Top 4 Keap (InfusionSoft) Alternatives

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Formerly known as InfusionSoft, Keep is a well known CRM platform that caters to the business reality of several kinds of enterprises worldwide. Whether you are a small business owner or run a large enterprise, you would know that the main aim is to reach the maximum number of people with maximum engagement and thus make conversions that truly matter. While the current digital age and information scenario has made this a strong possibility, it has also posed a number of challenges that have sparked the rise of Keap alternatives.

Before we understand what Keap or a Keap alternative would ideally do to benefit a business and tiny businesses looking to scale up, let us understand what CRM really is. CRM platforms like Keap and Keap competitors cater to several needs that many businesses often have when they are looking to achieve their goals and grow.

  • Organized Front: With CRM like a good Keap(InfusionSoft) alternative at your fingertips, you will not only be able to maintain an organized front – but an organized backend as well! A CRM system or process can collect your business in many ways. Starting from the way the contacts are managed to the information saved and shown at the right moment along with a record of all interactions, there are a number of things that the CRM can assist you with. When you turn to an alternative to Keap, you can be sure that there would be automated notifications for each team member and the correct information stored in the right way and place for the engagement to be a far more meaningful conversion fueling one. This organized front comes from an organized back end, which would leave the customer impressed and reassured.
  • Better Coordination: The Keap competitors would ensure that you have better coordination and collaboration within the team so that the conversions become a seamless process. When there is a certain project, it has to be managed in a certain way. This could be a product launch or simply finding your position in a new market segment – it could be just about anything. Yet, every project has a number of steps that have to be meticulously followed so that you are able to reach your goal in an easy manner with the simplest of measures. A Keap alternative can do this since a CRM system’s job involves lining up notifications and matching them with two crucial things – the information required to complete that step and the person in the team who needs to complete the step. This leads to less chaotic communication and duplication of efforts.
  • More Revenue: After reading the above two points, it should come as a no brainer that CRM systems like Keap competitors come as a breath of fresh air that could lead to a blast of increased revenue with minimum spend! That is right – when you are organized and have a well-coordinated team, you would be able to churn out better engagement that would lead to infinitely more opportunities to make a sale or a conversion. With a well oiled system such as this, you would be able to cut out the monotonous and mundane activities that are generally a drain on one’s energy in order to focus on better engagement with the end-user. This would also help give better customer service, which really matters at the end of the day to retain a customer and not just make a single, one-time sale!
  • Insights for Growth: Most Keap alternatives are able to provide you with insights and information that can help you position yourself in a far better manner when it comes to your market segment and your niche. These insights will also show you whether or not you are on track, while the information will help you create more data-driven campaigns to capture the attention of your core audience. This is a definite advantage of a good alternative to Keap – and one that can definitely help you grow and scale up in the long run, especially if you are a small business looking to make giant strides!

Now that we have discussed some of the many advantages of turning to a Keap alternative, let us take a look at some of the best Keap competitors out there!

EngageBay: Hands down. This one would be one of the best Keap competitors since it is an easily affordable one that integrates many elements like sales and marketing CRM and your usual email marketing and other CRM elements. You should also know that EngageBay offers constant backup and support when it comes to setup and upkeep.

Sage CRM: This is also an upcoming CRM system that allows you to create some value addition in terms of the landing pages and email campaigns. The data-driven tactics could allow you to capture the end-user’s attention, but they do not have many integration options, which limits the scale and scope of your reach.

Benchmark: This Keap competitor can be used for email and landing pages and back end CRM for a better functioning team. Yet, it does not deliver the punch that you would find with a platform like EngageBay since it does not have all the templates and options for integration like this platform. Further, it is a slightly more expensive platform too.

Insightly: While Insightly has been known as a good CRM platform, as an alternative to Keap, it lacks the range of options and activities that one can easily find on EngageBay. This is also a more expensive platform that is not suited for small business owners in the long run.

At the end, one can say that EngageBay would offer you the best CRM!

Top 4 Keap (InfusionSoft) Alternatives

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