Top 10 SEO Tips for eCommerce Business

How can you sell your products and or services or anything whether your customers cannot find you? You might have implemented many tricks and followed hundreds of tips, but have you tried SEO? Yes, SEO – stands of Search Engine Optimization, which is one of the most important for digital presence. These days, millions of small and medium enterprises, and many big gun companies implementing SEO things to boost their search engine rank, and certainly to build a strong online presence. SEO is important not only for general website optimization but also for eCommerce website optimization. In as much as SEO is the process of enhancing the visibility of your website or eCommerce business in search engines, it helps you generate leads and improve your revenue.

Top 10 SEO Tips for eCommerce Business

SEO, SEO, and SEO, Now you certainly shrinking your forehead – Why is it essential for optimizing eCommerce website? Why optimization, when you know this is a selling website for some kind of products or services and customers would find you with URL name or brand name of the company and find it. Here all your questions are answered. Because, the higher the rank of your website in any search engine, the more visitors or customers you get for your shopping cart platform, whatsoever the products and or services you sell through it.  Therefore, the essentials of SEO cannot be ignored when driving traffic and potential customers to your eCommerce website.

The Strategy to fix for SEO

There is not one way or size fits all strategies for your SEO, and online business owners need to carefully assess this thing. Their websites need to be developed in such a way so that ab initio it is good to imply the SEO. Yes, two things you should keep in mind – user-friendly and search engine friendly design as well as coding. Therefore, you need to develop a customized search engine optimization strategy with an action plan to improve your search presence as well as traffic to their online business or eCommerce websites.


Here are ten most powerful Search Engine Optimization tips we have included for your eCommerce business websites:

  1. Do Not Just Reply Only On PPC Advertisement: We are not telling you that running PPC advertisement for your eCommerce business website is not at all good, but telling you not to rely on it only. You should also rely on organic SEO.
  2. Avoid Copied or Duplicate Content on Your Website: Content is the lifeblood of the website, whether it is a general or informative website or business website that sells products and or services. You should see whether your content is made lucid and 100 percent unique and original, because all search engines, including Google, pay special attention to high-quality original content, so you should avail of this opportunity.
  3. Have A Strong Content Strategy: Whether you are running eCommerce website for selling products and or services, you should look after the content thing first. Set a strong content strategy that works ab initio for your SEO strategy.
  4. Do not Use Manufacturer Product Descriptions: There are many websites, especially eCommerce websites you probably come across show manufacturer product description. You should avoid it because the visitor comes on your website and buy something, he or she may not like to see or read the manufacturer product description, rather than reading the main product description.
  5. Do not Forget to Optimize the Product Images: Optimization is important for your entire website’s pages, including images and videos, so try to keep in mind optimizing the product images as well.
  6. Write Unique and SEO Friendly Meta Description for Each and Every Webpage: Write unique and SEO friendly Meta Description for each and every webpage, which is essential, including the targeted keywords.
  7. Include Product Reviews: Product reviews are very, very important. Put your leg in the shoe and think, when you buy a product you certainly read the product review at least once before you buy it finally.
  8. Link Directly to Your Products & Services from the Home Page: When you create a direct link from your products or services to your home page, it will give you a link bait or pass the link juice, which is preferable to organic search engine optimization.
  9. Optimize the Anchor Text Properly: Short but simple anchor text is good for all types of SEO strategy, so you should bear in mind optimizing the anchor text properly that helps your organic SEO.
  10. Organize & Manage your Online Business for SEO: When you dive deep into SEO, you should not forget organizing and managing your online business with handy SEO things. Sans SEO, it is truly hard nut to beat the competitors and to come up in the top of the search ranks.
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Additional Tips:

Last, but certainly not the least, here we are ending our important SEO tips for eCommerce business, but have included two most powerful additional tips, that would be your great help.

  • Whether you decided to offer coupon codes or promotional codes to your customers to buy some products and or services promote them on coupon websites and forums. This helps you generate free links to your website and helps you generate sales.
  • Also, do not forget to keep extra time to create a good company profile on review websites, some big guns are Yelp, Epinions etc.

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Top 10 SEO Tips for eCommerce Business

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