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Marketing for sales in the modern era is a complex thing with an overwhelming number of options for how to reach your end goal. This is a struggle, since, with so many options, there is always a sense in which you risk not doing the right thing, not making the right choice. But, on the other hand, it does mean that you have a lot of opportunities to experiment and find success in your own way. The start of modern communications, as inspired by top-notch technologies, is such that reaching potential customers is not all that difficult. Just look at social media marketing, a rich and hugely convenient resource for some really tangible marketing opportunities.

The difficulty is that the more that consumers hear from brands directly, the less impressed they are by that initial contact. Making contact now leads less reliably to sales. What this introduces is the need for lead nurturing, a method of continued contact with potential clients and customers to keep the prospect of a sale at the very least in the subconscious of these leads. It’s a delicate process but also one which, if managed by humans, can suck up time and resources for companies. The solution, as is increasingly the case in a variety of fields, is automation. So, given that, what are the ways that you can employ automation to optimize your lead nurturing process? Let’s take a look.

  1. LeadRocket

LeadRocket is a smart solution for your lead nurturing needs. It’s a sophisticated service but one that maintains a simplistic and appealing interface. LeadRocket takes all available customer relations management (CRM) data and uses it to effectively analyze the prospects and the best prospect management needed for each of your leads. Another advanced service that it offers relates to action based triggers. This allows sales teams to be notified when a potential client exhibits a new behavior which could possibly lead to a sale. Like software, it is also highly suited for integration into a suite of your pre-existing CRM tools. The overall result is that LeadRocket is a powerful and, crucially, easy to use tool for your automated lead nurturing plans.

  1. Act-On

Act-On isn’t a wholly automated software but rather a software with some automated aspects. Its clear layout makes it extremely appealing to sales teams and it has a wonderfully proficient system for keeping track of which leads work most effectively and where you as a company have found success in the past. “It provides a really valuable emphasis on communications. A big part of digital marketing is maintained through email lists which allow sales teams to directly contact their leads. Act-On gives you good, pragmatic tools for personalized email”, says Nikita Tugarinov, tech writer at Australian help and Big Assignments. Act-On allows you to be practical, to ‘act on’ all leads that pass by the program. That partly accounts for the semi-automated nature of the program. It allows well-coordinated teams to capitalize on leads as soon as possible, rather than leaving it entirely to the programs.

  1. BuzzBuilder Pro

BuzzBuilder Pro is a return to a more puritanical approach to automation, a true exploration of what is achievable without the input of human beings and with a total reliance on machine learning. One of the best assets to BuzzBuilder Pro is how much it allows the organization of leads. It’s possible to find a really effective way to file your leads in terms of interest so that you can always capitalize efficiently on the leads that are the most promising. Furthermore, BuzzBuilder Pro has one of the most impressive automatic follow-up systems available, allowing you to comfortably relax in the knowledge that, once a lead has been established, the program will keep things warm for you. All of this combines to make the program one of the most valuable for sales teams all over.

  1. Jumplead

Jumplead has an incredible universality to it. It’s an intuitive, all-in-one solution for your marketing and lead cultivation needs. Jumplead isn’t all that complex and relies mainly on a system by which you can program in responses and personalized messages to respond to triggers from customer activity. “An efficient sales team can really easily put together a chain, a series of responses to the behavior of their potential clients. With time, a program like Jumplead can really effectively create a scenario in which this will be all you need to complete effective lean nurturing”, explains Charlotte Grey, sales manager at State of writing and Academized. With clever planning and effective execution, Jumplead can be a wonderful resource for any sales team.

  1. io is a stripped back but extremely efficient lead management software, ideal for usage amongst teams and groups of marketers. Leads are stored and filed neatly, with all requisite information provided for any maneuvers that you might want to make. The program has a secondary feature which is immensely helpful where the program can connect with sites like LinkedIn which have a great amount of useful data for closing out sales and keeping leads alive.


Lead nurturing is the most important element to online sales these days and, even though it can seem a challenge, with the help of automation you can give yourself a great chance to capitalize on the opportunities that are provided to you in the modern sales era. Hopefully, this list gives you a good place to start your research.

Nora Mork is a marketing and business writer at Boom Essays and UK Writings. She loves speaking at online marketing events and sharing stories at Essay Roo writing service blog.

Top 5 Instruments For Automated Lead Nurturing

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