Top 7 Heavy Equipment Rental Software

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Top 7 Heavy Equipment Rental Software

Selecting rental software to rent equipment online is subjective to the target audience, location, and business size. Furthermore, price tag and robustness are two other components entrepreneurs should consider while selecting the software for their rental business dealing with heavy equipment.

How To Select A Heavy Equipment Rental Software

The selection of construction equipment rental software is subjective to rental operations and, subsequently, to the business functioning. While most heavy equipment comes under different categories, the renting procedure remains almost the same. There are multiple solutions available online which can be used to manage rental operations efficiently. But you might require to pay for a few add-ons, such as product catalog management, etc. Instead, you can use staunch rental software that offers an in-built inventory management system and all other modules to streamline business operations.
Here are some of the features that should be considered in the equipment rental solution you choose.

  • Agreement Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Advanced Rental Security module
  • Payment Gateways Integration
  • Multilingual And Multi-currency Support
  • Equipment Inspection And Tracking

Besides the features listed above, you can filter out your software by checking its costs, reviews, existing businesses using that software, scalability, user-friendliness, and responsiveness concerning different devices.

Below is a list of some handpicked rental software to immediately start a heavy equipment rental business.

7 Best Heavy Construction Equipment Rental Software  


Yo!Rent is a ready-to-go equipment rental software with multiple modules such as equipment inspection, rental security management, inventory management, order cancellation, and document verification. With all these pre-ready modules, the software is available at a one-time cost and comes with free tech support for 12 months.

Comparing with other equipment rental software on the list, Yo!Rent is the most viable solution to launch your online equipment rental business. The software is a staunch rental solution that powers over 500 rental businesses. Yo!Rent also provides a free personalized demo to guide business owners on how their business idea would be materialized.


Booqable is an all-in-one rental software for small and medium-sized equipment rental businesses. With Booqable, you will get everything you need to accept bookings and efficiently manage your day-to-day rental operations. This competent solution hosts several rental businesses and comes with a  14-day free trial for new businesses. Booqable is a SaaS-based product that offers its services at recurring monthly charges starting from $99 per month. Booqable is a good solution for small businesses within local markets but cannot be considered a complete solution for enterprise-level businesses due to scalability and recurring costs.


HireHop is an affordable rental solution to start an equipment rental business with modern and advanced functionalities. The end product is highly flexible and can be customized per business requirements. Also, the software is based on a cloud platform, making it accessible from any device, including tablet, mobile, PC, or any other operating system. The company also provides a free subscription at a very basic level to completely new businesses. This option, however, is not viable for the long term as it comes with only 250 Mb storage creating scalability issues. Hirehop can also be integrated with billing software such as Quickbooks, Sage, and Zero.


EzRentout majorly caters to 4 rental industries, including construction tool rentals, AV rentals, IT equipment, and sports rentals. The software has a subscription-based price model starting from $79 for basic and custom quotes for enterprise-level businesses. EzRentout provides only a limited number of users depending upon the package availed and additional users can be added after paying an extra charge. You can also avail of a 15-day free product trial without a credit card.


Point of Rental is an inventory management cum rental solution provider that helps entrepreneurs with their rental business ideas. The software was initially developed by friends to ease the rental operations of their rental business but later turned out to be sold as a rental solution for other rental businesses. Point of Rental takes care of all day-to-day rental operations managing inventory, tracking equipment, and managing the rental agreements. Additionally, the software also comes with mobile apps to manage the business.


RentRax is a cloud-based rental software that initially started as a ski and bike rental solution and gradually developed into a complete rental solution. Rentrax caters to multiple industries, including tools and mobility rental, RV rentals, furniture rental, party supply rentals, etc. The software comes with many features but misses some crucial rental modules, including agreement management and advanced rental security. RentRax also provides businesses with an android app for customers to rent out products online.


Rentaman is another SaaS-based rental software solution that offers its services based on the scale of the businesses. The product’s final price depends upon the number of power users per package and the number of available sources. Rentman also offers a free trial to new customers and a demo to know how the business idea would be materialized. The software broadly caters to event rental companies and is used by multiple party organizers and celebrities to host their events.


Most online businesses that rent equipment find it difficult to start with recurring payment software as it increases the business’s overhead costs, making revenue management a complex process for the company. The heavy equipment rental business involves rough physical operations requiring your rental business software to be customizable so that it can be tailored to business requirements. Most equipment rental software available online requires you to be a technical expert or hire a developer to manage the platform; you can go for the options that demand minimum technical knowledge so that your focus remains on business operations mainly.

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