Tips to level up your SEO with video content
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Tips to level up your SEO with video content


Videos are, in today’s world, the most effective and powerful way to market your business. The best part of using videos is that they can help you level up the SEO of your business websites or web pages. 

Since it is a competitive digital marketing arena and the need to stand out from the crowd is more than necessary, leveraging video content for SEO only makes sense. In addition, many factors that affect SEO rankings can be achieved through video content marketing. 

So if you are planning on making the best explainer videos, animated videos, or videos of any kind for your business website, you are already leveling up your SEO. This blog lets us see some tips to level up your SEO with video content. 

Why use videos?

Before getting into the tips, it is important to understand why you should use videos to improve SEO. Here are some of the reasons why you should use videos on your website to rank higher on SERPs:

Generates more traffic

Video content can generate more traffic than any other form of content. Videos on a website help with video-specific search engine traffic and universal search engine rank by increasing relevance for certain search queries.

Including video in your marketing strategy will increase your other tactics’ effectiveness. In addition, by using interactive video, you can access more in-depth data, determining which activities are most successful at bringing viewers to your website.

Increases dwell time

Adding videos to your website will help in increasing the time spent by your visitors on the website. You can use many interesting video types like 2D or 3D animation, motion graphics, character animation, etc., to keep the audience engaged. 

Even if the content is the same, people will rather watch a video than read a blog post. As a result, search engines like Google and Bing give a higher ranking to posts with longer page views and lower bounce rates.

Quality backlinks

When determining its position in the search engine rankings, Google places a significant amount of weight on the quality of a website’s backlinks. Therefore, capturing organic traffic using video SEO is effective since it increases your chances of being liked by Google’s algorithm, grows your social media following, and earns you links from authoritative websites.

As a type of top-of-the-funnel content (or “TOFU content”), videos are a great strategy to acquire backlinks. If you create high-quality TOFU content, authoritative websites will use it as a source for their articles because it helps educate prospects at the beginning of the sales process.

Google likes videos

Google’s internal algorithm for creating search engine results pages is one of the primary reasons video content can enhance your SEO. 

Google knows that most people prefer videos, and therefore Google likes to show videos and websites with videos higher on search results. Also, Google considers page loading time, dwell time, and the number of backlinks, which the videos can easily provide to rank higher. 

Tips on improving SEO with video

Choose right video thumbnails.

A video with the right thumbnail can help you attract more audience than a video with no thumbnails. This is because Google always shows thumbnails on videos and acts as a rich snippet with higher click-through rates than standard snippets. 

A thumbnail should outline or summarize what the video is about. You can include text and snippets from the video to make attractive thumbnails and what the audience might click on. 

Leaving a video without thumbnails will be a bad decision as if you do not add a thumbnail, a random image from the video will automatically act as a thumbnail. This can sometimes make no sense, and this will put you at risk in terms of attracting more audience and SEO. 

Improve video quality

If your video is low quality, your audience will likely move away from your page. Therefore, quality is to be ensured not just in the visuals but also in the audio that is added to the video. 

Search engine algorithms evaluate video quality in terms of sound and graphics. As a result, you should put resources into producing high-quality videos for your site. This will help you in driving traffic to your page. 

Make it SEO-friendly

Ensure the appropriate information is entered on the back end so that search engine spiders can properly index and rank your video. Therefore, it is important that your video content is SEO-friendly and optimized technically. 

This includes ensuring that technical aspects that affect your website’s ranking on the SERPs are taken care of. This includes optimized video length, titles, meta description, appropriate keywords, etc. 

YouTube videos rank differently on Google. Videos on YouTube are ranked based on various factors, including the number of time users spend watching them and the metadata you provide about them. Google ranks videos with traditional algorithms. Therefore, you must add videos frequently and strategically to rank well in both search engines.

Make sure to insert the video in an appropriate location and supplement it with appropriate text and images. To rank higher for more relevant terms, you could also include a transcript of the video and convert any visual visuals into a downloadable JPEG. Again, Google’s ability to interpret your video’s context about the rest of the page’s content will improve the relevance of your search results.

Make useful content

People click on videos to acquire something from them. Therefore, you must provide quality video content so that your audience will find useful and relevant information. 

Videos that teach users something new, such as “how-to” guides, are given a lot of weight by search engines like Google. After all, those who find your site through a Google search are most likely in need of your services. Therefore, adding informative and useful content in your videos for your website will boost its visibility in search engines.

Embed videos

Embedding means putting a video frame on your website while hosting the video elsewhere. This reduces the resources you must make available to users and improves your hosting’s speed and efficiency.

Google’s Core Web Vitals measure the time it takes for your website to deliver its largest media file to visitors. Your site’s SEO will suffer if your video loads slowly. If you upload all your videos, you’ll need expensive hosting infrastructure to make them load swiftly. If you don’t, you won’t quickly attain SEO video success.

Digital marketers promote embedding videos. Using your video host’s purpose-built video servers is more cost-effective than creating your own.

Wrapping up – Tips to level up your SEO with video content

Videos are gaining importance day by day. It is everywhere, and businesses around the world can make more sales. Video marketing may not be new, but it is here to stay. 

SEO, too is one of the major factors that help searchers discover their options. Therefore, SEO and video both must go together to ensure the success of getting more sales and an audience. 

Video content can level up SEO, and after reading this blog, you must have realized why you must use videos to level up your SEO and how to improve SEO with video content. You can make the best explainer videos or any other type of video content and optimize it accordingly to rank higher on SERPs. 

You can use the best video production companies to make optimized videos for your business. In addition, a good video marketing strategy can help you make the most of your business. 

Tips to level up your SEO with video content

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