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Tips for Cannabis Job Seekers

Most of the people out there are expecting an economic meltdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic worldwide. A lot of people are losing or have lost their jobs, and more will follow. However, not all sectors of the economy are going in a downward spiral. The cannabis industry is booming, and the predictions for further growth are at hand. More and more jobs open up, and this industry’s market share in the economy is rapidly growing.
Tips for Cannabis Job SeekersTips for Cannabis Job Seekers

It is natural for people to ask how to get hired by a cannabis company. There are various jobs in the sector – from budtenders, through trimmers, bakers, and extractors to more complex positions like educators for cannabinoids and cannabis or project manager. Many careers in the marijuana industry cover traditional jobs in areas like marketing, for example. 

The top locations for work in the cannabis industry are Colorado, Florida, California, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, and Arkansas. These are the states that have and will have the highest number of weed industry jobs. Salaries vary – the hourly wage is between 10 and 14 dollars, and the yearly income in the industry is between 40,000 and 250,000 dollars. The numbers are helpful, but let us get to the main question: 

How to get hired by a cannabis company – skills and mindset overview – Tips for Cannabis Job Seekers.

First of all, you will need a killer resume. It is normal for an industry that is relatively new that people have little or no experience. And here come two main assets that can help you work in the cannabis industry – your mindset and skills. In the text below, we will focus on the needed attitude and skills to land a job in the sector. Put Bob Marley on the player, and let’s dive in. 

We will start with the mindset. Skills can be obtained and learned, but the mindset is something different. There is a specific type of person suitable for this industry. The main four qualities are – solution-based thinking, being proactive, open-minded, and not afraid to take responsibility. 

Most important of all – you need to have a solution-based way of thinking. The cannabis industry is a new sector, and you will face a lot of challenges and problems. And if you tend to focus only on the issue, you will not get too far. A solution-based way of thinking focuses on finding ways to fix the situation and make sure it does not happen again. I used to work for a millionaire who would say: “Don’t explain the problem to me. I don’t care. Please explain to me how you are going to fix it. This is what matters”. 

Proactivity is a quality all employers are looking for. In this industry, you will be required to do a lot of work and cover many responsibilities. Most of the companies have little staff, and often, the term “one-man show” is a perfect description of employees. Step up to the challenge, and don’t be afraid to do more. It will payout in the long run. 

Tips for Cannabis Job Seekers

Somebody once said that the mind is like a parachute – it only works when it is open. This goes as well for the people seeking careers in the cannabis industry. This is something new and liberating. A few years ago, cannabis was not looked at how it is viewed now, and more conservative people still have a problem with that. If you have some issues – work them out and get in the game with a clear head and open mind. 

Responsibility is a critical thing that every employer is looking for. This goes for sure for the cannabis industry. In the rapidly growing sector with a lot of work to be done, people are looking for someone they can rely on. Show them that it is you. 

The next main asset that will help you find work in the cannabis industry is your skillset. You are going to need to cover a lot of different work. Here the people that have many different skills will have a better chance. In combination with the excellent mindset, that will give you an answer to the question “How to get hired by a cannabis company?”. However, it is good to remember one thing – attitude and character are essential, but skills are crucial. Bring more to the table than just passion. 

Outline your experience and try to relate your skills to the position you are going after. In this way, the employer or recruiter will see better what benefits you can bring to the company, and it is more likely to hire you. Show them you are valuable. If you manage to do that, you will have no problem getting the job you want.

Tips for Cannabis Job Seekers

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