Tips to Increase Views on YouTube
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Tips to Increase Views on YouTube

4 awesome tips to increase views count on YouTube

There are some simple yet awesome tips to increase views count on YouTube with buying views. Read on!

Have Q&As with high-ranking employees

In the old days, high-ranking employees in companies were either completely unknown or Bill Gates/Steve Jobs famous. Your CEO or founder may not ever be as famous as the mighty Jobs/Gates duo, but you can use them to be social aspects of your brand. A Q&A video is the perfect opportunity to have a high-ranking employee on camera, being helpful and relatable. This video featuring Google’s CEO on the Google India channel is a perfect example as it’s not just two employees, or a professional interviewer, sitting down and talking. It’s real human interaction on display so that you can get a feeling for who this person is: Record your CEO at the next speaking conference and show their human, and social, side. To take your YouTube marketing to the next level, have this video coincide with a product launch. Having a high-ranking employee speaking with people about new products, answering common questions and spreading new product use ideas, can make a great launch. Don’t believe me? Why? Have you never watched an Apple event?!?

Share How-to videos

Remember when you were trying to build something in the old days and you couldn’t figure it out? Then you looked next door, or down the street, and your neighbor had already built it? Those situations can be replicated online by your brand with how-to videos that feature your products. How-to content is incredibly popular on YouTube because the quickest way to learn something is to watch someone else do it. The more you do to make your videos helpful, rather than sales pitches, the more your viewers are going to feel that ‘helpful neighbor’ vibe, and the more trust your brand will earn. One of the best at this is The Home Depot: In case you’re wondering, this video on toilet installation is their most popular.

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Create YouTube live events

Doing live streams is becoming more popular all the time. This is your chance to be truly social, in a one-to-one setting, with your potential customers. Even better, you can take questions via social media and answer them live. Not only will you get people engaging with you while watching the video, but you’ll also be able to earn a few retweets/shares as you let people know about the live stream itself.

Respond to your Subscribers and other YouTube user in comments:

You have to think of your video as exactly the same as any other status update, tweet, or blog post you send out. Each of these has comment sections and so do your YouTube marketing videos. Taking the time to speak with those who have serious questions is another engagement strategy, and another way to build trust. For those who are really on the ball, create videos that respond to questions. Or create videos that respond to other videos too!  Your videos should be social, your comments section should be social: Get talking to your fans as often as you can!

Tips to Increase Views on YouTube

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