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Tips to Get Your eCommerce Site Ready for the Holidays

As we enter the holiday season now, it’s good to look over our business site to grab the attention of holiday shoppers in 2017.

Don’t let your website outdated. It may affect your conversion rate and sales. Today is the perfect time to clean some older stuff from the website and add some fresh ones.

Now, we are going to list out some important tips that help your business and website ready for Christmas shoppers.

Tips to Get Your eCommerce Site Ready for the Holidays

1. Replace Obsolete Solutions

Do you still have a Flash content slider in your home page banner? It was true in yesterday that Flash was widely used to add interactive and rich content on the web.

Now, Flash has been outdated technology, as HTML5 is gaining ground on the web. The best thing is that HTML5 provides support for embedded audio and video and other essential multimedia content or elements that can replace the Flash elements on the web page and elsewhere.

One can still find some holdouts of the Flash on the web, but don’t let it be on your website or web portal.

Apart from Flash, you must think of the latest web development technologies to infuse in your eCommerce website and Magento, WooCommerce, VirtueMart, and others are the best bet as the leading platforms.

Hosting on Cloud services are more viable and economical option in 2017 and onwards. Responsive web design may help you to make your eCommerce storefront mobile friendly to grab a vast mobile audience across the world.

2. Review your keywords and optimize your website.

It is recommended to use Google Webmaster and Analytics tools to search out what search terms people use to find your website in SERPs.

You can use these keywords and plan some blog content around them. If you want to track your stats, then sign up for Google Analytics.

If you are not sure what should do for SEO, then you can download SEO tips chit.

Today, UX is a more plausible way to win online customers so take help of UX experts and optimize your website for higher conversion rate as well as better performance, fast downloading, and high usability.

3. Change the Copyright Date

Changing the copyright year is one of the simplest and most forgotten steps by merchants when making changes in the site for the New Year.

In some countries, copyright is inbuilt and not dependent on the date listed on the page. Even, they have an updated date that provided many advantages that are connected with the protection of intellectual property and copyright law.

Many visitors used to check out the copyright date if it is updated or not. For example: If you visit a site in 2017 that has the copyright year of 2010. It means you can be seen as a red flag as the content may seem unreliable or outdated.

4. Archive Outdated Content

With the pace of time, your web content should have updated. If you think that your post or article is relevant this year, it might be outdated the next year.

Therefore, one should simply keep the content relevant by creating new, updating the existing one, or archiving it. You can do it by checking out the analytics in the backend of your website and segregate older posts, which are popular.

Moreover, you must discover the older posts, which are still performing better in many aspects. Thus, you can use this chance by updating it to serve your visitors in better ways.

5. Check Out All Links On Your Website Which Are Still Active

It’s time to use the plug-in for broken links like Broken Link Checker or install the Chrome Extension to check and fix links. It is because nothing is the worst experience that visitors click on a link that doesn’t work properly and yield frustrations.

6. Assess Your Offerings and Remove Products/ Services That No Longer Serve Its Purpose

As you are accessing your website, it is must for you to do things that you LOVE the most. If last year you decided to focus on web designing, then this year you have to work on SEO and SMO.

Similarly, bring innovations in marketing incentives to promote your products by removing older ones and add trendy as well as most acceptable marketing incentives and offerings to lure more traffic and keep existing customers loyal to your business.

Inventory management is another aspect that needs focus on a regular basis because when the shoppers add items in shopping cart and realize at the end of checkout process that it is not available in your inventory, it may prove the most frustrating experience and none can forgive you for it.

Therefore, regularly update the inventory and broadcast the availability or unavailability of products on the product pages.

7. Update/Refresh Your Opt-In and Write a Couple of Auto Responders

It is one of the best ways to automate your business and create your list. If you have auto responders, you can enable to create and maintain a relationship with your clients in the most organic manners.

If you don’t get an idea about what to write, you must think of your prospective clients on a business journey. Moreover, try to share more about how you can serve them. You can link to the most popular blog. You can answer any FAQs and so on.

8. Strengthen your Website Security

You have to delete and deactivate the plug-ins that are of no use. You also have to delete any backend user that you don’t require. However, you have ensured to back up the site regularly.

Moreover, you can enhance your website security by implementing the latest security arsenals like encryption technologies. If you can obtain the standard security certificates and show it on your eCommerce store, you can earn the trust of shoppers easily and get more conversions.

You must follow standard security practices and update the security technologies in due course to obtain security bases, partnerships, and certificates.

9. Delete the Email Overwhelm

Are you getting enormous emails on your eCommerce store? Then, it would be great to pay attention and manage it. Therefore, you need to delete unwanted ones or archive them regularly. You can also integrate ‘unroll.me.’ like features/plugins when you want to unsubscribe email in bulk.

In 2017, you can get back your inbox to ZERO by keeping only relevant and important things.

10. Set a Flexible Calendar

We know it is quite difficult to schedule hectic business activities in a simpler way. For instance, you have many responsibilities to accomplish at the beginning of the month.

Therefore, you can try setting your schedule with key dates. You can outline your business plans. Thus, you can set your schedule easily by knowing when to start and when to end to achieve targets.

You must ensure to make your schedule flexible and effective enough. You can also set the longer duration to complete day-to-day issues to meet the deadlines.

11. Concentrate on the Work You Enjoy

Are you being bogged with admin and activities that you don’t enjoy? You can take an audit of the work in your business that you can’t do or enjoy along with taking essential steps to outsource in the New Year.


These are 11 successful tips presented here that you can implement in your eCommerce business to get your business website ready for this New Year 2017. If you are looking for eCommerce developers, who can take care of such things behalf of you, you should hire professional eCommerce developers from the leading eCommerce development company.

Author Bio:

Vidyut Joshi Project & Service Delivery Manager at Perception System, a leading eCommerce Development Company, founded in 2001.

Tips to Get Your eCommerce Site Ready for the Holidays

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