Top 4 Reasons To Consider Mobile App Development For Business
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Top 4 Reasons To Consider Mobile App Development For Business

Almost everyone has a smartphone in 2022, and they spend hours on mobile apps. Businesses have always followed their users. When the internet came into existence, and people started using computers, companies started preparing their websites to become possible through the web and generate leads from the visitors. Now that everyone has shifted to smartphones and use mobile apps for their day-to-day task, businesses are turning to mobile app development to target more users. But why do companies want to consult mobile app development companies and build their mobile apps?

Let us find but before that, take a look over the essential stats in the mobile apps domain.

Stats in the mobile app domain

  • In 2021, there were 2,591,578 mobile apps on the Google play store (Statista).
  • Till the 1st quarter of 2022, the apple app store registered 2,110,063 apps (Statista).
  • App Store users spent $170 Billion worldwide in 2021 (Appannie)
  • 92.5% of users spend time on mobile apps whenever they use their smartphones (Slideshare)
  • Android OS holds 87% of the market, and the iOS market has 13%. But, iOS users are growing, making entrepreneurs choose Hybrid app development companies (Statista)

It is evident that mobile apps are attracting massive crowds, and businesses are generating revenue from them. If you are a business or entrepreneur planning to consult a mobile app development company, you must not ignore these facts.

Top Reasons for Mobile App Development

If you are still not satisfied with the stats to adopt mobile apps for your business, let us further assist you with the top 4 reasons to consider mobile app development.

Connect Wider Audience

Smartphones were made to connect people without any limitations. However, in 2022, there is no doubt that they cannot connect customers to their businesses. With the 3 billion + smartphone users, companies have no restrictions in targeting n number of audiences in different regions. To connect to a wider audience, your app must provide a value that can be served in multiple countries or regions. Further, you will need a marketing strategy to gain the interest of a wider audience.

Using an App as a Marketing Channel

On the go, marketing is one of the crucial benefits for businesses. When you install an app on users’ smartphones, you are ready to take charge of their notifications until they forcefully turn it off. You can deliver updates about deals, discounts, and events at your businesses directly to the user’s smartphone. Nothing can be better than delivering an alert to millions of devices.

Fastest Feedback Channel

96% of the customers believe that consumer service is essential when choosing a brand. And businesses improve their services through clients’ feedback. Companies can directly send popups for feedback through mobile apps where users can insert the issues they face in the app or business. So, businesses can save a lot of money by performing surveys.

Social Media Marketing Tool

Mobile apps are built for diverse domains. For example, a knowledge-sharing app will include articles and videos for the users. And, when users come across an informative piece of article, they want to share it with their social media friends. In this case, you can provide an option to let users share your mobile app content directly to their social media profiles. It gives you a presence on social media platforms without any effort.

Ending words

Mobile apps open opportunities to connect to a broader audience. It is the right time to build your mobile app to increase your customer base. Consulting a mobile app development agency is the foremost step you must perform after preparing market research and business plan. Though mobile app users are segregated on the iOS and Android platforms, in this case, you have to connect with a Hybrid app development company that provides one solution to build on both platforms. Dive in, develop your app, and increase your customer base & revenue.

Top 4 Reasons To Consider Mobile App Development For Business

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