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Top 5 Social Media Trends to Lookout For 2019

Gone are the days when social media platforms were taken as a medium to get connected with people of your interest and socialize. Today, social media network is a place where businesses have a chance to present their value and strengthen their opinion.

Since social media platforms have evolved as a comprehensive communicating channel, numerous for businesses to ignore their significance, as it highly influences how people perceive their brand. In fact, the quick pace that social media platform evolve now demand marketers to be very watchful if they want to effectively run their marketing strategies. The bottom line is that, as the social media trends evolve, the marketers should respond the same way to meet their marketing goals.


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Last year was very busy for all social media platforms. This year, it will be even busier. So, what do we need to be aware of to stay up to date and pertinent in 2019?

Well, here are the top 5 trends to look out for in 2019.

Influencer marketing will become more important

Influencer advertising is turning into an essential component of your marketing mix. On the other hand, influencers can make a large number of dollars through paid sponsorships while brands are always looking for the best influencers for their campaigns.

The boost in influencing marketing has allowed well-named influencers to charge high and eventually become more expensive particularly for small and medium-sized brands. Though it’s not necessary for brands to hire celebrity influencers to market their products and services, since influencers with even a 40k following can be equally perfect, provided they carry expertise in the same niche and are right for the target audience.

For instance, a health brand can see better results by working with a healthy blogger with 40k followers than a well-known bodybuilder who may ask for a high budget.

Story marketing will be a new trick to success

Everybody wants to hear a decent story on social media. The social media platform is now all about sharing stories and any great story can possibly become viral in a few minutes.

Recently the vertical format visual content became very popular on Snapchat, which was then copied by Instagram, and soon became a global trend. Though Snapchat struggled to be a significant social media player especially what it was known for. But other popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Linkedin are increasingly used by people to share stories.

Approximately, more than 400 million are consuming stories daily on Instagram alone. Meanwhile, Facebook and Linkedin are quickly following. And since social media stories are easy to create, engaging, and don’t require a lot of editing. It is rapidly catching the attention of marketers and advertisers; hence they are following up with the increasing trend.

Live Streaming and Video Marketing will be on a rise

For quite a while now, tech specialists have been discussing live video as the upcoming social media trend. As I would like to think, 2019 is the year we will at long last observe live video achieve the height it has been anticipated to ascend to.

Don’t be surprised to see an increasing number of live videos on Facebook and YouTube this year.

Videos, on the other hand, will continue to connect brands emotionally with their customers. Brands will use video content to advertise their products and services and engage a large of an audience.

Expect video marketing to take over the social media world in this year.

Social Media will work as a direct sales tool

While social media has continued to generate a lead for businesses, some brands have pushed social media marketing and have started to use social channels like direct sales tools.

Retailers have already started to sell on Instagram by using BigCommerce. Since it allows users to check their products and buy them with a single click.

Watch out for heavier use of social media as a direct sales platform in 2019 — another shopping application is on its way to Instagram.

AI will be used for customer services

The use of Artificial intelligence has already shown great results in improved customer services on different platforms. Now, brands on social media platforms are increasingly using AI to respond to their customer queries at a quick time.

Chatbots have already made their way to Facebook Messenger as additional customer support to the mix.  And thanks to the enhanced intelligence and programming bots seem to become a more authentic source to answer customer queries.

In 2019 AI will be a major player at social client administration and will give an ideal opportunity for more brands to try it out to guarantee that their clients are finding the solutions to their inquiries as quickly as could reasonably be expected

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Top 5 Social Media Trends to Lookout For 2019

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