Top Prospecting Tools that help B2B Companies Succeed

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B2B Prospecting is a sales technique of looking for new potential customers who will be converted into loyal customers. This is done by businesses that sell to other companies, for instance, a company that sells raw materials to a manufacturing company.

B2B Prospecting is not very easy, although many B2B businesses think of it as such. It is a crucial step in the sales funnel prepared according to sales and marketing professionals around the globe. It requires the right approach by the B2B business for the strategy to be a success. 

Courtesy of technology, B2B companies can now access the best prospecting tools that will help them achieve marketing strategies with less effort. And knowing a few is crucial for any B2B business. If you are such a business and you are willing to try some of the best prospecting tools, this list is for you.

Active Campaign

According to sales and marketing experts, the tool is essential for B2B companies since it works as an email marketing computerization software. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and email marketing are also part of the features of the tool, which yields prospecting data. The good thing is that it works seamlessly with other sales and marketing tools. 

With this, accessing quality prospects is easy. In return, the B2B company increases the sales in the company and consequently, profits. The active campaign tool updates the information about any customer in real-time and ensures that it is stored in the same area.


As one of the most popular B2B prospecting tools today, any business can make use of it. With this tool, any business, whether big or small, can access the details of possible prospects from social sites and apps such as LinkedIn. The details include the email of the prospect, phone numbers, and other contact information. With this, communication with customers becomes easy as they can now upsell products, notify about promotions, and a lot more.

It is the most productive B2B prospecting tool in the online marketing industry that has taken the world by storm. Its main goal is to boost the productivity and efficiency of the B2B company. It does this by increasing outbound sales through the utilization of a multichannel sales approach. From this, the team gains valuable insights into their customer’s growth. Furthermore, it helps simplify the process of sending email from a sales marketer to a potential customer.


As a B2B company, this tool lets your marketing team see all the clients who viewed your website and their activities. You can see who is looking at your pricing page, content, or contact page. It is also a tool that lets you identify your prospects and make a connection with them. 

What makes this tool so incredible is that it offers a one-month free trial with no payment required, which is just wonderful. The tracker has to be installed connected with the respective Google Analytics account for it to start collecting the data of potential customers that are visiting your website.

Tropare’s mProspector

Having a mobile app that makes it easy for your sale and team to convert as many prospects into customers is a great strategy for a B2B company. The mProspector tool is one of the best b2b prospecting tools on the market today. It is location-based features track the location of the prospects and give reports to guide the sales and marketing teams on strategies to apply to convert them into customers. The tool is also equipped with other smart features to show prospects with a high probability of converting into customers for priority setting.


The tool holds a top position in the sales and marketing sector today. If you want to have a smooth prospecting and lead generation journey, then you should try it. Sales and marketing teams benefit by getting all the important details they require to connect with their prospects. ZoomInfo is like an all-inclusive database with all the needed contacts to increase the sales and performance of the whole team.

Moreover, ZoomInfo helps your team to access more business details about the prospects. The kind of data you can get includes email addresses, phone numbers, and location, among much more. With this information, the business can start the prospecting journey to convert as many potential customers as possible into loyal customers.

Aero Leads

The Aero Leads tool appears on this list due to its popularity. With this tool, the users, who are B2B companies, get an opportunity to send real-time emails to their potential leads with sales and marketing information. The prospecting tool comes in handy when looking for potential prospects since it has a free trial option with about ten credits.

With zero leads, there’s a possibility of gaining access to the details of a certain company, its location, and more information about it. Their free option is great for small B2B companies, but you might need to upgrade to access more helpful features. It is up to you to access if this gives you value for money.

Hot Jar

You may have heard about this prospecting tool for sales and marketing sector teams all over the world. It is used to record all the potential clients who make inquiries in your company. Many companies are using Hot Jar today because of its ability to track detailed information about such as their names, addresses, net promoter scores, and so much more.

This, in return, helps the sales and marketing team to comprehend how the clients are reacting to their products and the problems they are facing without making any assumptions. The tool connects the marketers fully with their customers, which is a big opportunity for pitching marketing strategies, sending detailed promotions, and even personalizing marketing strategies to different customers.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This is one of the most used tools in the world today by top sales and marketing professionals. It increases the chances of getting high-quality prospects who will then be converted into customers with less effort. It is highly recommended for B2B businesses to consider this tool and others like it.

It will help them get their customers quickly and easily because it has advanced search and filter features. It uses a detailed navigator, which is linked to databases and social media platforms; hence, understanding the prospects becomes very easy. Many B2B companies have benefitted a lot from this sales navigator.


Social platforms are now in the limelight, as many marketers advertise here with the hope of getting as many prospects as possible. Followerwonk is a crucial tool that enables sales representatives and marketers to find customers from social platforms such as Twitter. All that one needs to do is to search for specific keywords related to the information about a prospect to get their details. Through the tool, users can then make a list of users corresponding with the information. 

Besides that, you also get their telephone numbers, email addresses, and other contact information. From this, you can rest assured that your sales and marketing team can now convert as many prospects as possible to customers, and loyal customers for that matter.


There are numerous prospecting tools that any business can use today. Here, we have only given those that are considered best since they help any business to achieve more with less effort. Many B2B businesses around the globe have confidence in these tools. Marketers should, therefore, choose from the above according to the type of business they have and what they require.

Top Prospecting Tools that help B2B Companies Succeed

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