Top Emerging Technologies: Helping the Hybrid Workforce

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The importance of technology is getting felt in the general world. The pandemic has set down rules that businesses, organizations, workers, etc., need to follow. Different pandemic policies are being made, including social distancing, work from home, remote working, etc. Luckily, the business world is adapting to this change as many companies use technological implementations to make operations easier. Workers are also adapting as they use Google, Twitter, Zoom, Google Meet, etc., to keep working. The hybrid workforce is investing in more robust technologies to make operations easier. Here are some emerging technologies for the hybrid workforce.


The last thing anyone wants when working is their security getting compromised. Since remote working requires you to do most of your work using the internet, workers have a lot to stake. Workers even perform clerical and administrative activities using the internet or digital technologies. Security is everything needed in this case, as most data and files are to be confidential. To prevent compromise of data security, organizations should make use of VPN. VPN, Virtual Private Network, keeps files and data safe from threats. Don’t forget to make sure you also use the word to pdf software to convert your files.

VPNs are beneficial for the hybrid workforce as they provide the needed security. Organizations like law firms, real estate agencies, etc., that need to keep their files and data confidential should use VPN. The VPN keeps you safe and provides you a faster channel for more accessible and smoother operations. You must choose the right one as many untrustworthy ones will sell you out when they get paid. You have to select the right choice for your business activities. You can check several VPN reviews to know the right one to choose. 

Cloud-Based ERP Software

Cloud-based ERP software is a type of cloud software that allows access to authorized users over the internet. It enables workers to know the exact status of a project as they can view it. The cloud-based ERP software does not pay attention to users’ location; they only need to connect to the internet and gain access.

Co-workers need to know how far they have gone with their project and how much is left to complete the project. With so many moving pieces, it might be difficult for different workers to get the task done without knowing how well they are doing. The cloud-based software eliminates this confusion and helps keep the project in progress. In addition, the use of cloud-based computing is becoming more functional in the hybrid workforce, allowing users access to software applications. These software applications run on shared computing resources through the internet. With cloud-based computing, workers will carry out their jobs efficiently, regardless of their locations or the pandemic policies.

Raspberry Pi 4

A computer’s need is becoming so intense and even more intense in this pandemic period. Raspberry pi 4 is a low-cost Raspberry pi computer supporting wireless internet and other computer-needed accessories. You can run it as a budget desktop using the right connection. Having a low budget is what a worker needs to get their job done. It also boots from a pen drive or a USB-attached hard drive, making its operations easier for workers. It has a firmware update that supports network-attached file systems, allowing workers to access files easily. It works as a network-level ad-blocker, router, file server, media center, etc. All of its functions make the task easier for hybrid workers. It decodes 4K videos and has faster storage via USB 3.0. The Gigabit Ethernet ensures a speedier network connection for many users. It is also suitable for workers that need more desktop space.

Web Conferencing Technology

Workers need to see themselves face-to-face for efficient completion of tasks. Using video chat or web conferencing technology, workers communicate and get very close to each other without being in the same room. They can rub minds and even share ideas on projects. Web conferencing technology will help improve teamwork with workers. It will also boost overall productivity with workers as they perform better than when they are apart and working abstractly. It will also help build and improve the relationship between co-workers.

If the hybrid workforce can take full advantage of technology, there will be more efficiency and productivity than before the pandemic. Remote workers can also be as effective and productive as those working in the office.

Top Emerging Technologies: Helping the Hybrid Workforce

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