Tips for creating effective display ads

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Tips for creating effective display ads

The revolution brought by the internet in the field of e-commerce is unmatchable. There was a time when people had to travel long distances to expand the reach of their products. They only have to make an online store where people can see a wide range of your products or services. They can select the piece of their interest and have it shipped across cities if need be. They can also have it shipped across countries now. The consumer only has to go through your online store to find the right object of their need. Internet accessibility is crucial, and if you do not have a good package, you are in a pickle. For that matter, I recommend everyone visit as it helps me find a list of internet deals near me that fit my needs well.

Coming back to the main discussion, the internet did bring a great revolution to marketing. People don’t have to spend a considerable sum of money on attractive physical displays or outlets. They can only hire a team of creative people who know photography, writing, SEO, and graphic designing, and they can do well with the minimalistic display. You should see the importance of an exemplary display whose primary purpose is to attract visitors’ attention, which, if not done well, could cause a massive problem for your business. What kind of problems, you ask. The loss of not converting your visitors into customers for the mere reason that your ad got ignored for not being catchy enough.

When the first banner ad was made on the internet, that is, in 1994, it is said that it generated 44% CTR (click-through rate), which is why marketing on the internet became such a big thing. Many people learned the art of doing it, while some made enough mistakes for the fortunate learners to distantly take lessons from. Nielson reported in 2013 that banner ads had become the most overrated form of advertisement on media, the internet, newspapers, or magazines. But in the past few years, we have witnessed a change in this area. Online advertisers greatly developed their marketing strategies by following trends to understand what people liked and disliked, what encouraged sales, and what discouraged interest. The distrust in banner ads is termed Banner Blindness. When a visitor is randomly surfing the internet and seeing your banner ad, he subconsciously ignores it. Now, when people surf through the internet pages, they overlook banner ads and proceed with their scrolling. It is more like a general attitude towards banner ads now. Luckily, this marketing method was improved abundantly through online surveys and analysis by the common audience.

Here are a few things that people did to improve their marketing strategies through banner ads:

  1. Size, length, and Width 

You will hear people say things like appearances or sizes do not matter, and all that matters is the quality or quantity of the service you provide to the consumer body. This is not entirely true. It is a common psychological fact that whenever a person sees another person, he notices the outlook. And based on that outlook, he forms opinions, assumes the personality, and deals with the next person in the like manner. Being conscious of this phenomenon while meeting them is an entirely separate issue. We mean that it is essential that one tries to avoid falling into stereotypes, etc. Anyway, the point is, when you’re on the internet, everything is all about eyes. Whatever catches the eye becomes a part of your attention. The attitude with which a person uses the internet is also casual. You need to make sure the display strategy you choose for your product is attractive for an ordinary mind. Anything could intrigue a visitor, but the point here is you need to use a good size of a banner that sufficiently fulfills the needs of the text and the design of the banner.

Here’s what we think is suitable for a banner ad when it comes to length and size:

  • Large Mobile banner – 320×100
  • Half-page – 300×600
  • Large rectangle – 336×280
  • Medium Rectangle – 300-250
  • Leaderboard – 728×90

You will find many more options, but the ones that work best are listed above.

  1. Placement and Arrangement 

You can not overlook the power of a well-placed text in a banner ad that compels visitors to look, followed by reading the text. However, placement is not just about the text or the design in the banner ad but the order of the banner itself on the page. Through multiple experiments conducted to see where the flag achieved the most attention, it was found out by Dr. Flint McGlaughlin that a banner ad should be shifted from the right side of the screen to the left side because it encourages the involvement of the audience by 74% more.

Many more experiments were done on the subject that gave thoughts on more placement spots on a webpage like the near the top that takes 80% more visibility.

  1. Font and Text 

When one sees a banner ad, the powerful word or phrase catches the attention very smoothly if crafted correctly. Like many teachers or lecturers who begin their lectures with a question, spark the audience’s attention in no time. This could be one highly effective and excessively used tip by most banner advertisers who learned through this art of banner designing the attention they captured by the audience. If the font size is extremely small or extremely large, it could create a poorly made banner. Make sure the text is clear, conveys the idea, and tersely reflects the company’s intent. It is the complete design of the banner that attracts the public. Sometimes you do not have to worry about the font size or the content written; the color scheme and the design do the job effortlessly by keeping in a balanced tone.

Tips for creating effective display ads

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