Top Shipping Features to Make Your Shipping Easier and More Cost-Effective

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Top Shipping Features to Make Your Shipping Easier and More Cost-Effective

Having the right shipping features can make shipping for your business more sales-stimulating and cost-effective. As shipping is very complex, it is always recommended to get a shipping solution that can help you manage and automate all these features. All these shipping features or complex shipping solutions can be easily found on any e-commerce platform. Here is a list of few shipping features that can make shipping easier for you and your customers.

1. Landed Cost

Any product shipped across the borders will have to go through customs and will be subject to fees. Custom fees are part of the total sum of all costs it takes to ship orders abroad, called landed cost. There are more components of landed costs: insurance fees, shipping costs, import licenses, and value-added taxes. Knowing how to calculate landed cost is crucial, as it shows where costs need to be cut and how to set up the right profit margin for your products. 

Additionally, it is important to display these costs at the checkout for your customers, as no one wants to be surprised by extra costs upon receiving a package from abroad. This will only add credibility and transparency to your business. 

2. Accurate Delivery Dates

Accurate delivery dates show when the order is due and how long it will take to deliver the package to the customer’s destination. Showing delivery dates to your customers at the checkout makes shipping for your customers more reliable and predictable.

Even delivery options selected for your customers can be cost-effective. How? 

If you show estimated delivery dates to your customers at the checkout, you ensure they will be at home once the delivery arrives. This will save you from paying extra costs for re-scheduling or delivery re-attempts that some carriers might charge.

3. In-store or Curbside Pickup 

Another great way to make shipping more cost-effective is to use the in-store pickup option. It is, in general, a cheaper option than home delivery. Plus, you provide your customers with the much-needed convenience and flexibility. With curbside pickup, you do not even have to deliver the order to the store. Instead, you can ask customers to pick it up directly from the place of your warehouse. As long as there is an available parking lot where the pickup can occur, it is doable.

4. Rate Shopping 

Rate Shopping is a feature that compares real-time shipping rates from carriers or their services. So you can compare, for example, the UPS Ground shipping service with the USPS Ground shipping service. You can then choose to display the cheapest or the fastest real-time rate at the checkout for your customers. Naturally, this process of obtaining real-time rates manually can be very time-consuming. Having this shipping feature automated by a shipping solution can speed up the process radically.  


These are just a couple of shipping features that will make your shipping easier, more flexible, and possibly cost-effective. Having the right shipping solution to help you manage all these tasks will save you money and time. Ideally, you would choose a complex shipping solution that offers all these shipping features instead of getting separate plugins. Many of these features can be easily obtained on e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento, or Shopify.

Author’s Bio 

Lucia Liskova, Marketing Manager at Calculates by Amasty, shipping SaaS for e-commerce. 

Top Shipping Features to Make Your Shipping Easier and More Cost-Effective

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