Top Daily Deals Website Builders 2022

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Top Daily Deals Website Builders 2022

Discount is one such thing that fascinates every single person across the globe. An enormous segment of consumers uses discount coupons when shopping. A few years ago, people cut out the coupons from the newspapers and magazines, but as times are evolving, these coupons have moved online. Discount coupons are now available on websites and mobile apps, easily accessible.

And that is exactly why deals websites have become so popular in the recent few years. Not only do these websites save money for the shoppers, but they also accumulate all the coupons in one single place, saving shoppers’ time. Moreover, customers do not need to browse the internet to search for the latest deals.

If you are also planning to start a deal website in 2022, this article is for you. We have researched and compiled a list of the top deals website builders to help you lessen the burden. But before that, let’s discuss a few other essential things to know before starting a daily deals website.

Why Build a Daily Deal Website

  • Launching a daily deal website is quite affordable. All you need is a website where you can offer deals. Furthermore, the programs to offer discounts are free to join, which means there is no monetary investment.
  • Setting up a coupon website is easy and quick. You can either choose WordPress and set up your website in a few hours, or you can go for readymade solutions if you wish to build a coupon website with specific features.
  • Another reason to build a daily deal website is that operating a coupon website is incredibly flexible. Whether you are working from home, pursuing a job, traveling the world, or raising your children, you can easily run this website.
  • Running a coupon website can help you make and save lots of money. You can make money even while you sleep and save money while shopping as you have all the coupons with yourself.
  • Last but not least, finding potential customers for a coupon website is not difficult as everyone likes to save money.

Which Type of Daily Deal Website to Build

Moving forward, let’s discuss the types of daily deal websites and understand their features to decide the website to be made.

Electronic Coupons Websites

These are the websites with discount coupons from different retailers. Shoppers download the coupon and show it at the time of billing to avail the discount. Revenue of these websites is earned from a percentage of the coupon deal. Popular electronic coupon websites are CouponClippers and Cellfire.

Daily Deal Websites

These websites offer huge discounts of up to 50% or even more. But the catch is that the discount lasts for a limited time or till the stock lasts. The profit to the website comes from the big revenue cuts taken from the deal. The popular websites falling tinder this category are Groupon and Eversave.

Referral and Aggregate Websites

The websites that have aggregate links to the other retailers and coupon websites offer the best deals and discounts. These websites may also have product overviews, comparisons, and reviews to help shoppers get the best of deals. Popular names in this category are ReadAloudRevival and Tom’s Guide.

Cashback Websites

The cashback trend started a few years ago, and today almost every shopper avails the cashback and gets a percentage (1%-5%) returned from their purchase amount. The seller generates the revenue as a commission from which they share a part with the shopper. The current leaders in this category are Ebates and EvoShare.

Contests and Giveaway Aggregator Websites

Websites that aggregate all the ongoing giveaways, contests, and sweepstakes and offer their link on their website. The revenue of these websites is from the commission from the retailers, and they, in return, get a chance to advertise their brand and attract new customers. Popular examples include ContestChest and ContestGirl.

Discounted Gift Cards Websites

The websites that accumulate the best ongoing gift card deals and sell on their platform are the discounted gift card websites. They offer online as well as physical gift cards to the shoppers. Discounted gift cards websites are Cardpool and GiftCardGranny.

How to Make Money With a Daily Deal Website

Well, monetizing a business is of the utmost importance before starting any business. Below given are the popular ways to monetize a daily deal website.

  • The website can earn a share from the sellers for every deal done.
  • Websites can offer subscriptions for the sellers to list their deals and discounts on the website.
  • Prime membership for the buyers to access exclusive deals.
  • Websites can join the affiliate programs of brands/sellers for extra commission.

Choosing the Right Daily Deal Website Builder

The right daily deal website builder lets you build a website that caters to this business’s needs without breaking the bank and compromising on quality. There are many daily deal website builders available in the market; however, choosing the right one is essential if you plan on growing your business significantly.

We have curated a list of top daily deal website builders to help you make the right decision. Have a look.


Yo!Deals is a white label solution to build a daily deals website. The solution is 100% customizable, flexible, secure, and comes with unique features that can help business owners compete with businesses like Groupon and LivingSocial. The software has easy deals management, a flexible design interface, multi-vendor functionality, and many more to make sure you build a feature-rich website.

Building a website using Yo!Deals can enable you to run your business on a daily deals model, promote discount vouchers, sell flash deals online, and earn income from merchants for all deals and products sold. In short, Yo!Deals claims that its features outclass all the other daily deals website builders.

Daily Deals Builder

Daily Deals Builder is a daily deal and coupon software to launch deals programs and serve major corporations, radio, TV, and print broadcasting companies. The software is responsive, robust, and has design elements that can convert website visitors to website buyers. The software has enterprise and marketing features that allow business owners to grow revenue and subscribers.

The software also has multiple integrations to enhance its capabilities. The software also claims to have all the features and functionalities which are expected from a deals and coupons platform.


oOrjit is a customizable software to build and launch a daily deal platform. The software has already helped businesses in several verticals such as travel, retail, FMCG, Food & Beverage, banking provision exclusive deals to their loyal customers and foster better revenue. The software consists of comprehensive features like a sales rep module, slot management, content management, articles, hyper-local deals, maps to power your deals website.

The adaptability and scalability to any change in the market, oOrjit will enable you to stay in the competition. The outstanding and malleable framework of the software can help you dodge the upcoming challenges.


Getsocio is a software that can be used for starting a group buying or daily deals website free of cost. It has a pay-as-you-go feature which makes it easy to start your daily deals business. This readymade and self-hosted software does not need the chaos of getting a server or developers.

Instead, business owners can focus on the actual business challenges like getting good deals and coupons for the buyers. The team at Getsocio integrates as many ideas as possible into the software to make it flexible enough to fit any business. Marketing features like email marketing and free deals encourage people to use the platform as much as possible.

iScripts Daily Deals

iScripts Daily Deals is a readymade online deals software that allows running unlimited deals and offers online. The powerful yet simple framework of the software makes the operations of the website extremely easy. The integration of social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter helps business owners to market their websites.

The software also comes pre-integrated with a marketing module to enhance the reach of your website and eventually more customers. The software allows the website owner to have full control over the entire operations of the website like managing campaigns, coupons, payments, generating reports, and many more.

Over to you

The daily deal trends are here to stay, a win-win situation for the customers and business owners. Whether a startup aggregate deals across the market or an established industry enterprise, deals are a sure-fire channel to drive consumers to your website. The effective ways to get started include creating value for the customers and merchants you are working with.

Have a fun and easy-to-navigate website that offers deals in a concise and organized way. Focus on becoming a valuable resource of this market, and you will be the next leader in the industry.

Top Daily Deals Website Builders 2022