Top 15 eCommerce Development Companies - October 2021 Reviews
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Top 15 eCommerce Development Companies – October 2021 Reviews

Nowadays, people are flocking towards the eCommerce industry. They have realized that the only thing that can help them survive in this tech-based world is the eCommerce development business. We all know that the world has been acutely affected by COVID-19 for the last two years. We are now on the verge of 2021, and still, the world is recovering from the loss incurred by the pandemic. Ecommerce has given a great chance to the world to make sure that the people keep on earning not profits but enough to meet their monthly expenses.

The eCommerce industry has extreme potential, and it has changed the lives of many people who dared to take a chance and move forward with the hope of succeeding.

Many eCommerce development companies have gained popularity during these challenging times. One of them is Shopify Pro, the best Shopify Development Agency, as said by the reviews this company got in October 2021. This company has been the best in all eCommerce development services and has produced maximum satisfied clients in the current month.

The other eCommerce development companies that have got great ratings and reviews this month are:

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This eCommerce development company has received a rating of 4.7 on and is famous for its best digital marketing services. This company has been providing services also in the sector of website development and designing. UI and UX designing, SEO, and SMM. Their portfolio is versatile, which includes the creation of eCommerce apps based on Android and iOS. Mobikasa has used the technology of mean stack, swift, and Kotlin. This company has been serving giants like Versace and Maurice Lacroix.


This eCommerce development company has been providing services to Google, Yandex, eBay, and PayPal. It was founded in 1999, and since then, it has served more than 400 clients. Its services include data science, machine learning, computer vision, and many more. It is to be noted that this company received 23 reviews this month and has been rated 4.9 on


This eCommerce development company is just seven years old which is very quick to climb stairs up to 4th rank. With 4.8 review ratings, this company has offered excellent website development and designing, content marketing, and logo designing. This company has served clients like Marriott Hotels, Rogers, Endy, Harvard Business Schools, and many more.

Built by Bank

This eCommerce development company is rated 4.8 on and has received 14 reviews this month. This company has successfully provided website development, designing, and mobile app development to names like Levis, Lindora, Ten Past Monkey, and Forty-Five Ten. Built by Bank is famous as it created a very responsive WordPress website for a hospitality-based company that had more images and videos with a lesser amount of written text.


This famous company has provided MVP designs and templates to the education sector, business sector, and consumer products and services sector. This company is not so old. It was founded in 2017, and till now, it has been rated 5.0 on

Emergent Software

This eCommerce development agency provides designing and development services, SQL injection, Graphic designing, and project management. It has also worked in the field of Database management integrated with Salespoint and Salesforce. This company has got 25 reviews and has been rated 4.9 on

Roki Digital

This is a London-based company which has a minimal number of employees. This company has worked with small and medium-sized companies and has provided them with the best of their eCommerce services. This company has been rated 4.9 on Roki Digital is also famous for creating a currency exchange platform that became the reason for making it popular.

Absolute Web

This is a Miami-based eCommerce development company providing website development and designing services, mobile app development and designing, Ui, and UX designing. This company has got 67 reviews and has been rated as 4.9 on This company has served many clients like Capezio, Oribe, Luxury brand Partners, and Cheney Brothers.

Rave Digital:

This eCommerce development company is famous for providing services like customized website development and designing and CRM development. This company has got 53 reviews and has been rated 4.9 on It has also created many interactive websites using Magento as well. Its clients are National Oak, Highlight for Children, Library of America, and Guidepost.

Brainwire InfoTech Inc

This company has been serving the world of eCommerce for the last 21 years and has excelled in its ERP and CRM development services. This company has served clients in the media, retail, automotive, consumer products and services, dental, logistics, and medical, industrial sectors. They also provide services for React Native.

Neura Lab

This eCommerce development company has dedicated its services to only the eCommerce industry. It has served names like Proctor and Gamble, Philips, HBO, and IUCN. This company provided Woocommerce based services to one of its clients who spoke of it very well in the market. This company has been rated 4.8

Unity Group

This company has been operational since the year 2000 with an updated rating of 4.7 this month. It has been working in the industry of retail, finance, automotive, and manufacturing. It has served one of the giants in the Automobile industry, Volkswagen.

Demac Media

This is an e-commerce based company that has been operational since 2008. Since then, it has been rendering services I the field of Website development and designing and graphic designing. This company tends to work with a strategy and works on its transparency. It has made many websites based on Magento focusing on customization. This company has served many clients like Umbra, Ardene, MAckage, and Rexall.

Top 15 eCommerce Development Companies – October 2021 Reviews

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