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Updated Guide to Facebook Advertising Placements

For common social media users, Facebook may only seem like a platform that connects them with loved ones, keeps them updated with trending news, and allows them to share what they do, where they go, or how they feel. But for marketers and advertisers, the social media giant is an excellent venue for boosting the reach and engagement of their brand.

On top of that, Facebook offers several places where advertisers can choose to place their ads. This is done so advertisers can maximize their resources on the ad platforms where they know their campaigns will perform well based on previous insights.

Why Choose Facebook Advertising?

Facebook is the largest social media channel out there. It gives you access to billions of users, which means you get to put your brand in front of an incredible number of potential target consumers. Let’s dive into some fast facts and statistics that show the power of Facebook as an advertising platform.

  • A whopping 93% of social media advertisers use Facebook Ads.
  • 26% of Facebook users who clicked on ads made a purchase.
  • A report shows that 43% of B2B marketers consider Facebook as their most essential advertising channel.
  • Despite the increase in cost per ad, ad impressions rose by 21%.

Even with advertisers having a good grasp of their target audience and segments, a lot of their Facebook ads underperform because of subpar strategies or ad placements.

Remember, not all Facebook advertising placements suit all types of ad. With experience and adequate data, you’ll learn which placement works best for you. You have to constantly test, analyze, and learn from the results to help you plan your ads better and make the most of your budget.

Below is a visual guide on how you can improve the impact and reach of your Facebook ads. See which placements can help your specific advertising goals, and the ad types these placements best compliment.


Updated Guide to Facebook Advertising Placements

Updated Guide to Facebook Advertising Placements

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