Top Lead Generation Tools in 2021 – Capturing and Converting More Leads

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Tons of companies strive for ways to scale their business to new heights, and one such way to touch this height is lead generation. Easy to spell but not that easy to generate! But once you crack this challenge, it will reward you in many ways. To taste the success and build leads, several companies experiment with distinct tactics or follow unusual tricks. If you’re also one of them, it’s time to discover a few more ways to achieve your goals. We know the secret of big brands or successful marketers who generate a high number of leads. Wanna know? Please stick with us! 

Forget the traditional methods of investing your hours and hours in collecting leads because we bring you the top 10 lead generation tools highly recommended by experts and used by professionals to mine a stream of quality leads. Embrace these lead generation tools to reach a point of having a good volume of leads that being a business owner, you always wish for. 

Take a look at the below-listed tools used for capturing and converting more leads. 


Jotform is perfect to go for every size of business. It allows a user to create survey forms with complete ease. The user doesn’t require any technical knowledge of CSS, JavaScript, or other programming languages to create such forms. These survey forms are highly customizable. You can set character limits and pre-populating fields easily.  

Hello Bar

If you’re looking for a not-so-complex lead generation tool, say yes to Hello Bar as it is super easy to use lead generation software. The tool’s highlight is that this software increases your website visitor’s time and lets them take desired actions. One such example is Dereck Halpern, who gained an additional 1,180 email subscribers in just 30 days with the Hello Bar tool’s help. This example shows the power of this tool. Hello Bar works best in sending traffic to a landing page and increasing your social follower and likes. So, choosing this platform for more qualified leads is a great idea. 


The next effective lead generation tool on our list is Mailshake which is considered one of the best email outreach solutions. In simple terms, this tool basically allows you to optimize, automate and personalize your cold emails. Mailshake features several templates that a copywriter can use even if he is not professional. Moreover, this tool serves many purposes, including content promotion, fundraising, public relations, sales development, link building, and more lead generation activities. 


Want to create lead-generating landing pages? Choose Unbounce. It provides complete assistance in creating custom and highly converting pages that add to your website’s growth and improves your overall brand visibility. This is a popular tool as over 15,000 brands, including big names like Vimeo, Campaign Monitor, Hootsuite, etc., are already using it. The irresistible features of Unbounce differentiate it from other tools. From easy drag and drop builder to 85+ mobile-responsive templates, pre-built template gallery to ease of customization, testing landing pages to website popups, this tool features everything a marketer requires to generate leads. 


MobileMonkey allows marketers to write a single chatbot funnel that works seamlessly across multiple messaging platforms. One chatbot translates to Facebook Messenger, native web chat, and SMS messaging! Conversations across messaging apps can be conveniently managed in Android and iOS mobile apps.


Albacross has the excellent capability of identifying potential leads who are visiting your website in real-time and recognizing its on-site behavior. Let’s take an example for its clear understanding. Suppose you’re targeting your products or service at a particular demographic. In that case, you will be able to watch the activity if anyone belonging to it is browsing your page even before emailing them. Albacross helps you determine what companies or individuals are visiting your website and further tailor your messaging to attract more and more leads you always want.

Discovering new leads, especially on social media platforms, is not an easy task. It involves major strategies or tactics to bring you desired results. Google Chrome add-on makes this lead generation easy to the most level by disclosing an individual’s information. It gives the details about who they are connected to when you visit their profile on social media platforms. For instance, when you visit someone’s LinkedIn profile, it will notify the individual that someone has viewed their profile. Isn’t this an amazing opportunity to earn more leads on the same platform without losing your way? 


HotJar is a leading conversion optimization tool and a customer experience analytics platform loaded with several helpful tools. With conversion optimization functionality, this tool can undoubtedly help marketers make a difference in their landing page performance. If we talk in-depth about the tool features, it includes form analytics, heatmaps, on-site polls, session replays, and more under a single roof. 


Earning, sharing, and managing marketing leads has become a matter of a few clicks with the advanced lead generation tool, OptinMonster. This tool follows a different approach to find success. It features mobile-friendly forms and uses behavior detection rules to generate more leads. Differentiating it from other lead generation software allows you to set advanced targeting rules for marketing campaigns, including page-level targeting and even on-site retargeting. 


The lead generation tool list is incomplete without Intercom, known for its many components and features. Talking about the most popular one, the on-site messaging and chat feature is considered the best to interact with your on-site visitors. You can easily collect the data or information engaging with users, analyze their on-site behavior and take further required actions accordingly. This is a great tool that incorporates many features that can help a marketer or business owner to accomplish several sales and marketing objectives.

The last lead generation software on our list is that helps in finding and validating email addresses. If you’re looking for an optimum way to reach an individual, the Hunter is a great tool to rely on. It assists in finding an individual’s information. But at the same time, the information generated not always perfectly accurate. Because this tool is free and easy to use, that’s why marketers find this ideal to have in their toolkit. 

Top Lead Generation Tools

Top Lead Generation Tools

Final Words

Lead generation is a big concept that requires a lot of effort to come up with better outcomes. The lead generation journey becomes a little easier with the assistance of the above tools. Choose the ideal one to benefit your business to the most extent. 

About the author: Ravi is the Founder & CEO of Web Design Perth, a One-Stop Digital Agency based in Melbourne specializing in Web Design. He helps businesses to increase their online presence with the help of engaging websites.

Top Lead Generation Tools in 2021

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