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We are still unsure about the potential long-term impacts of COVID-19 on the retail food & grocery industry. But one thing on which all industry leaders agree is how much grocery retailers or grocers need to evolve to meet both:

  • Defined challenges (unexpected spike in online sales, panic buying, a new army of buyers (aged above 50) and,
  • Undefined challenges (new wave of COVID-19, workers’ availability, what will happen to online grocery shopping once the vaccine is out?)

For evolution, a grocery retailer can do the following thing:

  • Empower his retail grocery business with a powerful software solution. One that can assist in launching grocery shopping apps, delivery apps, inventory management modules.
  • The selected solution must provide a real-time overview of inventory, sales & vendors’ performance, customer analytics, etc.

Listed below are some Top Grocery Software For Retailers:

  • Growcer- Multi-vendor Grocery Marketplace Software

Growcer is one of the top grocery software that helps retailers launch or take their grocery business online. It comes with web portals of admin, buyer, seller, and delivery staff. Growcer provides ready-made grocery apps (both android & iOS) for buyers and delivery staff with advanced features to efficiently manage the system. 

Following are some of the aspects of Growcer that make it impeccable software.

  1. Advanced Product Search
  2. Convenient Product Comparison
  3. Smooth Order Management
  4. Seamless Payment Integration
  5. Customer Analytics
  6. Inventory Management Module
  7. Store Management
  8. Delivery Management 

What attracts the entrepreneurs more to choose Growcer is the 1-year free technical support for fixing bugs and errors.  It is a cost-efficient grocery software with advanced features keeping in mind the new requirements due to COVID-19.

Growcer is highly secure and reliable, shielding users from hackers, leaks, and breaches. 

  1. CS-Cart

CS-Cart is another familiar name among the top multi-vendor eCommerce software that helps entrepreneurs launch their online business. It offers both B2B and B2C software. CS-Cart also provides 15 days of free trials but has some limitations. 

It deals with almost all kinds of eCommerce software that also includes grocery software. 

You can choose which package you want from the listed packages based on your requirement and budget. 

The software constantly improves and brings new features and functionalities to continue compatibility with the latest server technologies. 

  1. Shopify

Shopify is a cloud-based eCommerce platform that helps entrepreneurs to launch their online businesses. Be it an online fashion store or grocery, Shopify offers all kinds of software to get started with your business. It is suitable for high-volume merchants. Shopify SaaS model reduces the IT hardware and workforce costs. Shopify Plus does offer customizations but with limitations also offers limited templates that may not be an issue for most users.

Price can be a matter of decision while choosing the cloud-based eCommerce solution, but overall it’s a great software to build your online grocery or any other kind of marketplace. 

  1. Dokan Multivendor Marketplace

Dokan Multi-vendor marketplace is a WordPress eCommerce solution for entrepreneurs to build and manage their multi-vendor marketplace. It is powered by WooCommerce, providing the best frontend experience combined with the exceptional features that every marketplace needs to manage and run its online business.

 Dokan Multivendor Marketplace may have some limitations concerning customization options, but it’s a cost-efficient solution with features like ease of managing the reviews, promotions, inventory, etc.

  1. Zielcommerce

Zielcommerce is another popular name among grocery software with pre-build features and efficient product search options. It offers affordable plans to choose from to launch your eCommerce platform. Zielcommerce offers smooth functioning of shipping orders and managing the inventories to process the overall procedures. 

It is suitable for all types of small, medium, and large businesses. As it deals in all eCommerce types, including grocery, the customization options differ based on the kind of software you prefer.

Yes, Zielcommerce offers mobile apps for your online grocery business. 

Choosing The Right Grocery Software for Your Business

The first concern of an entrepreneur is the cost of the grocery software followed by the features offered. In grocery software, most entrepreneurs go for a ready-made solution that is time and cost-efficient. Whereas only a few opt. To build the app/website from scratch. 

You can compare and consult with your software development company before making any decision. After-sale technical support to resolve bugs and other technical issues is essential in choosing grocery software. 

Top 5 Grocery Software For Retailers

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