy to add a question and then poll options. You can even select an option that allows people to add their answers; this gives them more freedom. Target specific audiences are made easy by choosing location, age, or language, back it with a bit of budget for greater results.


Trivia will keep your followers interested. It’s a change from a boring question and will help you educate your audience. Add more interest and engagement with giveaways or prizes. Ensure the trivia questions related to your business or field of expertise—first watch, computer, most sales, etc. Of course, you can use harder brain teasers, but that depends on your audience.  

What would you like to see from our company?

This particular question can open up the possibility of negative responses being open-ended. Therefore, if you ask this type of question, you must make sure that the forum or social media page is monitored.

There is a good chance for your company to gather some precious information from your Facebook page.

Ensure to word this type of question to make respondents think. For example, what kind of services do you most need right now? Wording the question that way gets the individual to think honestly about needs rather than wants. It’s more likely these answers will be more valuable as you forge the identity of your business and its future offerings.

What do you most appreciate?

This question is similar to the last because it’s almost a survey question. It strives to get people positively talking about products or services.

It’s a good way for people to see what others enjoy, impacting future decision-making processes. Finally, remember to give options to the question; this will deter people from negative answers.

Facebook is all about sharing thoughts. People want their ideas and stories to be heard, and asking your fans questions gives them a chance to do just that. With a bit of creativity and trial and error, you can come to find a great balance of daily questions that keep your page thriving – a place your fans can tell others about.

Anne Grobler is an experienced marketing expert, constantly on the lookout for unique ways of engaging and growing an audience. Currently, Anne supports OpenAgent, a well-established directory for real estate agents. Follow Anne via her LinkedIn.

Use Questions to Engage Your Social Media Fans