Top 7 Simple Tricks to Make a Professional LinkedIn Profile
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Top 7 Simple Tricks to Make a Professional LinkedIn Profile

A LinkedIn profile may be your most useful tool for finding employment and climbing the ranks. This one, like any friendship, must be nurtured.

It’s not rocket science; it’s about figuring out which profile components need work. Recruiters are people; just like the rest of us, they assess a book by its cover. So how do you make your LinkedIn profile more appealing to increase your hire ability? Here are ten easy and practical tips for making your profile look professional.

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has quickly become the go-to site for recruiters seeking open positions. This platform is the number one source that corporate and third-party recruiters use to find candidates. But what makes LinkedIn so attractive to recruiters?

There are a few key reasons:

  1. LinkedIn has a huge pool of potential candidates. There are currently around 830 million members in more than 200 countries and territories. And this number will only grow – LinkedIn reports that two new members join the site every second.
  2. LinkedIn provides recruiters with a way to target their search. LinkedIn’s search engine lets recruiters filter candidates by their current job title, company size, industry, skills, location, and more. This makes it easy for recruiters to find the exact type of person they’re looking for.
  3. LinkedIn has a wealth of information on its members. In addition to the basics like name, job title, and company, LinkedIn profiles can include a person’s education, skills, recommendations, and work samples. This lets recruiters get a well-rounded picture of each candidate before reaching out.

7 Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Now that we’ve established how important LinkedIn is for job seekers let’s look at how you can make your profile more appealing to recruiters.

Top 7 Simple Tricks to Make a Professional LinkedIn Profile

1. Take a pro headshot

This is a no-brainer. When visitors come to your profile, they first notice your picture. According to LinkedIn, the presence of a profile photo leads to 21 times more profile views, 36 times more messages, and nine times as many connection requests.

It’s not enough, though. The quality of your profile photo is important. Recruiters are people like us who use their judgment to evaluate the book by its cover. And it isn’t just a meaningless slogan. Recruiters value competence more than good-looking profiles, but 71% of them turned a candidate down because of their poor LinkedIn profile picture.

So, get a professional headshot done. It will illustrate that you’re serious about this platform and care what others think of you. You may seek professional assistance, enlist the help of a friend, or even perform it yourself. What matters is that your photo should:

    • Be a close-up – your face should take up at least 60% of the frame;
    • Be well-lit – whenever feasible, use natural light;
    • Make sure the image is clear and not blurry;
    • Look into the camera and smile;
    • Showcase your individuality and professionalism by dressing properly.

2. Customize the URL

Your LinkedIn URL is currently a string of random numbers by default. Isn’t it rather unprofessional and forgettable? Fortunately, you may modify it to something more appealing and easier to recall. To do so, go to your profile settings and select the edit option next to your current URL. Then replace the old name with the new one, and press save.

3. Make a catchy headline

One of the first things people see when they visit your profile is the headline. To write a strong headline, try to:

    • Include relevant keywords and phrases in your headline (your headline is also a search engine optimization tool);
    • Keep it brief (it should be no longer than 50-60 characters long);
    • Make it intriguing and attention-grabbing (words like “hard worker” or “self-motivated person” say nothing about you);
    • Use numbers and figures

4. Update your contact information

This is another no-brainer. If you want recruiters to be able to reach out to you, make sure your profile includes real contact information. Most significantly, include your email address! Many LinkedIn users omit this for privacy reasons, but it’s critical if you’re searching for work.

Use a new email address for professional purposes only if you’re not comfortable sharing your primary email address. You may use Gmail, Outlook, or any other email service, provider.

Include relevant details, such as a phone number, your present location, and a link to your website or blog (if you have one).

5. Choose an eye-catching background photo

Your profile’s background photo acts as a business card for you. Therefore, it should convey who you are and what you do to those viewing it.

Unfortunately, many LinkedIn users do not utilize this feature or submit amateur pictures. Instead, add a beautiful background image that represents your industry, conveys your personality, and exhibits you in a professional light to make your profile more appealing.

You may use a photo of yourself (if it’s appropriate for your industry), a landscape connected to your job, or anything else that comes to mind. Just make sure it seems professional and relevant to what you do.

6. Create a compelling summary story

Your summary is one of the most crucial components of your profile. But, just like in the case of social proof, you shouldn’t underestimate creativity and narrative either.

Try to:

    • Keep it short, ideally no more than 200-300 words;
    • Include keywords that are relevant to your field or profession;
    • Tell a story – it’s not about writing another “Harry Potter” here, but try to showcase your creativity and paint a picture of who you are and what you do appealingly.

7. Request Recommendations

A recommendation is similar to a testimonial from someone who has worked with you. Social proof is never to be underestimated.

Recruiters may find it beneficial to receive recommendations for some types of work. They provide an unbiased view of your talents and abilities, allowing you to stand out from the crowd.

Fortunately, obtaining recommendations on LinkedIn is straightforward. First, go to your “Recommendations” area and select “Ask to be recommended.” After that, pick the individual you want to ask and compose your note.

Top 7 Simple Tricks to Make a Professional LinkedIn Profile

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Top 7 Simple Tricks to Make a Professional LinkedIn Profile

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