Top 5 eMail Marketing Strategies 2019
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Top 5 eMail Marketing Strategies 2019

Many people find email marketing complicated but with the help of a few eminent tips, you can achieve a profitable marketing campaign.

The power of email marketing is unbelievable and if you get away to the right email marketing strategies, you will possibly see positive results. The value of the emails can be increased by putting maximum efforts and time into your work.

Currently, email marketing is one of the most successful medium of marketing and it generates many more sales than other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can generate up to $40 by investing $1 in the email marketing campaign. It is a very reliable and effective way to generate quality leads for getting customers and increasing conversions to a higher level.

With a few right steps like, bombarding customers regularly with email offers and following a competitive approach of the best practices of email marketing, you can boost your scale.

Personalize! Personalize! Personalize!

You can create a unique and special experience for your customers by customizing the email with the feature of personalization. You can make the customers feel exclusive and special that will result to increase in conversions and more email-open rate than generic and non-personalized emails. Try using the first name of the customer in email-subject and to give the personalized feel, ask relevant questions. Personalization directly impacts the number of conversions so make sure to give special importance to the personalization of email content.

Target audience and segmentation

To get a good start, know your target audience most importantly. Make sure that the emails sent by you are in relevance to the interest of your audience. Begin with having enough knowledge about your audience.

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How to make sure that your email will not be ignored? It will make a world of difference in your revenue if you understand every subscriber in your email marketing list and start a targeted approach. If you want your email content to be relevant to all subscribers, create a list segmentation. In the segmented list, you can make sub-groups and small sections. Based on the category and personal preferences of consumers, you can promote your services or product through email in a personalized manner.

You can ask your customers about their preferences, interests, and feedback about your services and products. For example, if you provide academic writing services, your target audience will be students and you will be likely to ask the audience about the courses, academic level and if they want assignment help or help for any other academic writing task. Depending upon their degree level, subjects and other preferences you can create segmented lists and send emails in a personalized manner. By doing so you will see a higher number of sales. Following are given a few ways top email list segmentation:

  • Email activity
  • Past purchase
  • Sending frequency
  • Purchase cycle
  • Survey results

Consistent email

You can find success in email marketing, by using the strategy of sending regular emails. If you send emails to the willing subscribers, you will get a high number of sales without being spammed. It is the right thing to send emails consistently to stand out of competition and showing yourself up.

You will be accused of spamming only if you send emails to the people who don’t share any relationship with you and haven’t permitted you to send emails.

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Don’t beat around the bush and keep the length of your emails short.

Focus on creating clear and concise emails to get a better response from your customers. Your aim should be to tell about the offer and raise their interest rather than telling a long story. People are more likely to take action if the length of emails is short. Moreover, most of the people read emails on mobile phones rather than from a desktop, so it is very essential to keep emails short.

  • Convey your message and write as much as required.
  • Use bullets to break long and important information.
  • Create a call-to-action so that your audience doesn’t leave your email without any activity.

Make an interesting subject line

Without the subject, email is never complete. It is like the face of your email and needs to be straightforward. You can build trust with a strong subject and if your audience will find it useful, they will tend to open it again and again. Thus, the open rate will increase and ultimately help your email marketing campaign.

  • Try to connect on an emotional level. Keep the subject lines natural to show your subscribers that they are receiving the email from human and not a robot.
  • Keep the subject line up to pint and short so that it doesn’t confuse the subscribers. Longs subjects are often hard to understand and have a poor pen rate.
  • Involve a sense of humor as a branding strategy to get your email content liked and shared.
  • Asking questions in the subject is a good tactic for click-through rates. Make sure they are not confusing.
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The email marketing tips given above are very eminent when applied. Take care of every detail given above and achieve a profitable marketing campaign.

Author bio: Alex Fimmel is a digital marketer and IT enthusiast. He works for, write my essay services as an SEO content writer. He loves to read and write on the subject of eCommerce, social media marketing, and email marketing.

Top 5 eMail Marketing Strategies 2019

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